This month on the Blogalicious blog, right on time for Thanksgiving, we’re celebrating GRATITUDE.  It can take many forms and can be inspired by the smallest of gestures.  One thing is for certain: each story has a powerful message and we’re honored to share yours here.

This Thanksgiving will be the second year in a row I do not spend with my mother. My mother moved overseas to work and we have not been able to visit her yet. Every time we speak with her on the phone, via Facebook or Skype makes me feel even more appreciative of the sacrifices she’s making for my sister, brother, nephews and I. I have always been close to my mother but took it for granted. I didn’t exactly realize how close I was to my mother until she was gone. When I left teaching my mother supported and still supports to this day me being a blogger. She has never questioned once why I decided to blog full time. In fact, she has more faith in me than I have in myself with this endeavor.

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My mother choosing to work overseas is her way to continue to do what she loves but a way for her to financially support her family. She tells me every time we speak that she sacrificed moving half way around the world to give her grandchildren things she wasn’t able to give us. She is away from all of her family and friends yet she inspires and motivates every single one of us in this country to live on purpose. I dedicate this blog post and eternally grateful to my mother for wanting to give her grandchildren more opportunities. And for her many sacrifices to support me as a full time blogger.


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