It’s an unwritten rule that attendees take to social media in swarms to document their memorable experiences at conferences. It gives people a chance to share their event experiences with their audience, and people who wished they were there, can sit on their couch and get just a taste of what they are missing.

The 2012 Blogalicious Conference is no exception, as we are beefing up our social media presence as well. We will be encouraging all our social media butterflies to document and share their conference experiences using their social media channels. The conference itself will be doing more social media reporting on its own channels as well. The usual suspects will be in full force: Blogalicious on Twitter & Facebook. Keeping with the times we will be adding Instagram and SocialCam channels this year.
Instagram is the most popular way to share photos. Snap a smartphone pic, add a filter and description, and the image can be spread across multiple social media accounts at one time. So we want attendees to rep’ Blogalicious to the fullest with all their conference images. Blogalicious will also have an Instagram channel where we will be snappin’ and taggin’ images for the world to see as well.

SocialCam is the “Instagram of video”. It’s the quickest way to capture and share video as well. Users can shoot video, add a title, filters, themes, music, and quickly share the vids with other SocialCam users in addition to just about any social media channels you can think of. The average SocialCam video is about 3-5 minutes, so you don’t have to be a hotshot videographer/director to shoot & share your videos. Just whip out your smartphone, open the SocialCam app (iPhone & Android) and start filming. Blogalicious will be shooting videos that will live on the SocialCam channel, as well as our blog.
Speaking of which, If you follow Blogalicious on Instagram and SocialCam and tag you videos with the #Blogalicious12 hashtag, your photos and videos may just show up on our blog and in our other social media feeds as well. So home your smartphone skills and let’s see if we can make some folks jealous.