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Opportunity: Become a Social Media Ambassador for Blogalicious Weekend



Blogalicious is seeking dynamic individuals for this year’s Social Media Ambassador team. Influencers, bloggers, and content creators of all backgrounds are welcome to apply for this position as long as they are qualified, passionate about social media, and ready to work with our brand.

As a Social Media Ambassador, you will help us promote the conference and sponsors authentically to your audience and ours through engaging content and social media. In exchange for your diligence, you’ll receive one free ticket to Blogalicious Weekend during Thursday, October 5 to Sunday, October 8, 2017, in Miami, Florida. (If you’ve already purchased a ticket and are chosen for this opportunity, you will be fully reimbursed.)

Here’s what you need to know:


Age Requirements:

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


Requirements & Eligibility:

  • Must be able to perform the duties of the job. This is not an on-the-job training experience, so please do not apply if you’re not knowledgeable or skilled in how social media works.
  • Must have an engaged following on social media. While your audience doesn’t have to be large, it must be one that is influenced by you.
  • Willing to attend an orientation that may be held virtually one week before the conference and/or in person on Thursday, October 5 at the hotel.
  • Available to work every day during conference weekend, October 5-8 for a minimum of 10 hours.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks with ease such as live tweeting, regular postings, mandatory blog posts, attending mandatory scheduled conference workshops, etc.
  • A love for beasting online!

Responsibilities & Perks:

As a conference Social Media Ambassador, you’re representing the Blogalicious brand.

We ask that you please conduct yourselves with integrity and professionalism. It’s also a requirement that you have fun, be flexible and ask questions whenever necessary!

Ambassadors will receive one complimentary ticket to Blogalicious Weekend, which includes admission to official conference social events, workshops, keynotes, breakout sessions, meals, and awesome swag.

Travel & Time:

Ambassadors must work a minimum of 15 hours during conference weekend. (5 hrs daily) You will receive a conference schedule beforehand detailing sessions that will need social coverage and interaction. We will do our best to place you in sessions that will satisfy both your needs and the needs of the Conference. While in attendance, we ask that you follow the guidelines that will be emailed to you in advance as it pertains to social sharing, proper hashtags, sponsor content, and more.

A meeting, virtually or by phone, will be held with the ambassadors and Coordinator a week before the Conference to discuss details. Please plan to arrive by Thursday morning, October 5, 2017, to go over any last-minute changes in the schedule or questions as needs may advance.

Please note: Ambassadors will not receive travel or hotel assistance or reimbursement to or from the Conference site.

Performance & Termination:

Our Ambassadors must be productive, cooperative, and perform their assigned tasks before, during and after the Conference. Blogalicious accepts the service of ambassadors with the understanding that enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitudes are expected for a well-managed and successful volunteer experience.

In cases of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, Blogalicious reserves the right to make determinations regarding the suitability of ambassadors to continue in service.

Ambassador positions are limited. Please apply by August 4, 2017. We’ll send notifications by August 18, 2017. Meet us in Miami, morning time on October 5, 2017. Contact for questions.


Apply to become a #Blogalicious9 Social Media Ambassador! 

Influencers Heat Up For The Season Finale of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’
growing up hip hop atlanta

The season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is finally here! The cast members have taken us on quite the journey as they’ve navigated young adulthood, sexuality, family drama, and life in the spotlight. From beginning to the impending end, we can agree that this show has kept us entertained and wanting more. The #GUHHATL hashtag has trended every Thursday night for the duration of the show and we can certainly thank our bloggers and influencers for their contribution to that number.

Several weeks ago, we did a preliminary roundup of blog posts from our Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta campaign. A few adjectives to describe the commentary are insightful, thoughtful, and downright hilarious! Today, we’re here for a final roundup of new submissions and POVs from our brilliant crew. And when you reach the bottom of this post, you’ll find a sneak peek at tonight’s season finale!

