It may not be obvious at first glance, but conferences can have a HUGE impact on the environment.  Just think of all that paper, uneaten food, the paper, unwanted swag, and have we mentioned the PAPER?  Every little bit counts, so we are doing our part to reduce our conference footprint in a few ways and we hope that you’ll support us in these choices.

  1. Doing away with the Official Conference (Paper) Program.  Yes! It’s a biggie! We know.  But we think it makes perfect sense.  What with all of us having smartphones or tablets or laptops (or all of the above), the conference agenda is easily accessible online.  If you must have your paper version of the agenda, please use the “Print-Friendly” feature offered by Sched.  Also, the agenda has a mobile-friendly version, perfect for your phone or tablet.
  2. Reducing the Amount of (Paper) Signage.  Those posters add up! Instead of having a posterboard or banner for each and every session and room, we’ll be taking advantage of the electronic signage that the Red Rock Resort has available.  We’ll still have 1 or 2 big banners at the ready for quick reference, but not the 40+ posters (yes, that many!) that we normally have each year.
  3. Taking a Conservative Approach to Swag.  Don’t panic! We’ll still have great swag bags as usual.  But we’re asking our valued sponsors to be more selective in deciding what to place in your conference bags.  Think quality, not quantity! We hope that this will mean less swag left behind in hotel rooms or tossed into the trash.
  4. Badge Recycling Program.  If you’re like me, you have a Conference Badge Hall of Fame with dozens of plastic badge holders and random lanyards cluttering your corkboard, dresser or desk.  What a shame! While they might be fun to look at, they’re not good for much more than that.  We’re taking steps to put an end to the madness by having plain lanyards that can be reused and we’ll be setting out Badge Recycling Drop Boxes on-site for you to toss your badges in once you’re done with them.

We hope that these few small strategies will help us to minimize waste and excess by reducing, reusing and recycling, and allow us to devote our resources into the content and experience – which is why you love Blogalicious in the first place!