MH900014093….and so it begins! Blogalicious 5 is underway. For the fifth anniversary we are back in the city where it all began. HOTLANTA!! Our first general session is jam packed with information.

Seven amazing women, heavily entrenched in the social media world, are kicking off the first panel discussion: “The Ripple Effect of Blogger Professionalism: How and Why to Maintain Professionalism in Blogging That Extends Way Beyond Your Personal Blog”.

Leticia Barr (Tech Savvy Mama) moderates the discussion.

Danica Kombol, head of Be Everywhere, kicks things off by telling us the examples of “sloth” she sees daily in social media. Danica alerted us of the many times bloggers have agreed to fulfill duties with brands that go left undone. Laziness had no place in the blogasphere!

“Professionalism is a two way street” Stephania Pompey tells the crowd. ..“and bloggers must fulfill their duties“.

“Bloggers are content creators and they have a lot of power” says Adrianna Giuliuani. “…bloggers often times take on an editorial approach when creating content for their blogs”. This is an admirable quality that drives traffic and gets the attention of brands.

“Press Releases are considered the trash of content,” Kelby Carr tells the crowd. Bloggers must consistently create amazing content for their sites and their readers must not be alienated.

We also learned that press releases are terrible for SEO ranking. Cecily Kellogg told the crowd various ways we can get the attention of Google in order to secure a higher ranking.

“Don’t go on twitter and have a fit.” Cecily Kellogg warns us. She goes on to tell us other ways to control our wrath. “Don’t write a blog post telling how much you think a brand sucks”. These statements draw laughter from the crowd.

Adrianna Giuliuani follows up by telling us that these types of behaviors are the things that give brands pause and steers companies away from working with us.

This panel discussion is filled with useful information for bloggers and it is such a perfect way to begin Blogalicious Five!