Tomika from Life in Pinups questions Brandon:

“This situation keeps getting out of hand and all Reginae wants is an apology. Brandon is holding on to his pride, meanwhile, everyone including his mom, Deb Atney, tells him to LET IT GO!! At 26 why does he keep arguing with Reginae? Ms. Deb is constantly telling him to think smarter. She knows that this can be career ending for him. Did I mention that part of the problem is that no one knows exactly what he does and/or who he is?”


From The Fab Empire:

“Unfortunately, with the parents’ names being thrown around, Reginae not only called her cousins but also asked her mother, Toya, to come talk some sense into Brandon. And Toya broke it all the way down. She told B, “You can’t save him, baby,” talking about her ex-husband, Wayne. “He’s already saved.” But I guess this really is “Growing Up Hip Hop,” because Reginae needs to grow up. Who asks their moms to fight their battles? But anyway…”


Danyelle from The Unfit Christian keeping it real about bullying,

“We know children bully; we’re running entire campaigns in our nation’s schools around anti-bullying. So we cannot excuse her behavior as simply child-like. Reginae, now 18, is a master manipulator and habitual line stepper who has wholly overblown her parents’ ability to protect her. While we should nurture the independence and courageous outspoken nature of women, we need to prepare them to navigate the world as well. Reginae’s secondhand bullying is going to garner her a firsthand fall flat on her face if she’s not careful.”


Naetorious on why Bow Wow is distracted:

“It’s really cute to see how much Shad enjoys his daughter, and also the friendship he still maintains with her mother, Joie. The three of them together probably sparked a few memories in his head.  At one point, Shad mentioned that he did his best work when they were together. He even set up a nice candlelight dinner for them to discuss the possibility of giving it another whirl. Due to his history of impulsive promises and lack of follow through, Joie declined his request. I’m sure that did nothing for Shad’s ego, nor did it motivate him to write or work a bit harder. It’s actually just another thing to distract him from his career goals at the moment.”


Jonna from Naturally Glam explains an estranged father-son dynamic,

“Bow’s estranged father has been speaking recklessly via social media against Bow Wow. His father, who lives in Atlanta, was not a part of his life due to his alcoholism, and after an altercation between the two a few years ago, he has cut his father off completely. Bow has a conversation with his mom who encourages him to pray about it and move on, he can’t seem to let it go. Debra stops by his studio session to confront Bow about his relationship with his father because she also grew up with a family who suffered from alcoholism and could relate. She encourages Bow to have a talk with his dad to finally get it off his chest, but it still seems to be falling on deaf ears.”


The commentary didn’t stop there! Our bloggers went in with reviews, recaps, and live tweets about what this show meant to them in its first season. Here are a few more recaps to get into:


We hope you enjoyed these recaps and previous episodes of GUHHATL as much as we did. Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s episode! Join in the conversation for tonight on Twitter as the season finale airs at 9 PM Est. Use the #GUHHATL hashtag and watch only on WEtv!

9 Things Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Release Taught Us

Photo credit: Tidal.

Jay-Z’s 13th studio album 4:44 took the world by storm. The mogul rapper gets more personal than he’s ever been by sharing intimate details about his marriage, fatherhood, and lifestyle as a budding billionaire. At 47, Jay-Z finally understands what’s important in life and filled us in via Tidal. Social media has been ablaze since 4:44‘s release and the hype is steadily growing. That’s what makes Jay-Z and 4:44 – individually and packaged – so special.

While listening to fan favorites like ‘Family Feud’, ‘Kill Jay-Z’, and title track ‘4:44’, Jay-Z’s legend can’t be ignored. Here are 9 things 4:44 taught us about being a boss!


Timing is everything.

The Carters have quite literally reached billionaire status due to impeccable timing. The duo is strategically calculated in everything they do from when, where, and how their music is released. Fans have learned the hard way that no matter how badly they crave something from Jay-Z or Beyonce, the couple will release it when they’re ready to. This might drive die hard Hov lovers and the Bey Hive insane, but from a business standpoint, it’s brilliant.


