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The awesomeness that is spewing from the stage at #Blogalicious5 is too much for me to handle. This all star blogger panel is comprised of a host bloggers with years of experience who have managed to expand their blogs into media empires.

Luvvie Ajayi, Shameeka Ayers, Maggie Mason, Denene Millner, Lamar Tyler and Patrice Yursik are blessing the Blogalicious 5 attendees with their acquired knowledge and expertise.

“My ultimate goal is to build a business and license my Sugar Coma assets. I’ve learned to go with my gut.” says Shameeka Ayers. Ayers, also known as The Broke Socialite, shares with us the process she’s gone through in order to grow her brand.

“I’m heading into a design direction that I’m really excited about,” Patrice Yursik tells us. Afrobella gives us insight into the future of her business empire. “Dream as big as possible,” she tells the crowd.

Luvvie Ajayi warns us to “stay true to yourself.” ¬†She tells us that she could easily shift what she does in order to increase revenue. But she decided to remain true to her audience.

“Striving alone doesn’t lead to contentment or meaning. At some point you have to stop, look around and enjoy the view.” Maggie Mason tells us.

Denene Millner, of My Brown Baby, says she uses blogging to constantly “humanize” African American people in a world where their culture is devalued.

“The goal of Black and Married is to celebrate African American families,” Lamar Tyler articulates. This draws applause from the crowd.

The All Star Blogger Panel is a breathtaking session that has given the attendees so much insight into the business side of blogging. The afternoon sessions will soon be underway so check back shortly for updates.