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On Dove: Expect More, Expect Better

This past weekend had us in a collective state of WTF? We were shocked, angry and hurt. Here’s why: over the last several years, we’ve seen the Dove brand working diligently to break barriers when it comes to redefining standards of beauty. We were excited about how they were celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and colors and being forceful and forthright about representing all of us in the media.

We paid special attention to how Dove supported our blogging communities – whether with We All Grow Latina or Mom 2.0 or Blogalicious and more, the Dove partnerships have been thoughtful and genuine and those qualities have shone through. When we work with them, we always feel that they are coming from a place of respect and collaboration, and that has made them a trusted partner over the years.

So when we heard about the 3-second GIF that appeared on Facebook, we definitely felt like we were hit with a ton of bricks. It just so happened that the news broke while we were wrapping our 9th annual conference. That meant we were all in a room together! The feeling of disappointment and confusion was palpable – I said to the group of women bloggers of color that I was standing with: “I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”

Before I had a chance to reach out to Dove, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had already reached out to me. This made a lot of sense; this is the Dove that I know and respect. We hopped on the phone yesterday morning – their entire team with Pamela King and me. And, the first words out of their mouths were: “We are deeply, deeply sorry.” There were no excuses or corporate ‘splaining – just a promise that an action plan was being developed to ensure that something so offensive would not happen again. The Dove team that has worked on several influencer campaigns and conference sponsorship activations with the Blogalicious community are all women of color – and they were clearly upset and offended by the ad. They assured us that the entire brand accepts full responsibility for the offense and that management at the highest level is involved to make things right.


On Sunday, during our closing Fireside Chat at the conference, Amber Wright asked me how leading with my heart has shaped how I do business. In this case, it’s made me consider the fullness of the issue for all parties involved. As my husband always reminds me: “Taller trees experience stronger winds.” Because Dove has made the conscious decision to be a warrior in the fight for positive and diverse representation in retail and the media, they are treading in waters that can be very dangerous if not handled with the utmost care. They also have pushed us to expect more from them. To expect betterThis is a good thing. If this incident causes them to tighten up their internal processes, globally, hopefully, that standard that will become the norm across all major brands.

As we wait for the specifics of their action plan, let’s continue to expect more and expect better. To use our voices and our platforms to call foul when we see it, and to speak our truths. While we have a ball connecting and collaborating and lifting each other up in-person and online, let’s never forget that our Blogalicious Mission is 3-fold.

Serving as “a think tank and mouthpiece for causes, policies, and issues affecting the multicultural digital space,” means that Blogalicious will continue to seek out answers from and forge partnerships with the people that are making a difference. It may get a little messy at times, but that’s what it means to be on the front lines.

Read their updated statement HERE.


— Stacey Ferguson, CEO & Co-Founder of Blogalicious and Founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media

Influencers Heat Up For The Season Finale of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’
growing up hip hop atlanta

The season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is finally here! The cast members have taken us on quite the journey as they’ve navigated young adulthood, sexuality, family drama, and life in the spotlight. From beginning to the impending end, we can agree that this show has kept us entertained and wanting more. The #GUHHATL hashtag has trended every Thursday night for the duration of the show and we can certainly thank our bloggers and influencers for their contribution to that number.

Several weeks ago, we did a preliminary roundup of blog posts from our Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta campaign. A few adjectives to describe the commentary are insightful, thoughtful, and downright hilarious! Today, we’re here for a final roundup of new submissions and POVs from our brilliant crew. And when you reach the bottom of this post, you’ll find a sneak peek at tonight’s season finale!

Tomika from Life in Pinups questions Brandon:

“This situation keeps getting out of hand and all Reginae wants is an apology. Brandon is holding on to his pride, meanwhile, everyone including his mom, Deb Atney, tells him to LET IT GO!! At 26 why does he keep arguing with Reginae? Ms. Deb is constantly telling him to think smarter. She knows that this can be career ending for him. Did I mention that part of the problem is that no one knows exactly what he does and/or who he is?”