Creative control matters.

You don’t have anything if you don’t have creative control. With Tidal, Jay-Z has the power to exclusively release music (or any other creative content) whenever he feels like it. He owns it and competitors have to wait like everyone else to get their hands on it. Not only does he own and control the content, but the same goes for the actual platform it’s being released on.


Own your platform.

This is goals! If you started on Blogger back in the day and have now advanced to a private server, ownership is the name of your game! Our favorite entrepreneurs have reminded us time and time again that real change happens in your business when you own and control whatever it is you’re selling. Jay-Z is a perfect example of what this means!

His entire track ‘The Story of O.J.’ is an ode to ownership and saving money, but here are a few lines to remember:

You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit
You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it


Resolve personal issues at home.

Have you ever been turned off after following a fellow blogger, influencer, or entrepreneur’s personal profile? If you’ve found their interactions to be offputting, would you agree that it decreased your chances of further investing in their brand? This is a complicated dance and the wrong move can permanently glue you down.

Social media makes it easy for us to share everything happening in our personal lives. Abundant sharing can be therapeutic for us and inspirational to others but it’s not always good for business. Beyonce literally went through hell behind closed doors thanks to Jay-Z. The Queen didn’t post any sob stories on social media. Instead, she released what’s arguably her greatest work to date, Lemonade, after healing in private. In response, a now humbled and gracious Jay-Z put out 4:44. 

We’re certain that if the Carters had confirmed or acknowledged any rumors prior to dropping those musical gems, their marriage, business, and likability would have further suffered. Get through some things in private and control it’s release once it’s over.


Be honest about your life.

Resolving your issues away from social media doesn’t mean that you can’t share them. The key is simply doing it when you’re ready or perhaps when it can benefit you most. Don’t be ashamed if your story isn’t perfect. Keep living and learning and share it with the world on your terms.


Do your homework.

Chills went down our spines as Nina Simone’s rich voice coursed through two of 4:44‘s tracks. Hov paid homage to Lauryn Hill and other cultural icons that enhanced the listening experience. These subtle additions transformed good songs into greatness. It shows that even a lyrical and business genius like Jay-Z takes the time to study, diligently research, and show love to those before him. If he can do it, we all can.


Take time to prepare.

It’s cool that Jigga has the power to launch masterpieces at his leisure, right? What’s even cooler is that he doesn’t take any of that lightly. It’s clear that he (and his wife) prepares for every release like a boss. We could be wrong, but their format of choice seems to be:

1. Silently produce something greater than the last release.

2. Drop it – sometimes without warning – and watch fans and the media go crazy.

3. Make sure the release (music and video) is exclusive to Tidal; non-members can purchase it later!

4. Post tour dates without warning, sending fans and media into another massive frenzy.

We missed a few steps but the resounding lesson in this is to prepare.


Exclusivity sells.

Here’s a short list of what Tidal members received during this time:

1. First dibs on Hov’s 13th studio album.

2. First picks on concert tickets for the 4:44 tour. Non-members can purchase on Friday, July 14th, at 10:00 AM via Ticket Master.

3. Footnotes for 4:44, an exclusive video featuring interviews with famous men of color like Will Smith, Mahershala Ali, Chris Rock, and Lil Rel. Members can also enjoy Footnotes for the Story of O.J. and an animated short.

The fourth gift would be bragging rights!

Non-members of Tidal have the option of buying in or waiting until the stars align for exclusive content to leak become available elsewhere. Check out four 44 second clips and track samples here.


Give your all.

…because in order to achieve a fraction of this kind of greatness, you’ve got to give it all you have.


What did you learn from 4:44?

Ariel Williams is the digital content manager and part-time social media support at She also runs Send your pitches and questions to 

Event: #Blogalicious9 Pop-Up Experience in Atlanta


What do you get when you put together nice weather, tours, and swanky spaces? The Blogalicious Pop-Up Experience, summer edition!

