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Multicultural Influencers Driving Engagement Through Authentic Voices and Stories.

What We Do

IRL Events. Our community shines when it’s time to connect in real life! Whether our influencers are providing social media coverage for an in-store retail event for Macy’s Culinary Council, are attending the opening of redesigned McDonalds’ restaurants as special guests, or participating in a focus group VIP media brunch for OraQuick, the valuable output of these in-person experiences is tangible.

Influencer Digital Campaigns. Blogalicious knows social media and blogging. Since 2009, our community members have been early adopters of social platforms and know what it means to be professional brand ambassadors. From sponsored post campaigns for Aio Wireless or U by Kotex to Twitter chats for Procter & Gamble’s ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ to Google+ Hangouts with The U.S. Department of State, our influencers understand engagement and ROI – and we understand how to deliver a memorable customer experience.

Social Strategy Consulting. Let us do the work for you! Tell us your goals and we’ll craft a custom campaign for you that makes sense based on your timing, budget, target audience and goals. Whether you have a seedling of an idea or whether you have no clue where to begin, our team of social marketing experts will prep you for the race, map out your route, and carry you across the finish line.

B-Link Influencers are multicultural, women, millennials, parents, boomers


About Our Influencers

The b-Link Marketing Network is a niche network of 700 influencers. Our diversity is what makes us special! Not only is our community made up of African-American, Latina, Asian-American and Caucasian influencers, we are also proud to work with both those with mega followings and those with specialty audiences. We’re also one of the few networks that is tapped into Millennials and Boomers along with Parenting, all Lifestyle and niche influencers.

As b-Link Members, our influencers work on a variety of paid campaigns, including sponsored posts, Twitter chats, brand ambassador programs, live event hosts, affiliate and ad opportunities, and more.

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