The Organized Entrepreneur. Sili Recio can be described as a mom-on-the-move any day of the week. In fact, her busy lifestyle is probably what gave her the insight to create an organizer for bloggers who want to have it all. Juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship and life in general can get difficult, but with Sili’s planner, the Organizada, and My Mamihood blog and brand, life is much simpler.

I created a planner to keep bloggers organized and on top of their game. Weekly calendar, monthly overviews, income & expense tracking, social shares tracking for bigger reach & more all in one sleek planner that’s sure to take your blog to the next level. Get organized or go home! Blogging is not for the un-planner!

Sili shares her biggest struggles as a solopreneur, her favorite ways to unwind and touches on the importance of belonging to a tribe. In this feature, you’ll learn how passionate and funny she is, two characteristics that we all must strive to have in entrepreneurship.

Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?
I normally work alone though my brother freelances for me when I need FANTASTIC graphic design work. Sometimes he works for food. But only sometimes. He’s worth every penny, though. Plus he plays 80’s & 90’s music while we work.

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
Feeling as if I have no support. Don’t get me wrong, my tribe kicks it with me but there are times when I feel like it’s just me out here in the big ol’ world.

How have your relationships (or friendships) changed since becoming a solopreneur?
Absolutely. Some folks look at me side eyed and don’t understand what I mean when I say “I’m busy”. I’ve heard “everyone is busy” which is true. It’s just that my brain refuses to stop and I’ve started to refuse to care about having to explain my dream to people.

God put it in me and that He gets it so, let’s go!

When your work day gets stressful, how do you de-stress?
The Tasmanian devil yell from Looney Tunes.
Dancing. (wine, cooking and dancing all at once is best)
Talking to my siblings.

How do you unplug? How often do you unplug?
I have this “quiet hours” on my Windows phone. I try to use it. I’m getting better at it but it doesn’t always work. I usually head off with the girl to Disney. We do a few pics here and there on social but mostly it’s about the magic and the mouse.

What are your favorite apps or websites that help you succeed in your blog/business?
I live by Sprout Social. Love it and wish they’d hurry up and add hashtag tracking to their services (hint hint). The Organizada Planner has actually helped me tons these last couple of weeks since its printing. Old school is sometimes best.

What is the biggest/best investment you made toward your brand/blog?
Trademarking my blog and apparel. And all this darn money I dropped on the first printing of my organizer.

If you could outsource one task so that you can be effective at your brand/blog, what would that be?
Some of the backend. Issues come up and a lot of times I get wrapped around the axle with it. I’d say the backend crap that needs to happen. I still want status reports and I want to know how it does what it does. But I’d pass that off. OH! And I’d get someone to track my expenses.

What book are you currently reading? What is it about?
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent – I love Julia Alvarez and I cannot believe I’ve never read this book. I used to read 3-4 books a month and now I’m lucky to read 10-12 a year. It’s hard on me, but I’m just going to start counting all these picture books I’m reading to my kid.


We appreciate your wit and honesty, Sili! Thank you.

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