We’re kicking off our popular summer event series in none other than Atlanta, Georgia, our second home. Join us for cocktails and appetizers at Everywhere Agency to network, snap it up, and make new friends. We’re bringing the lights and conversation but it won’t be the same without you.

So come out on Saturday, July 15, 2017, for #Blogalicious9 Atlanta Pop-Up Experience and have fun with Justice Fergie and your local Blogalicious tribe! We cannot wait to see you.

P.S. Here’s live footage of us reconnecting with you all in the A!



Get your tickets here!

‘Let’s Do Something New’: June’s Monthly Round Up

The gallons of rain from June washed out our expired editorial calendar and ushered in one that is fresh and relevant. One of the changes we made how we distribute our Round Ups. Going from weekly to now monthly recaps, you can expect a rundown of what’s new in technology, social media trends, pop culture + hot topics, and happenings within our community.

We hope you’ll enjoy our ‘something new’. Here’s our monthly roundup for June 2017.

Real Good (reads, music, & more)


Jay-Z pulled a Beyonce and silently dropped his 13th studio album 4:44 last night. Fans have been raving since 11 PM and have already dubbed it as Jay’s response to Beyonce’s Lemonade. The power couple recently welcomed twins and are settled in their temporary home in Malibu, California. 4:44 is a clairvoyant recompense of the rapper’s infidelities and pain that he’s caused women in his life, especially his wife and mother to his three children. We haven’t listened yet but according to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, 4:44 will grace our weekend playlists.


Do you suffer from Impostor Syndrome? In a recent team chat about “living up to potential”, our Resident in Tech, Terrance Gaines shared an article about what it is and 21 ways to overcome it. Here are a few that stood out:

Focus on providing value. From Start Up Bros, “The fastest way to get over feeling like a fraud is to genuinely try to help someone else.”

Stop comparing yourself to that person. Read this, “There’s no good reason for you to be reading what I’m writing. There are world class biographies of Warren Buffett, John D. Rockefeller, and Einstein. James Altucher has had more successes than me. Peter Thiel just wrote a book. Tim Ferriss, Paul Graham, Kevin Kelly… these guys blog! But still, I’m writing this because I think I have something to offer. Actually, when I look at my praise file I have proof that I have something to offer.”

– Nobody belongs here more than you. This sentence resonated: “If you can admit that nobody belongs here more than you (while maintaining the belief that you don’t belong here any more than anyone else) you will find yourself making connections with people in powerful ways.”

Read the whole article here.


Hot Topics


Have you been watching Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta? Some of our favorite bloggers and influencers have and they’ve got a lot to say about it. We did a roundup of their early recaps on the show here. Read a few of them before jumping into this week’s episode, which was probably the fieriest of them all. If you’ve been following the show, who’s your favorite cast member?


The Serena Williams, arguably the GOAT, showed off her pregnant belly (ahem, naked body) on this month’s cover of Vanity Fair. The 35-year-old icon was photographed by Annie Leibovitz to adorn what Vanity Fair calls a retelling of her and fiancé Alex Ohanian’s love story. From her hair to her beautiful brown skin to the glow that only pregnancy can bring on, Serena looks absolutely perfect and happy. Congrats, star!


The 2017 BET Awards have come and gone but we had a little bit to say. In case you missed it, here are 9 entrepreneurial lessons we learned from watching the hip hop ceremony on Sunday. Let us know your favorite parts.


Community Love – #TribeUp


We’ve been gone for a minute but now we’re back in the jump off! On Saturday, July 15, the summer Blogalicious Pop Experience will kick off in Atlanta. The location is under lock and key at the moment, but we can share that the event will take place from 1 PM to 4 PM. We’re sharing details in our exclusive Facebook group and via newsletter, so be on the lookout for more details.


