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The 2016 ‘Content Is A Gift’ Guide

Today is Black Friday, so all we can think about are deals, discounts, and must-have products. With last year’s Gift Your Empire being a success, it was only fair that we upped the ante with our 2016 Content Is A Gift guide. In this quick and easy guide, you’ll find deals on fashion and accessories, decor for your home and office, new planners to #GetYourLife, and so much more. As always, we’ve got your back.


Art, Lifestyle, Decor


Fine Art (& enamel pins) for Everyone from Christa David

LIT wrapping paper from Fetti Wrap

Crystals, sage & candles from Homegirl Por Vida

Mystery gift bags from Bawdy Bookworms


Fashion & Accessories

Checks or It Didn’t Happen t-shirts from the B Store

New tees & sweatshirts 15% off from Shop Slay Culture

15% off trendy tees from Shirts for Sirens

Because, Kids tee from Tired as a Mother

Glam tees from Naturally Glam

Feel good t-shirts from Love Always YJE

Beans, Greens, You Name It tee from MESS in a Bottle (Winner of Perfect Pitch IV contest)

25% off Faith-inspired apparel from Ven & Rose


Hair, Skin & Beauty


Beard oil (& so much more) from Koils by Nature

All the natural hair products from Naturalicious

Arrayed liquid matte lipsticks from Liquid Courage Cosmetics


Planners & Books


The New & Improved Visionary Journal from Keep Chasing the Stars

From Entrepreneur to CEO, by Shahara Wright Esq.

I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi

The Official #Blogalicious8 Coloring Book sold here


Services + Courses + Workshops


Blogalicious Small Business Weekend Bundle Sale HERE! (Get your 2017 conference pass, the #Blogalicious8 t-shirt & coloring book!)

Create Your Keynote (private coaching) with Amber Wright

Holiday Copyright Law Bundle from Hughly Smith Law

Dope DIY design services from Roseredd Etc.

Happy Shopping, Blogalicious family!


The Top 13 Best Recaps of Blogalicious 8

When it comes to gauging what does and doesn’t work for a major event, bloggers and content creators are golden! We scoured our community for recaps of #Blogalicious8 and hit the jackpot with these writeups. Below, delight in 13 conference recaps from some of your favorite bloggers, writers, influencers, and content creators. See how our panels, conference events, and sponsors ranked among our beautifully diverse friends in the Blogalicious community.

The Top 13 recaps of Blogalicious 8 We Love



5 Dope Chicks You Should Know [#Blogalicious8] by Kenya Rae

Kenya writes,

“To say that I enjoyed myself is an understatement. To say that I learned a lot is minimizing the fact that my mind was on overload when I left. And to say that I was thoroughly impressed is nothing but the truth.

“While I had heard great things about this conference, I can not say that I was convinced. I have only attended one other blog conference in the past.  I vowed I wouldn’t go back to that conference.  Honestly, I was not sure that investing in this one would be any different.

“I needed to be there, and I am truly convinced that I was selected to be on the squad for that reason. Yes, I needed the information.  But more than that, my little introverted self needed to meet some of the dopest chicks out here.  I needed to see (and feel) the importance of building and maintaining awesome relationships while building a brand.”


5 Things I Learned from Blogalicious 8 by Michelle

Michelle writes,

“If I didn’t leave with anything else, I learned that don’t leave the conference without setting some goals for yourself. I have already written down some goals that I WILL achieve for the rest of the year and next year. I also already bought my ticket for Blogalicious 9 that will be held in Miami! I will not be in the same place this year when I return. I will have grown as a content creator! I also have goals to start my own small business so be on the lookout for that! Don’t believe me just watch!

“This was my first conference and I really enjoyed myself! I felt like I belonged, and that’s huge for me! I started this blog because I needed an outlet. I had no idea it would turn into something so amazing. Thank you to Stacey and her team for putting on an amazing conference. I will see you all next year in MIAMI!!!”


In 7 Simple Ways to Gain Financial Self-Reliance, Elayna Fernandez, one of this year’s Social Media Ambassadors writes,

“Be Your Own Prince Charming: I am definitely my own Prince Charming and I love this message so much, because it refers to taking personal responsibility and being your own advocate. A man is not a plan, whether he’s your husband, your boss, or the president of the country you live in.