From The Fab Empire:

“Unfortunately, with the parents’ names being thrown around, Reginae not only called her cousins but also asked her mother, Toya, to come talk some sense into Brandon. And Toya broke it all the way down. She told B, “You can’t save him, baby,” talking about her ex-husband, Wayne. “He’s already saved.” But I guess this really is “Growing Up Hip Hop,” because Reginae needs to grow up. Who asks their moms to fight their battles? But anyway…”


Danyelle from The Unfit Christian keeping it real about bullying,

“We know children bully; we’re running entire campaigns in our nation’s schools around anti-bullying. So we cannot excuse her behavior as simply child-like. Reginae, now 18, is a master manipulator and habitual line stepper who has wholly overblown her parents’ ability to protect her. While we should nurture the independence and courageous outspoken nature of women, we need to prepare them to navigate the world as well. Reginae’s secondhand bullying is going to garner her a firsthand fall flat on her face if she’s not careful.”


Naetorious on why Bow Wow is distracted:

“It’s really cute to see how much Shad enjoys his daughter, and also the friendship he still maintains with her mother, Joie. The three of them together probably sparked a few memories in his head.  At one point, Shad mentioned that he did his best work when they were together. He even set up a nice candlelight dinner for them to discuss the possibility of giving it another whirl. Due to his history of impulsive promises and lack of follow through, Joie declined his request. I’m sure that did nothing for Shad’s ego, nor did it motivate him to write or work a bit harder. It’s actually just another thing to distract him from his career goals at the moment.”


Jonna from Naturally Glam explains an estranged father-son dynamic,

“Bow’s estranged father has been speaking recklessly via social media against Bow Wow. His father, who lives in Atlanta, was not a part of his life due to his alcoholism, and after an altercation between the two a few years ago, he has cut his father off completely. Bow has a conversation with his mom who encourages him to pray about it and move on, he can’t seem to let it go. Debra stops by his studio session to confront Bow about his relationship with his father because she also grew up with a family who suffered from alcoholism and could relate. She encourages Bow to have a talk with his dad to finally get it off his chest, but it still seems to be falling on deaf ears.”


The commentary didn’t stop there! Our bloggers went in with reviews, recaps, and live tweets about what this show meant to them in its first season. Here are a few more recaps to get into:


We hope you enjoyed these recaps and previous episodes of GUHHATL as much as we did. Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode! Join in the conversation for tonight on Twitter as the season finale airs at 9 PM Est. Use the #GUHHATL hashtag and watch only on WEtv!

See What Influencers Are Saying About ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’
growing up hip hop atlanta

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta is lit, according to our bloggers and influencers! For the past three weeks, they’ve watched, recapped, and live tweeted every episode, making us anticipate what will happen next with the explosive cast. The show comes with the right amount of suspense and drama to keep the masses (ahem, and us) thoroughly entertained. So to share with you what we’ve all come to love, here are some of our favorite recaps and snippets about WE tv’s newest drama Growing Hip Hop Atlanta.

Xenia from Raised by Culture says,

“I was looking for a juicy new show to get into on Thursday nights and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is it. I was sucked in on the cast alone. Lil’ Wayne’s daughter Reginae. Bow Wow. Zonnique – T.I. & Tiny’s daughter. And a few I wasn’t familiar with: Ms. Deb’s son Brandon, DJ Hurricane’s daughter Ayana and Jermaine Dupri’s daughter Shaniah. Was that first episode enough to keep me tuning in every Thursday tho? OH YES. THE DRAMA IS REAL.”


Our friends at Black Celebrity Giving on what GUHHATL revealed about career stress:

“Addressing issues like stress in one’s career is something we all can relate with. Last nights episode of the new WeTV series Growing Up Hip Hop ATL (GUHHATL) showed a different side of the glamorous life. As I watched the daughter of Tiny and step-daughter of Hip-Hop star TI cry while reflecting on the state of her career, something in me connected. I was immediately drawn in because the truth is we all have been there. Stressed with our careers, wondering when it’s going to happen for us and all we’re left with is a few tears. As Brandon Barnes asked her on last night’s episode -“What has being the daughter of famous people got her,” she couldn’t answer. The truth is no matter who we are, some of the blessings we’ve been given, you still have to work for your dreams and you have to manage your stress.”