A few members of our awesome community were featured in Hacker Noon’s 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow On Twitter. The list is packed with “Software Engineers, Web Developers, Coders, Tech Journalists and Bloggers, and more.” Please take a moment to read, follow, and congratulate your peers! We see you being great, guys.


Just when we thought she couldn’t get any more awesome, communications expert Amber Wright penned her debut book Can We Talk?: 10 Life Lessons on Finding Your Voice & Finding Yourselfclick here. The new author is hosting a book launch and signing on July 8 in Los Angeles, CA. We’re so proud of Amber and have enjoyed watching her journey unfold. For more information about the upcoming launch, .


Tech + Social Media Trends


Instagram now features a Paid Partner Tag? Yes, they do. But what is it? Refinery 29 shared details on Instagram’s newest update this week.

Here’s how the new feature works: If an an influencer is posting sponsored content, they should select “Advanced Settings” along the bottom of the caption screen. These advanced settings, where you can turn off comments for a post, will have a new “Branded Content” section that says “Tag Business Partner.” When an influencer chooses that option, the partner’s name will be added where a location tag normally shows up. The same goes for a sponsored post in an Instagram Story.
This feature could save thousands of influencers from inadvertently violating FTC guidelines. We’ll keep you updated as more information unfolds.

Ariel Williams is the digital content manager and part-time social media support at She also runs Send your pitches and questions to 

9 Entrepreneurial Lessons We Learned from the 2017 BET Awards

Source: Eventbrite.

Last night’s BET Awards were a slam dunk in some ways and not so much in others. While we loved Bruno Mars’ opening performance, we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy SZA’s. Despite their technical issues, BET put on a great awards ceremony. With a love “for the culture” (and entrepreneurship) in our hearts, we’re sharing a few lessons we learned from the media mogul.

9 things we learned about entrepreneurship from the 2017 BET Awards


Be ready at all times

The sound issues at the awards ceremony were undeniable. Performances and skits were cut short, leaving the internet wanting more or at least an explanation about what happened. While there should always be room for human error in most situations, others are just unforgiving. Pro-tip: If you have a big event coming up, do a few extra run-throughs or rehearsals to ensure that everything has the space to run smoothly.

Know your audience

BET seems to have a general format on how the awards shows are run. We notice every year they make subtle changes to reflect the times and members of the audience. This shows that just because you’ve been doing one thing a certain way doesn’t mean there’s no room for growth or change. Doing so keeps your audience excited and wanting to come back for more.

Connect with the right people

This might be easier said than done but that doesn’t make it less true. Once you know who your audience is you need to find the right players to stimulate them in a way that’s beneficial to everyone. Ask yourself, “Will this host or business move be right for what I’m trying to achieve?” If the answer is a loud no, reconsider.

Listen to your audience

They’re there for a reason. Instead of guessing what they want or need, ask them directly or listen when they’re giving explicit feedback. Twitter went in with likes and dislikes over the BET Awards, from the host to performances to sound issues to acceptance speeches to them going past their time. While you can’t appease everyone it’s important to hear what the majority is saying and at least try.

Be in control (of social media)

Social media should be properly updated before, during, and after a public major event. Your social media accounts should have great photos of key players (celebrities, artists, sponsors, etc.) with their correct handles and hashtags. Please don’t neglect this step.

Hire a great staff

A great staff will help properly execute the mentionables above. That is all.

Stay relevant

BET does a great job at infusing their audience with seasoned and brand new artists. It gives creators of nostalgia a place to feel honored and celebrated while giving the new kids a platform to make a name for themselves. This, we notice, is one way BET stays relevant and on top when it comes to cultural events and ceremonies. Pro-tip: Find a way to create a space for everyone in the family like the BET Awards (and New Edition) does every year.