“You have everything within you to be your own Prince Charming, to create your own rich life in every way. I loved the analogy of how he should be the icing, not the cake – you are the cake, and you’re always baking the cake to make it better.”


Kiwi loved all things Dove! Here’s what she had to say about their #SpeakBeautiful campaign:

Dove wowed us all with the #SpeakBeautiful message and it definitely gives me something to think about more. In a world where Filters and makeup/beauty trends can have us feeling inadequate about our own beauty, we have the power to change that. Young women and adult women are constantly bombarded with what is in trend and what isn’t but it’s up to us to uplift each other and ourselves and it does start with speaking beautiful. The young women look up to the older women, and the older women need to be an example on how to carry high self-esteem and standards when it comes to beauty.”


The “conference hangover” is real! Kimberly Brown shares 5 things you should do after #Blogalicious8 to get your life in order. We really enjoyed this tip:

“Organize your notes. All of those great sessions. All of the handouts. All of the inspiration, motivation, and advice is probably in a notebook or computer document that may not be organized. I get it, you were running from session to session; but if you wait too long to go through everything, you won’t understand your own notes when you get around to it.”


Don’t forget to read these Blogaliciou 8 recaps, too!

If you’ll be joining us for the first time in Miami next year, read Toiia’s 10 things to do before attending my first blogging conference or Canesha’s write-up on her first (and definitely not her last) Blogalicious conference.

Sponsored content is a huge money maker for all of us. If you want to learn how to secure sponsored content for a blogger’s conference, take heed to Kiwi’s advice here.

LeAnne Fairweather, one of our conference Social Media Ambassadors, really drove home what our theme Content Is Life meant. Check out her 3 quotes to prove that in this blog post.

Stacey Taylor enjoyed a wine tasting with our speakers the McBride Sisters. See which wine is her favorite in Tasting Wine With The McBride Sisters.

Young entrepreneurs Elyssa Fernandez and Elisha Fernandez hosted a talk on how to be authentic in your content. In case you missed the sisters powerful presentation, watch it here.

Finally, Neosha Gee of CreateHER Stock, and one of our conference Social Media Ambassadors, we have a beautiful concluding recap of the entire weekend that’s sure to give you the feels. Catch her 2016 Blogalicious Conference Atlanta Recap right here. Don’t forget to also read The Blogalicious Weekend Toolkit, which is filled with free resources, tips, and great photos.

Want your recap included? Email and enter Add Me to Recap in the subject line. Thanks!

5 Lessons Dove Taught Us About Self-Care at #Blogalicious8

Dove being a premium conference sponsor was one of the best things we could’ve asked for. Our community enjoyed having them — and their amazing products — onsite, and wasted no time revealing that on social media. The #SpeakBeautiful hashtag twists and turns between photos, live videos, and blog posts from our beloved bloggers and influencers. We took some time to reflect on the impact Dove made at #Blogalicious8 and wanted to share 5 things we learned from the beauty company.

5 lessons we learned through Dove



Women are powerful

Dove’s Speak Beautiful campaign resonated because it’s one that empowers women and girls to love themselves and uplift one another when the world chooses not to. Reading so many beautiful blog posts, and hearing friends like Luvvie and Marie Leggette share their stories, proved how important it is for women to be confident in their power.


Our power starts with self-care

Luvvie spoke beautifully when she told our audience that, “you are enough when you wake up in the morning.” That version of yourself that you hide from others or leave at home every morning is more than enough and holds value. Before we can properly start our journeys to daily self-care, it;s important that we love who we are sans masks for work, society, family, and friends. Marie shared sage advice to get there and that is to “write beautiful words about yourself on the mirror.”


Learn what you need

In Dove’s Hospitality Suite, attendees basked in a friendly atmosphere were makeovers, massages, and desserts were in heavy rotation. It was obvious that when women walked out of the Suite, they felt better about themselves because they’d devoted at least 20 minutes to personal care. We noticed that some women walked out with a #BeatFace thanks to Atlanta makeup artist Ashley Greene, while others walked lighter because they’d gotten an amazing foot or back rub. Seeing our attendees choose how they wanted to take care of themselves in thar moment drove home the importance of learning what you need when you need it, and making sure you receive it by any means necessary.


It’s okay to feel special and beautiful

The community roared after Dove’s surprise room drops. Everyone received beautiful backpacks filled with full-sized products for the whole body. We felt the love traversing through the hotel’s hallways, and honestly, it was a great feeling. That small act of kindness reminded us that it is okay to feel special and that we don’t always have to do anything extraordinary to feel that way.