Ariel from Slay Culture introduces the Brandon-versus-Reginae blowout:

“Like Shad, Zonnique Pullins, daughter of T.I. and Tiny, also wants us to know that she’s grown. “Nique Nique” scheduled a revealing photo shoot with intentions of shattering the baby girl image her former girl group the OMG Girls gave her. She invited her vocal coach Brandon Barnes and his cousin and fashion stylist Ayana Fite to the photo shoot, which turned out to be a bad idea later on. Brandon’s outspokenness and criticism of Zonnique’s look upset her best friend Reginae, who was there for moral support. The two fake introduced themselves and almost came to blows moments later. For shows like this, that’s a standard formula for good TV, but the problem here was their 9 year age difference.”


Arnitris of Blessed be the Tie sympathizes with Joie, Shad Moss’s ex-girlfriend:

“I felt the heart of this young woman who loves a man who just isn’t equipped to love her in the way she deserves now. I also heard the words that were unspoken as she explained that their daughter misses him when he is on the road. Joi misses him. She is longing for the comfort and security of having the love of her life present – in mind, body and spirit. I heard the words that were unspoken as Shad expressed that he was ready for the family life because she was the mother of his daughter;  while all the while neglecting the three words Joi needed to hear most I LOVE YOU. The truth of the matter is, even if he had professed his love -his actions say the opposite. When your actions and words aren’t in alignment, your words mean nothing. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words.”

As you can see, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta has sparked dozens of nuanced conversations. It seems like this show has triggered something different in everyone and that’s an awesome characteristic. Here are a few more recaps to get into:


We hope you enjoyed these recaps and previous episodes of GUHHATL as much as we did. Join in the conversation tonight on Twitter as Episode 4 airs at 9 PM Est. Use the #GUHHATL hashtag and watch only on WEtv!

Watch ‘Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta’ With Us Tonight!
growing up hip hop atlanta

Are you a fan of hip hop? Then you should join us tonight as we chat about the season premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta on WEtv.

This season will feature some of our favorite artists — Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne — and their children. Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is the host who’ll be guiding young moguls in the making like Reginae Carter, daughter of Lil Wayne and Toya Wright, and Zonnique Pullins, daughter of T.I. and Tiny, through the industry. We caught a sneak peek of the first episode and can tell you know that this season will be wild!

Take a look:

About Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta

On this season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, a tight-knit crew of friends will reveal the perks and perils of being born into Hip-Hop royalty. But as they hustle for independent success, a toxic rivalry unfolds. Unforeseen danger marks Shad Moss aka Bow Wow’s return to ATL when he decides to release his first album in six years. The hip hop child star, now 30-years-old and a father, is ready to bow out of the music industry gracefully with one last hit, but will he make it out unscathed? With a toddler and an on again/off again baby mama in L.A., along with a bad-boy track record and a long rap sheet of women, Bow Wow struggles to stay focused. But his Atlanta family forces him to face the music as they push him to make the ultimate comeback. It’s time for Lil’ Bow Wow to re-enter the music industry as Big Bow Wow under the tutelage of his surrogate fathers, legendary rapper and mega-producer Snoop Dogg, and the “Godfather” of Atlanta hip hop Jermaine Dupri, along with the guidance of Da Brat, the first female solo rapper to sell over 1 million records.

Sound like an entertaining way to spend your Thursday nights for the next 6 weeks? We think so too! Help us kick off the season tonight on Twitter with a fun, engaging chat at 9 PM ET. Joining us will be our partners WEtv, selected bloggers for our six-week campaign, and hopefully, members of the cast.

Chat with you tonight!

Get Ready With Geneva Naturals #client
Photo credit: Ria Michelle

Photo credit: Ria Michelle

Do you find yourself changing your skincare routine during the winter months? Do you question whether you’ve spent enough time on self-care by the end of the year? Do you wonder how you can combine the two without sacrificing time for other things that are important? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our solution to you would be our client Geneva Naturals!

What is Geneva Naturals?

Geneva Naturals creates natural skincare products using only the highest formulation standards and all of our products are 100% made in the USA. The company was created with the belief that self-care shouldn’t be limited to vacations.