Take risks

We can’t confirm this but Nicki Minaj probably didn’t attend this year’s BET Awards because of ShETHER Gate. (Yes, we know she’s recently spent time in Prague, but the trip is super convenient, wouldn’t you say?) The Jamaica Queens rapper has consecutively won in the best Best Female Rapper category. To many, it has felt like she’s been given the award a few times instead of actually earning it. This year, Remy Ma beamed as she won the award, putting any alleged alliance BET and Nicki Minaj has to rest. We found this to be risky and a great way to create buzz for social media.

Have fun

No matter how many things went wrong, one thing for sure is that we had fun watching the show. And hopefully, the staff at BET had fun producing the event. It was a joy to follow along with fans on Twitter and watch reactions in real time. Make it fun, keep it light, and enjoy yourselves in all you do.

What did you most enjoy about the BET Awards? Did you learn any entrepreneurial lessons from the show?

Ariel Williams is the digital content manager and part-time social media support at She also runs Send your pitches and questions to 

‘Go With the Flow’: Lessons in Fatherhood From Brotha Tech

Being a great dad isn’t always easy but it doesn’t have to always be hard. Our resident father of 3, Terrance Gaines, a.k.a. Brotha Tech, has 8 practical and inspiring tips for dads who want to get it right. Check out this list and share it with all the awesome dads in your life.

Brush Your Shoulders Off.


Something that used to irk me as a new-ish parent is all the people who come up to me and ask “Are you getting any sleep?” OF COURSE I’M NOT. I have to remember that there are way more important things to worry about as a father than silly questions, so I fake smile and keep it moving.


Enjoy Every Moment.


As a new-ish father, I look at my two other kids and can’t remember them as babies, so I try to enjoy every moment with a newborn, because before you know it, they will be bothering you to death when the home WiFi goes down.


Take that extra “L”.


It’s probably easy to say “let’s divide everything down the middle and share all the duties”. What fathers sometimes don’t realize there are things that mothers deal with that we simply can’t relate to. So even though it’s “her turn” to stay up with the baby, it’s okay if you step in and take over every once in a while.


Get Your Self-Care In.


It’s easy to get into that daily grind and forget that self-care is important for Dads too. So when you get a chance, even if that chance is super small, sneak in that 30 minutes of Xbox.


Send Mama Some Love.


As new mothers, with a baby stuck to their boob, hair all over the place, crusty eyes, and a never-ending wardrobe of baggy pajamas, that sometimes double as errand clothes, they may not feel all at desirable. It’s up to you to remind her why (and how) y’all had the baby in the first place.


Go with the Flow.


Everybody who claims to be a parent will try to drop a laundry list of things you need to do before, during and after the baby arrives. Sure, there are some essentials, but with babies you have to learn them just like they are learning you. So don’t get bent out of shape if that feeding/changing/sleeping schedule isn’t followed to a tee.


Tribe Up.


It’s hard for me to ask for help, so when we had our first child, I was hell bent on letting the world know “I got this”. But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable and admit that you need help. So take the time to build up a strong support network of people who are more than willing to pitch in and take a load off your shoulders when it gets to be too much. The BEST way to do that is to be that support system for somebody else. “Do unto others…”


Do You, Bro.


It’s easy to always put the baby first. But you have to make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process of just being “Daddy”. It will be hard at first, but make sure you simply grow into adding the role of father to your arsenal, versus letting fatherhood completely change who you are.

Happy Father’s Day!

See What Influencers Are Saying About ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta’
growing up hip hop atlanta

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta is lit, according to our bloggers and influencers! For the past three weeks, they’ve watched, recapped, and live tweeted every episode, making us anticipate what will happen next with the explosive cast. The show comes with the right amount of suspense and drama to keep the masses (ahem, and us) thoroughly entertained. So to share with you what we’ve all come to love, here are some of our favorite recaps and snippets about WE tv’s newest drama Growing Hip Hop Atlanta.

