This will be our 4th year attending the Blogalicious Conference – THE go-to destination for influential multicultural women (and men) social media enthusiasts from all over the world to collaborate, connect and uplift one another. Each year, Lamar and I are more excited to attend than the previous year. The excitement never quells because Blogalicious never fails to deliver. It is well worth the investment!

Yes, it’s an investment. Each year, Lamar and I walk away from the conference with:

  • a wealth of information that is going to help us take our business and our brand to the next level,
  • many new contacts of brands and bloggers that we plan to collaborate with,
  • and most importantly a sense of relaxation as Blogalicious is just plain fun. We get to hang out with our best blogging buddies for an entire weekend!

And because there is a lot to gain from the conference, we discuss our goals and what we want to get out of the conference ahead of time. We look at the speakers and the brands that will be there. We find out what other bloggers are going to be attending. And, we look at the sessions that will be offered. Then, we make a plan of attack. Ronnie will go here; Lamar will go there; And let’s make sure we talk to this person/brand. That’s right folks…we have a strategy.

This year I am particularly happy about adding a new goal to our list: I want to learn how I can support my kids’ education during the Box Tops for Education® Town Hall panel. So not only is the conference going to benefit our business, it is also going to help us support our kids. How awesome it that!

Here are 5 reasons why I am excited to attend the Blogalicous Box Tops for Education® Town Hall panel and I why I think you should be excited too:

#1 – Because… I just love the hosts. Well, duh..Lamar and I will be hosting the panel. And if you can’t get excited about your own session, then who will!

#2 – Because… I love the dynamic panel. Some of the country’s most influential bloggers and experts will be there to discuss giving our kids tools they need to succeed:

  • Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is best known as Chilli, one third of the iconic R&B group TLC which is one of the greatest musical groups of all time. Today, Chilli continues to be an advocate for education and recently was tapped to be a spokesperson for Box Tops for Education with General Mills.
  • Dr. Jackie Jackson Fleming – this former teacher, school administrator, and government leader has certainly become an expert in the field of education. She’s currently the President of LifeLearn Associates, an education consulting firm based in Maryland.
  • Tommy Hillman is the brand manager for Box Tops for Education and Multicultural platforms. He focuses on our kids’ education every day of the week, working to find ways for parents to support their schools.
  • Natasha Nicholes, blogger of “Houseful of Nicholes”, is the self-described “Chief Everything Officer” of her houseful. She’s a minister’s wife, and a mom of four. She also serves as a box tops coordinator for her local school.

#3 – Because I could use some more ideas on how to support my kids’ education. And during this panel, we will explore how we as parents can support our kids’ educational journeys.

#4 – Because I want to know how I can use my influence and benefits as a Blogger to help my local community. And during this panel we will learn ways to rally our community to foster creative and successful learning for generations to come!!

#5 – Because…. I want that money honey!!! We will learn how Box Tops can help support the mission of giving our kids the best educational experience possible. If you don’t know, Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $475 million since 1996. And I want to know how I can help my kids’ school get a piece of that pie for some much needed things.

So please take some time to document your your goals for the Blogalicious conference and decide what you want to get out of it. And don’t forget to stop by the Box Tops for Education® Town Hall so we can discuss how to be better advocates of our kids’ education.


Disclosure: Lamar and I are paid spokesbloggers for the Box Tops For Education program. We will be providing information and stories throughout the school year in hopes of encouraging our community to take advantage of millions of dollars that are being given to schools across the country each year.