We created Geneva Naturals for the woman who never takes a break — whether that be in motherhood, her career, or anything that she endeavors. We became aware that as a consequence of you changing the world, sleepless nights and long days can take a toll on your skin. This could mean a dull complexion, tired eyes, and premature signs of aging.
We empathize with this problem deeply. More often than not, we put ourselves second to move our passions in life forward. And while our life’s dedications are what make for the most beautiful moments, we disregard self-care as a form of self-respect.  With the same fire underneath us that we’ve seen in the women that inspire us, we created Geneva Naturals to take you away on an overdue vacation, without having to take any of your time.
Geneva Naturals makes it easy to treat yourself! We love that they’ve taken into account that their customers are already busy with their range of harmless products. New skin care and beauty companies are conveniently at our fingertips, which makes it hard to select the right one for your needs. In a recent campaign, we selected an amazing group of busy bloggers to work with Geneva Naturals who’ve since blogged about their experience.

Bloggers Love Geneva Naturals

Danielle, a 35-year-old stay at home mom of 2 says, “Makeup and fussy routines are not for me. You’ll never see me with a million-step facial routine, or a makeup routine that requires half an hour every morning. I just can’t. I love that Geneva Naturals has an easy routine to follow, but is packed with so many good ingredients that it does a lot for your skin. I need to stay looking young and fresh without it taking too much time.”
Ria Michelle enjoyed herself at the Geneva Naturals blogger’s brunch in Miami. She was impressed with their serums. “I’m really into serums at the moment in my skincare journey. I got super excited to try theirs and immediately rubbed some on my arm to test. Their serum features 20% Vitamin C and Edelweiss. Edelweiss is a special anti-aging plant that grows in the Swiss Alps. The serum helps with firmness and lines and wrinkles. So I’m sold.” Check out her beautiful photos of the event here.
Talk about the right place at the right time! Z had been looking for harmless skincare when the blogger’s brunch rolled into town. Here’s her favorite product so far: “Between traveling often and spending most of my time outside in the heat it’s no secret that my skin has been needing some extra TLC for quite some time. I’ve been using the Advance Vitamin C+E serum along with the Advanced Anti-Aging Moisturizer Cream with SPF and I can’t tell you enough how much I love these products. Just four days after using the new line both in the morning and at night before bed, I noticed that my skin (especially around my eyes) started to feel a bit more firm.” Read more.
Tiffany Gonzalez named her favorite product! “So far my favorite of the bunch has been the Vitamin C+E Oil. It smells so good and goes on the skin smoothly without leaving any type of residue behind. I see my skin brighter and more hydrated after using it for a week! Must try if you ask me.” Read more.
Claudia, a 30-year-old beauty feels like she started on her skincare journey too late. We can totally relate. Here’s what she started doing after the brunch, “I‘ve been trying to give my face as much TLC as I can and I can’t think of a better way than with natural products. I have been using the Advanced Vitamin C+ E Serum every night this week followed by the Advanced Anti-Aging RetinolCream. I only use them at night before I go to sleep for now, and I am so happy with the results so far! Seriously I started feeling the results right away. Oh, and another plus, the products smell amazing!” Read more.
More recaps and rave reviews by #BloggersWhoBrunch
Busy, short on time and on-the-go career women and mothers (and men) now have an ally in the skincare and self-care departments! We’re thankful to have partnered with Geneva Naturals and these amazing bloggers for the #BloggersWhoBrunch event in Miami. Now that you’ve heard rave reviews about Geneva Naturals, take a moment to shop their collection of fine products here.

Will you try these Geneva Naturals?

New Year, New Campaigns :: Our New Marketing Platform: TapInfluence

2014 was a great year for Blogalicious. We kicked off our partnership with TapInfluence, who generously sponsored our bLink Bar at the conference. A formal announcement was made yesterday on! You can read the press release here. 

TapInfluence is a genius influencer marketing platform that is more than just another  network: they exist as a content marketing platform that brands use to connect with content creators, such as bloggers, for all of their social content marketing needs.