Xenia from Raised by Culture says,

“I was looking for a juicy new show to get into on Thursday nights and Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta is it. I was sucked in on the cast alone. Lil’ Wayne’s daughter Reginae. Bow Wow. Zonnique – T.I. & Tiny’s daughter. And a few I wasn’t familiar with: Ms. Deb’s son Brandon, DJ Hurricane’s daughter Ayana and Jermaine Dupri’s daughter Shaniah. Was that first episode enough to keep me tuning in every Thursday tho? OH YES. THE DRAMA IS REAL.”


Our friends at Black Celebrity Giving on what GUHHATL revealed about career stress:

“Addressing issues like stress in one’s career is something we all can relate with. Last nights episode of the new WeTV series Growing Up Hip Hop ATL (GUHHATL) showed a different side of the glamorous life. As I watched the daughter of Tiny and step-daughter of Hip-Hop star TI cry while reflecting on the state of her career, something in me connected. I was immediately drawn in because the truth is we all have been there. Stressed with our careers, wondering when it’s going to happen for us and all we’re left with is a few tears. As Brandon Barnes asked her on last night’s episode -“What has being the daughter of famous people got her,” she couldn’t answer. The truth is no matter who we are, some of the blessings we’ve been given, you still have to work for your dreams and you have to manage your stress.”


Ariel from Slay Culture introduces the Brandon-versus-Reginae blowout:

“Like Shad, Zonnique Pullins, daughter of T.I. and Tiny, also wants us to know that she’s grown. “Nique Nique” scheduled a revealing photo shoot with intentions of shattering the baby girl image her former girl group the OMG Girls gave her. She invited her vocal coach Brandon Barnes and his cousin and fashion stylist Ayana Fite to the photo shoot, which turned out to be a bad idea later on. Brandon’s outspokenness and criticism of Zonnique’s look upset her best friend Reginae, who was there for moral support. The two fake introduced themselves and almost came to blows moments later. For shows like this, that’s a standard formula for good TV, but the problem here was their 9 year age difference.”


Arnitris of Blessed be the Tie sympathizes with Joie, Shad Moss’s ex-girlfriend:

“I felt the heart of this young woman who loves a man who just isn’t equipped to love her in the way she deserves now. I also heard the words that were unspoken as she explained that their daughter misses him when he is on the road. Joi misses him. She is longing for the comfort and security of having the love of her life present – in mind, body and spirit. I heard the words that were unspoken as Shad expressed that he was ready for the family life because she was the mother of his daughter;  while all the while neglecting the three words Joi needed to hear most I LOVE YOU. The truth of the matter is, even if he had professed his love -his actions say the opposite. When your actions and words aren’t in alignment, your words mean nothing. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words.”

As you can see, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta has sparked dozens of nuanced conversations. It seems like this show has triggered something different in everyone and that’s an awesome characteristic. Here are a few more recaps to get into:


We hope you enjoyed these recaps and previous episodes of GUHHATL as much as we did. Join in the conversation tonight on Twitter as Episode 4 airs at 9 PM Est. Use the #GUHHATL hashtag and watch only on WEtv!

‘We See You Being Great’ Every Month

Pictured: Aaronica Bell Cole and Jessica McFadden at Blogalicious 8 in Atlanta, GA. 2016. Photo by Maurice Bland.

Having your work acknowledged when you’ve gone hard in the paint is a gratifying feeling. So when we see members of our community kicking butt in their businesses, brands, and creative projects, we love telling them “we see you being great”.

Several months ago we encouraged our online family to share their wins, or the wins of other community members, in the Social Suite, our exclusive Facebook group. These posts were well received and increased morale. It felt great to cheer on our peers while they work so hard to turn passion into profit.

We’re taking that same enthusiasm to bring you We See You Being Great, a monthly series to highlight awesome nominees, powered by the Blogalicious blog. Each month at least one Blogalicious family member will be “called out” for being featured in the press, resolving an issue in their local community, receiving an award, consistently profiting in business, or making history of any kind. You’ll have the opportunity to nominate yourself and others so we can continue celebrating and supporting our own.

