The Fashion Solopreneur. Moms today are busier than ever. In addition to succeeding in motherhood, they’re busy thriving in their careers, running businesses, and occasionally catching up with friends or networking. The last thing they need in their way is clothing that’s not suitable for those never ending things. Thanks to June Cruz — mother, fashion lover, and owner of Everything ENAMOUR — that problem is now solved.

At, there’s fashion for the classically chic, edgy sophisticated, and the light and sporty. Even better, June’s pieces are custom made, so the chances of someone else wearing your outfit are slim to none. June is a busy solopreneur who also fits the description of the women she designs clothes for, which makes her company’s motto true: enamour. inspired by women. made by women. Read her amazing feature below.

I’m a clothing designer and mother who started my line to create comfortable, chic clothing for career-focused mothers and business professionals looking for a line that embodies key transition pieces from work to play/day to night. The main goal of each piece I design is its ability to be dressed up or down.


Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?
I create all of my designs and concepts alone, my husband has always helped with the styling of the items and recently we’ve had a great addition, photographer Trisha Kelley added to the team. All of my production is now handled by a wonderful eco-manufacturer on Cape Cod called Good Clothing Company.

Tell us about your typical work day.
My day is a constant battle of balance. I’m a mother to an 18 month old, so she is constantly on the move. I wake up at 6am to have at least an hour or two to myself, which usually consists of coffee and quiet time before going over my schedule for the day. And at least twice a week important phone calls are scheduled into this time.

Once my daughter is up we spend the morning together at activities, appointments and play dates. When she has her nap I answer all emails and handle any social media that needs my attention. I also work in the studio for a bit. After dinner and bedtime for my little one, I focus completely on my studio time. It’s an uninterrupted time and space and I am most productive then. Of course some days are busier than others and when they are I make it a priority for both the business and family to balance because I’m passionate about both.

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
Work/family balance. To make sure my daughter and husband know I’m there, but that I give as much to my company as I can.

What three apps or websites you MUST visit daily?
I read the Skimm daily, best news summary around! I look at Trello and use it daily, and I read StartUp Fashion blog posts quite a few times a week.
The one piece of advice I wish I knew when I started out is…
Everyday isn’t going to be easy. Exhaustion and perseverance through it all are real and constant. There are great successes and even more failures and stumbling points along the way. But it’s the passion and motivation that will keep you moving forward through it all.

What book are you currently reading? What is it about?
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, it’s about women claiming their space in the world and feeling confident in their field in comparison to their male counterparts.

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?
I have my dream job right now, and I feel very blessed and grateful to be pursuing it everyday.


Visit June’s clothing line at Follow her on Instagram @everything_enamour and on Twitter @ENAMOURclothing.

Thanks for a great Solopreneur Spotlight, June!

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