With TapInfluence’s powerful, easy-to-use, integrated management features, marketers can find key influencers, collaborate on branded content, distribute that content to channels that matter, and measure results with robust analytics. This means our bloggers now will have an easier way to sign up for campaigns and NO MORE link reporting!!!*shimmy shake*

To participate in upcoming events, you must be a member of The bLink Marketing Network and have a completeTapInfluence account.


Hooray! A Contest!

As an incentive to get you ready for all the amazing campaigns we have planned and to get you signed up on TapInfluence, we have a great contest designed just FOR YOU!

Starting Saturday, February 1, everyone that joins TapInfluence from 2/1-2/28 will be entered for a chance to win some great prizes.


Grand Prize: All-Expenses Paid Package to Blogalicious 7 

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Major Blogalicious Announcement: Strategic Partnership with TapInfluence!

TapInfluence and Blogalicious Partner to Add African-American, Latino, and Asian-American Influencers To Influencer Marketing Platform

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TapInfluence (, the leading influencer marketing platform serving consumer brands and agencies, announced today its partnership with Blogalicious, a national network of multi-cultural online influencers ( The partnership adds Latino, African-American, and Asian-American content creators on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and other social platforms, to the TapInfluence influencer marketplace.

Marketers for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry are turning to online influencers, who have more sway with consumers, to help reach a culturally diverse audience. Influencers have a distinct advantage that brands do not, including large communities of followers, trust from consumers, authentic personal experience, and expertise on a variety of social networks. Social content influencers are effective at starting, sharing and spreading conversations online, which is incredibly valuable to consumer brands. They create a variety of sponsored content like blog posts, videos, custom recipes, expert advice, and authentic product recommendations. They also help brands create buzz for events, product launches, and social media campaigns.

“TapInfluence is committed to building strong emotional connections through social media,” said Stacey Ferguson, co-founder of Blogalicious. “The multi-cultural blog and social influencer space is growing rapidly and we are excited to join forces. Having our influencers as part of the TapInfluence marketplace is win-win for everyone. With this new partnership, brands gain access to ethnically diverse, professional digital creators to help them scale content creation and distribution and in turn, influencers earn income for their work.”

The Blogalicious influencer network includes more than 700 women, millennials, parents and boomers who specialize in creating digital social content in a variety of categories such as lifestyle, parenting, fashion, and travel. Consumer brands can now instantly search, connect, and collaborate with these market influencers to help scale content reach and distribution to niche ethnic audiences.

“This partnership was formed to serve the growing need by brand marketers for a more authentic way to connect with an increasingly diverse, yet under-served, audience,” said Holly Hamann, co-founder and CMO of TapInfluence. “Multi-cultural marketing is more than just translating copy into another language. It can be a challenge for brands to truly connect with diverse demographics because of language barriers or cultural nuances. Partnering with trusted influencers who represent those demographics helps marketers share their message in a meaningful way.”

TapInfluence gives marketers access to social content influencers to create and share interesting or valuable information with the niche audiences that follow them. They might be bloggers with large readerships, or socially savvy consumers with loyal followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine or Pinterest. Influencers typically focus on a particular area like food, parenting, fitness, fashion, entertainment or technology. Brands work with online influencers to generate authentic conversations that are aligned with the brand’s messaging. These conversations consist of original content, which is then amplified by their readers who share on social media, leading to increased brand engagement and meaningful conversations that are useful for consumers.

Consumer brands powering multi-cultural influencer marketing programs via the TapInfluence marketplace include: Sears, Mary Kay, Walgreens, and Capital Records/Mary J Blige (in partnership with One2One Network).

Interested in joining the #bLinkbiz network? Click HERE to sign up!

