Something you should know about me: I’m a smartphone aficionado. So when the good folks at Blogalicious tapped me to be the Technology Advisor for this year’s conference, I had to make sure mobile tech was well represented. So I proudly present to you the Blogalicious Mobile Site and QR Code “smart” badges.

Blogalicious Mobile Site
By now, you should be visiting the Blogalicious agenda online to view the complete conference agenda and create an account to customize your own schedule. If you haven’t done so…I’ll wait. Now that you have taken the precious time to get familiar with the online site, we’ve added a mobile site to the lineup that will give you quick access to conference events on your mobile device…all mobile devices.
Blogalicious mobile site Features
– View complete schedule each day with session description & location
– Sort sessions/event according to type (General Session, Coaching Session, Expo Suite…and Food (my favorite)
– Login with your online credentials to see your schedule and “star” sessions to add them to your schedule
– If you connected your social media accounts online, you can see what sessions your friends have added to their agenda
We opted for a mobile site so any attendee with a “feature” phone, smartphone, or tablet connected to the web can access the mobile site Any time we make a change to the schedule, it will be automatically be reflected online and mobile, and it also give users offline access. In other words, if you lose your network connection, you can still see all the features – No downloads or compatibility issues.
By simply visiting in your mobile device browser, you have access to the agenda that looks pretty nice on all mobile devices *Pats himself on the back*.

Pro tip: For quick access to the agenda, add the website to your smartphone’s home screen. 
Conference Smart Badges
I’ve been to my share of conferences, and there have been times when I’ve run out of business cards. So I’ve had to fake it, I mean…improvise and encourage folks to scan my QR Codes to download my “virtual business card”. It works every time. So I thought it would be a good idea to give all Blogalicous 2012 attendees a free mobile contact page they can use to quickly share contact information with other attendees.
When you make it to Vegas, your conference badge will have a QR Code on it. When another attendees use their smartphones to scan your badge, they will be presented with your mobile contact page for quick access to your information. As my special gift, you can keep your mobile contact page far beyond the conference and put your QR Code on your business cards, flyers, resumes, etc.
Based on the email you used to register for Blogalicious, you will receive a message with all the instructions on how you can access and customize your mobile contact page to give attendees access to way more information than you can fit on a business card.
Smart Badge Contest
Since this year’s Blogalicious 2012 theme is “Make It Personal”, and a major objective of anybody attending a social media conference is to network and build connections; we encourage all attendees to get personal and network with other attendees and participants. Hopefully the addition of our smart badges with further emphasize building connections that last beyond the conference.
If it doesn’t, how about a smart badge contest? That’s right, since I know another conference objective is getting “swag” (let’s be honest), I will be conducting a contest at the event that will reward the attendee with the most badge scans. Since I’m a techie, the winner will receive some of my favorite apps and gadgets. So check your emails (and spam boxes) for your smart badge instructions, and take the time this weekend to customize your badge. You will also need a QR Code scanner app to participate. Here are my suggestions:
iPhone: Scan or I-nigma
Windows Phone: Scan or Built-in (Vision Search)
BlackBerry: ScanLife or Built-in (BlackBerry Messenger)
The Smart Badge Contest starts Friday, September 28th. I’m watching you, so don’t think you can get a leg up on the competition and scan your QR Code like crazy before the conference either!
I encourage you to spend the next couple of days getting familiar with the Blogalicious mobile site, customizing your mobile contact page, and practicing your QR Code scanning skills as my little contribution to helping you use technology to get the most out of Blogalicious 2012.
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to shoot me an email.