Life really is a party!

Thanks to Dove, we ended a long-weekend conference to an amazing all-white rooftop Day Party! At every turn, we found laughter, dancing, photo ops, long hugs, and fantastic drinks about the deck. Many of us are conditioned to celebrate only when we’ve accomplished something. And if we fail, there’s no cake or ice cream or balloons to make us feel better. Instead, we deprive ourselves of feeling good until said accomplishment is achieved. Dove’s Day Party was a catalyst in teaching us that you don’t always have to earn something to party. Taking a break in the middle of the day to just celebrate is what life really is about. And that is okay!

Closing out Blogalicious Weekend on a high note. Thanks @Dove! #SpeakBeautiful #Blogalicious8 #ContentIsLife

A video posted by beblogalicious (@beblogalicious) on


What did Dove teach you about self-care?

#Blogalicious8 Social Media Buzz Roundup!
Announcing our #PerfectPitch IV Finalists!

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth: each year the competition gets tougher! This year, 17 business-minded and daring individuals entered submissions to the Perfect Pitch IV contest. Let us begin by saying CONGRATULATIONS to all 17 contestants, because we know that submitting required a lot of courage, preparation and energy. After tallying the scores from our illustrious panel of judges, we are ecstatic to announce the following three finalists:



Chukwudum Chukwudebelu, CHUMZ

In the fall semester of 2014, I had a couple of textbooks that I tried to sell to the bookstores, but they were offering me next to nothing in return—$10 or $20 back for books I bought for about $150 and so on. Feeling discouraged, I decided to try to sell them online as an alternative and a found a website that bought them back for $50 and up per book (still only 1/3 of what I had spent). I then started to wonder: if the bookstores are going to continue to drive prices upwards whilst keeping buy-back percentages low, why can’t we recycle the textbooks and resell them to other college students who would buy at a less expensive and negotiated prices? I immediately contacted Kareem Garriga, our technical writer, about this bare-bones idea and together, we conceived the implementation of a software platform where college students could buy,sell,swap, and rent their textbooks.

Instagram: @ichumzit | Twitter: @ichumzit




Kalilah Wright, Mess In A Bottle




Instagram: @messinabottle | Twitter: @_messinabottle




Victoria Coker, ColoredContent

ColoredContent is the premier source for quality Black web series. The platform was created to amplify the voices of Black media makers by showcasing narratives from a variety of genres, including: comedy, romance, and action. We believe that by creating a place for Black people to share their stories the community will be empowered. is a subsidiary of the CLRED Media, Inc.

Instagram: @coloredcontent | Twitter: @coloredcontent

Make sure to follow each one of these rising stars, congratulate them and get your seat front and center to see them pitch live next week on Saturday, November 5th @ 10am at Blogalicious Weekend 2016!

6 Bloggers Share Why They’re Excited About #Blogalicious8


We’ve used the word ‘excited’ so many times to describe our feelings toward #Blogalicious8 that its become cliched at this point. We’ve shared the shimmy on all our sponsors, upcoming sessions, day parties, and so much more. Instead of rehashing what’s already been said, we chose to rely on our community to learn firsthand why their excitement persists. See why 6 bloggers can’t wait to pull up to #Blogalicious8 in Atlanta, Georgia in 2 days.


6 Bloggers Share Why They’re Excited About #Blogalicious8

profile-pic“Blogalicious is the very FIRST blogging conference that I ever attended back in 2013.  At that time I was new to professional blogging.  It was at that conference that I got my very first paid opportunity and it has been uphill ever since. Now I have my own brand! I haven’t missed a Blogalicious conference since that day. Each experience that I have had at these conferences has been positive and uplifting. There is tremendous sisterhood and fellowship and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  I cannot wait to connect (and reconnect) with likeminded people.”

Stacey Taylor

Professional blogger and Social Media consultant





“I’m excited because this is the first conference where I feel like I’ve found my true voice. I’m comfortable being me now, and I know the information I receive at Blogalicious will enhance my skills versus define my skills. When you’re new to the blog world, you can let too much information stifle your true self. I feel like now the sky is truly the limit to what I can learn at Blogalicious because I finally realized the only person I’m competing with is “me.”

