When it comes to gauging what does and doesn’t work for a major event, bloggers and content creators are golden! We scoured our community for recaps of #Blogalicious8 and hit the jackpot with these writeups. Below, delight in 13 conference recaps from some of your favorite bloggers, writers, influencers, and content creators. See how our panels, conference events, and sponsors ranked among our beautifully diverse friends in the Blogalicious community.

The Top 13 recaps of Blogalicious 8 We Love



5 Dope Chicks You Should Know [#Blogalicious8] by Kenya Rae

Kenya writes,

“To say that I enjoyed myself is an understatement. To say that I learned a lot is minimizing the fact that my mind was on overload when I left. And to say that I was thoroughly impressed is nothing but the truth.

“While I had heard great things about this conference, I can not say that I was convinced. I have only attended one other blog conference in the past.  I vowed I wouldn’t go back to that conference.  Honestly, I was not sure that investing in this one would be any different.

“I needed to be there, and I am truly convinced that I was selected to be on the squad for that reason. Yes, I needed the information.  But more than that, my little introverted self needed to meet some of the dopest chicks out here.  I needed to see (and feel) the importance of building and maintaining awesome relationships while building a brand.”


5 Things I Learned from Blogalicious 8 by Michelle

Michelle writes,

“If I didn’t leave with anything else, I learned that don’t leave the conference without setting some goals for yourself. I have already written down some goals that I WILL achieve for the rest of the year and next year. I also already bought my ticket for Blogalicious 9 that will be held in Miami! I will not be in the same place this year when I return. I will have grown as a content creator! I also have goals to start my own small business so be on the lookout for that! Don’t believe me just watch!

“This was my first conference and I really enjoyed myself! I felt like I belonged, and that’s huge for me! I started this blog because I needed an outlet. I had no idea it would turn into something so amazing. Thank you to Stacey and her team for putting on an amazing conference. I will see you all next year in MIAMI!!!”


In 7 Simple Ways to Gain Financial Self-Reliance, Elayna Fernandez, one of this year’s Social Media Ambassadors writes,

“Be Your Own Prince Charming: I am definitely my own Prince Charming and I love this message so much, because it refers to taking personal responsibility and being your own advocate. A man is not a plan, whether he’s your husband, your boss, or the president of the country you live in.

“You have everything within you to be your own Prince Charming, to create your own rich life in every way. I loved the analogy of how he should be the icing, not the cake – you are the cake, and you’re always baking the cake to make it better.”


Kiwi loved all things Dove! Here’s what she had to say about their #SpeakBeautiful campaign:

Dove wowed us all with the #SpeakBeautiful message and it definitely gives me something to think about more. In a world where Filters and makeup/beauty trends can have us feeling inadequate about our own beauty, we have the power to change that. Young women and adult women are constantly bombarded with what is in trend and what isn’t but it’s up to us to uplift each other and ourselves and it does start with speaking beautiful. The young women look up to the older women, and the older women need to be an example on how to carry high self-esteem and standards when it comes to beauty.”


The “conference hangover” is real! Kimberly Brown shares 5 things you should do after #Blogalicious8 to get your life in order. We really enjoyed this tip:

“Organize your notes. All of those great sessions. All of the handouts. All of the inspiration, motivation, and advice is probably in a notebook or computer document that may not be organized. I get it, you were running from session to session; but if you wait too long to go through everything, you won’t understand your own notes when you get around to it.”


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