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We are excited to invite you to join The bLink Marketing Network!

We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between multicultural social influencers and targeted, culturally relevant brand campaigns. Blogalicious understands the unique needs and concerns of our community and we are driven to include YOUR voice in the mainstream marketing conversations. We also want to support your growth as professional influencers.

The bLink is your ultimate network for: Resourceful, Revenue-Producing and Relevant campaigns!

Who Is It For?

Women, of all ages, ethnicities and niches, who have a serious crush on social media and blogging and who love working with respected brands.

What Is It?

A professional sisterhood of social media influencers with exclusive access to paid brand campaigns, VIP events and learning.

Why Should You Join?

If you’re frustrated of being left out of mainstream marketing conversations, are looking for ways to make money using your social influence, or if you’re looking to hone your skills as a professional influencer, then The bLink is for you!

How Does It Work?

Get this: it’s FREE for influencers to join! You’ll receive access to our network platform where you can view and participate in brand campaigns. You’ll also receive our monthly newsletters with articles, interviews and educational opportunities.


Latoicha Givens

“I must commend you all. This was the easiest and most professional campaign I ever participated in! I am looking forward to the next one!” 
~ Latoicha Givens,

Jo-Lynne Shane

I absolutely loved working with The bLink as a blogger. They clearly laid out the expectations for the sponsored campaign and what they were looking for, while allowing me to tailor the topic and content to fit my site and my audience. They were courteous to work with and prompt to answer any questions I had. I look forward to working with them again soon!” 
~ Jo-Lynne Shane,

Thien-Kim Lam

“Working with the bLink Marketing Network was a no-brainer because they understand my blog, my role as an influencer and my community.” 
~ Thien-Kim Lam,

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