All you have to do is email us the following information with subject line “WSYBG Nominee”:

  1. Name
  2. Brand or Business
  3. Location
  4. Why is this person being nominated?
  5. How can we best support them?
  6. Social handles + website
  7. Photo

(Send emails to:

Let’s keep this fun, family! Continue to be great in all you do.

9 Ways to Support Your Creative Friends

There’s nothing more special than having the support of your friends in life. When it comes to business, creative ones, in particular, the lines of support become blurred. Friends who aren’t in the creative realm often don’t know how to stand with their artistic, sporadic, entrepreneurial pals who seem to always be working on something new. With so many mediums available to promote projects and businesses, it’s understandable that supporting a creative friend might be difficult or even stressful. We get it and we’re here to show you how to support your creative friends through their never ending hustles!


9 Ways to Support Your Creative Friends

Listen to their struggles. Your creative friend loves having the freedom to do their work but that doesn’t mean struggles don’t appear. In fact, they’ve probably doubled. While you might not be able to relate to their problems or even give them advice, offering a listening ear helps more than you know. You’re giving them the opportunity to be heard and reveal that their struggles are valid. That’s huge!

Attend an event when you can. More than likely, your creative buddies regularly host or attend meetups, events, or parties. If there’s one in your area, surprise them with a visit. Putting these kinds of things on are difficult — there’s an excruciating amount of time, energy, and money that goes into them. Anxiety and adrenaline run hand in hand! Seeing your face in the midst of all that would do their heart some good.

Brunch it regularly. There’s something cathartic about just being with your good friends. Doesn’t chillaxing with your tribe after a long week (or two) over grits and mimosas sound amazing? Of course, it does! You both need the break and time to catch up, so put this event in your G-cal now!

Use harmless language. Erykah Badu’s disclaimer still holds true years later: We’re artists and we’re sensitive about our ish! One of the struggles, if you will, with creative entrepreneurship is trying to explain (or live up to) your vision with others. It’s hard to do and when the other party doesn’t understand your daily tasks, struggles or why you can’t “just get a 9 to 5,” harmful language is inadvertently passed around. As unfortunate as this is, it happens and it hurts. If you don’t understand your creative friend’s why in all of this, that’s okay. Instead, mindfully express that and ask for help navigating the waters.

Share your struggles, too. Please don’t treat your buddy different because they’re different! Share your goals and desires with them. Share your struggles at the office or home with them. Share with them the way you would anyone else. Believe it or not, things like this keep up grounded and present in reality. It’s easy to grind and dream for days on end. Knowing that our friends actually need us is helpful. :)

Nail at least one of their titles. We get it. Dope, creative entrepreneurs have one million jobs because #TheGrindDontStop. On the outside, it looks like we’re all over the place. But the truth is, we’re multihyphenates in a 9 to 5 kind of world. You don’t have to understand all we do because again, we get it. However, knowing just one of our many titles is friend care. My friends (and mom) refer to me as ‘writer’ and it works for all of us!

Accept the crazy hours. Balance is something humans are always trying to achieve, no matter their profession. Your creative friends, at least when starting out, might have this especially hard. Accepting that their work hours exist on a sliding scale will help both of you maintain a great friendship. This speaks to the importance of using Gcal to schedule those brunches we mentioned earlier!

Give honest feedback. Sometimes your friend will ask you for feedback on what they’re offering. They’re asking you because they trust and respect your opinion will help them achieve something new. Use your position wisely, dear friend! Be honest and thoughtful. Share what you liked, why you liked it, what elements didn’t appeal to you, what could make them appeal to you if tweaked, and what you didn’t like. These things are helpful and valuable.

Ask how you can help. Whether it’s being a listening ear, product tester, beta reader, sample taster, or providing comic relief, your creative friend needs you in one way or another. See how you can fill in and be ready to receive the same good vibes when you’re in need, too.

Ariel Williams is the digital content manager and part-time social media support at She also runs Send your pitches and questions to 

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