About Blogalicious Blogalicious, founded in 2009, is the premier multi-cultural digital media community celebrating diversity in social media. By offering marketing, educational, networking and social opportunities geared towards women of all backgrounds, Blogalicious serves to uplift and advance its community of over 2,000 members in their digital endeavors, and connect them with lifestyle consumer brands. Under the Blogalicious umbrella are several unique efforts, all dedicated to fostering diversity – both of ethnicity and thought – in social media, including the bLink Marketing Network; the #BeUplifted and #ShopTalk social media chat series; and the Blogalicious Weekend Conference, which generates upwards of 100M media impressions yearly. Blogalicious is curated by Stacey Ferguson, a social media visionary, community leader, media personality and attorney. Learn more at

About TapInfluence TapInfluence ( provides the industry’s only marketing software that automates the creation, management and measurement of online influencer marketing programs. Marketers use TapInfluence to identify and partners with digital influencers to help scale the creation and distribution of social content. Social influencers with key audiences on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine leverage the power of TapInfluence to connect with relevant brands and generate revenue from their content. The platform provides brands and marketers with the ability to analyze content and demonstrate ROI. TapInfluence customers include Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Burt’s Bees, Seventh Generation, Kraft, RedBox, and others. Founded in 2009 and located in Boulder, Colo., TapInfluence is venture-funded and privately held. Connect with the company @TapInfluence and


Join the #DeedADay movement!

New Year’s is almost upon us and, for yet another year, we’ll be setting resolutions. What if, we all agreed that this year, that instead of being self-centered in our resolutions, we started a good deed movement? What if we partnered with a cause and spread the good deed message on all our platforms?

Do you love this idea? We do!

Are you in?  We totally are – so much so that we’ve joined forces with a few of our social friends to launch the #DeedADay movement including Clever Girls Collective, Everywhere Society, One2One Network, Latina Bloggers Connect, Mom It Forward, and Type A Parent! This is both a fashion statement and a cause to encourage everyone to do a good deed a day. Mary Fisher – artist, author and HIV/AIDs activist – designed this simple but stunning bracelet strung with 100 beads made by HIV positive and economically fragile women in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Haiti. These bracelets remind you to do a good deed at every opportunity. Every time you go out of your way to perform a good deed, you move the bracelet’s rubber ring closer to the 100th bead. How’s that for instant gratification?

How can you get involved?

We’re taking over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest right after Christmas and up until New Years day with hashtag #DeedADay.  All you have to do is socially share any of the following images!

We’re on a mission to sweep the web with good deed resolutions! By resolving to do one good deed a day in 2015, you are perpetuating a sustainable, social-good model that will continue to pay it forward to the artists who create these bracelets and anyone whose life you touch on your path to fulfilling your daily deed.

Here’s What You Do:

When you share an image, just:

  1.    Use hashtag #DeedADay
  2.    Tag The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet, and
  3.    Include a link to the company website.

Social Sharing Tools:

The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet website:


On Twitter: @The1GDBracelet

On Instagram: @The1GDBracelet

You can even pin an image from The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet #DeedADay Pinterest board! You can view their board here.

Brand YOURSELF #DeedADay:

Want to go a step further? Below you will also find a downloadable thumbnail photo that you can use as your avatar.  Put that up and show yourself as a good-deed-doer!

DeedADay Avatar 1


Deed A Day Avatar 3


Deed A Day Avatar 2


The Ultimate Good Deed:

The ultimate good deed of course is to share on your blog.  We have 20 bracelets  to gift in exchange for your blog post. Would you be willing to blog about 100 Good Deeds and the #DeedADay movement? Sorry no sponsorship here, we’re all doing this pro-bono!


If interested please fill out this form:


For questions and more information, please email

#DemoDiaries: Our Latest b-Link Marketing Network Campaign

Our Influencers Put U by Kotex to the ‘Real Life’ Test

In one of our most candid and creative marketing campaigns to date, 20 members of the Blogalicious community’s marketing network – The b-Link Marketing Network – were invited to see how the U by Kotex products stood up to their busy (and often glamorous!) lifestyles.  What was most fun about this campaign was that there was such a variety of perspectives, lifestyles and attitudes – click the images to check out the FULL #DemoDiaries Storify:

Just have time for one? Then definitely make sure to read Kiwi The Beauty’s post here.  Not only is it a riot – it’s real talk!!

Curious? Request a free sample here.
Questions or comments?  Find U by Kotex on Facebook and Twitter

Not a bLink Marketing Network member yet? It’s never too late to join! Blogalicious always has fun campaigns with trusted brands and we are adamant about respecting your value as powerful influencers.


Already a member? Awesome! Make sure to add the badge to your site. You can link it to:

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