In just 3 days, the Blogalicious community will (re)unite in Baltimore’s Marriot hotel to learn the latest and greatest strategies on how to build successful empires. We’ve jampacked your inboxes and news feeds with our awesome speakers, their sessions, our sponsors and where to eat good local food. The one thing we haven’t officially introduced you to yet is our team, affectionately known as #TeamBlogalicious.

While it is easy to get stuck behind our devices, we don’t want that to stop you from connecting with us. So, take a moment to Meet Team Blogalicious — learn who we are, what we love to do and where you can find us in this fun team interview.


Meet Team Blogalicious




Name one thing you wish you knew about entrepreneurship before you started.


I wish I knew it was possible to invest more (too much) in other brands than your own. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself believing in my clients’ projects more than my own. I cared more about representing my client and neglected my business goals.

Ashlee Laughlin, Executive Assistant (@AshleeLaughlin)





That it would be lonely. I am a people person so this is something I struggle with daily. I’m thankful for all the ways to connect with my team and my community and for my mastermind group and communities like One Woman Shop.  — Stacey Ferguson, Co-Founder of Blogalicious (@JusticeFergie)







One thing I wish I knew… and I mean really knew about entrepreneurship before I started is that you carry it with you always. It’s always on your mind, you even feel it emotionally. And it never stops; you’re always on the hustle. I thought I knew balance, but it seems I’m constantly learning and re-learning what that means as an entrepreneur.

— Cara Paige, Marketing Director (@CaraPaigePR)



What do your surroundings look like when you’re most productive?



Sitting in my bed with my laptop with just work material around me. Pandora is playing my ‘Let The Church Say Amen’ radio station or Tyrese’s Black Rose CD is on repeat.

— Pamela S. King, bLink Marketing Network Manager (@DatingMySpouse)






In my office with a candle lit, coffee and/or tea, a little jazz or R&B playing, and my phone in another room.

Jana Player Pauldin, Blogalicious Social Squad Coordinator





Rank your Top 3 favorite brands. Why are they your favorite?


Terrance Gaines Tech Advisor

1) Apple. I’m impressed by how they control all aspects of their ecosystem (hardware, software & and services) and their branding/marking is very personal and appeals to your emotions.

2) BMW. A company that has stayed on task after all these years when it comes to their brand and message – “The ultimate driving machine.”

3) UberThey did exactly what you’re supposed to do as a tech startup – Identify a problem/need, and create a product/brand built around solving that specific problem/need.

Terrance Gaines, Blogalicious Technology Advisor (@BrothaTech)



1) Humans of NY (HONY) –  This page gets me in my feelings every time. A daily reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

2) Tieks & Talenti is KILLING the social media marketing game. I’m in awe of their creativity and social strategy. Bucket list: I’d love to spend a day shadowing their community manager and learning a trick or two.

— Jazzy Jones, Operations & Logistics Manager (@JazzyJ0nez)




1) Sephora because they make women of all colors believe in beauty and self-care again. Their customer service is amazing and the place feels like Never Never Land. Plus, the variety is astounding.

2) Honda. My first car was a Honda Accord and it lasted for years! I don’t know what their engines are made of, but those cars will rock forever. Also, my local Honda dealership has a full kitchen, chef and computer lab inside while you wait for repairs. What better service can you get than that?!

3) Publix. Price wise, Publix racks up. But when you consider the cleanliness of the store, perfectly placed products, phenomenal customer service and the fact that they have almost everything you’ll ever need, the extra is worth it. Shopping truly is a pleasure there.

— Ariel C. Williams, Digital Media & Events Intern (@ArielSaysNow)


Fun Questions for #TeamBlogalicious


Music goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship! What’s your favorite song?

“‘Grown Woman’ by Beyonce!”Ashlee

“Ever! oooo this is a hard one. I’ll say Real Love by Mary J. Blige or Love Sponge by Buju Banton. Or Renee by Lost Boyz. Or…ok, I’ll stop!”Stacey

“‘Higher Ground’ by Stevie Wonder is my theme song.”Terrance

“‘Meet Me On The Moon’ by Phyllis Hyman” — Jana


You’re going to a social media conference. What’s the one thing you must bring?

“Phone, of course!”Cara

Travel phone charger!” — Pamela

“iPhone & charger. (I know that’s two but seriously, they go together)” — Jazzy

“Laptop.” — Ariel 


Name your favorite app.

“Instagram!” — Jazzy, Ashlee, Jana, and Ariel

“Evernote.” Terrance

“I live for Canva & Harvest!” — Cara



If you could design a t-shirt, what would it say?

“Boss Bae!” — Ariel 

“Checks or it didn’t happen!” — Jazzy

“Loving Me allows me to Love YOU” — Pamela

“Hire Me!” — Ashlee