“I’m ready to collaborate and learn from some amazing voices. Let’s all win together. Plus, I’m part of the Social Squad, so I can’t wait to serve and help my fellow “Blogging Queens & Kings”.

Pamela Davis





“After attending Stacey Ferguson’s Rock Star Retreat there was no other choice for me but to make sure I did not miss #Blogalicious8! I thought that transitioning from traditional media to #newmedia would either dilute and devalue my brand or that the blog world didn’t have a place for me. That it wasn’t the kind of exposure I was looking for, what do they know that I don’t know? And now I just can’t enough of the opportunities for growth and the new ways to connect and identify with my audience. Since the launch of my new blog, the support from the Blogalicious Community has been fabulous! Knowing that what I do and what I offer is valuable professionally, financially and emotionally. An entire industry, an entirely new audience to reach out to, share with, grow with and be inspired by.” 
Jorge Alvarado
@iamofficiallyjorge – Instagram
@jorgeisofficial – Twitter

“I am beyond thrilled and blessed beyond measure that I am registered for #Blogalicious8. I claimed this awesome conference last year after three years of blogging, praying for a breakthrough, and standing firmly and boldly on my faith.
The blessing of #Blogalicious8 is that the amazing team brought this spectacular opportunity back to Atlanta. As a wife, mother, blogger, and mompreneur I have to schedule my time wisely, and when I  make a commitment to anything in my life it is a family effort, so Atlanta fit perfectly since I am a recent  transplant to the Peach State from Michigan. Last but never least, this is my absolute first blogging conference! I am humbled, honored, and ready to take my blog to the next level, meet like-minded smart people, network and collaborate with new kindred spirits and just have a blast at #Blogalicious8!”
Toiia L. Rukuni MA
Pinterest Marketing Strategy Coach
Mommy Lifestyle Blogger

quianaagbaipic“Blogalicious 2016 will be my 5th time attending and 2nd time speaking. It was the 2nd blogging conference I ever attended, and I was instantly hooked because it felt like family. To see so many of my favorite bloggers in one place while being in a top-notch learning environment has made it a MUST-attend event for me annually. My family has even got in on it! My husband attended my first Blogalicious with me in Las Vegas in 2012, we made a family trip out of it when it was in San Antonio in 2014 when I first spoke and next week in Atlanta my 2-year-old son will be joining me. I attend a lot of conferences but when bloggers ask me if they can only attend one which it should be it’s an easy answer: Blogalicious!” 

Quiana Agbai





leanne-fairweather“My first year attending Blogalicious in 2013 I was a newbie to networking. After participating in the workshops and sessions I gained the confidence to introduce myself, talk about my platform, and learn how to market my brand. Using social media helps me express my interests and stay connected with industry tastemakers. Online is where I can communicate with thought leaders, share my own voice, and create the best version of me. Thanks Blogalicious for recognizing my accomplishments in the digital landscape.”

LeAnne Fairweather







We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. #Blogalicious8 is the conference to attend this year and we truly hope to see you there!

Register for Blogalicious Weekend While We Still Have Tickets!

Blogalicious8 Sponsored Blogger Policy 2016

It’s very important to us that the Blogalicious Weekend conferences remain as accessible as possible to the bloggers that want to attend.  For this reason, we make it a priority to keep the registration costs as low as possible, the hotel room rates as reasonable as possible, and to offer important extras – like assisting attendees with finding a roommate and discussing the cheapest ways to travel from airport to hotel.

Still, we recognize that some bloggers may want or need to have their Blogalicious Weekend registration and trip expenses sponsored by a company that they have a working relationship with.  That’s a-ok with us and we are more than happy to know that brands are recognizing our importance as ambassadors for their products and services.  That said, we have to make sure that the Official Blogalicious Weekend Sponsors are not overshadowed by the companies sponsoring individual bloggers (“unofficial sponsors”).  To make sure that everyone is happy and that our Official Sponsors get their due, we have put together these guidelines for bloggers seeking individual sponsorship to Blogalicious8:

Ø     You may not represent yourself as an official representative of Blogalicious in order to secure individual sponsorship to the conference.

Ø     No swag, gifts or materials from unofficial sponsors may be distributed or posted within the conference space, directly or indirectly.

Ø     You may not use the Blogalicious room block to secure a room to host a private event for your sponsor.

Ø     Your sponsorship must not interfere with the Official Conference Agenda.

Ø     If you are working with a company that is interested in becoming an Official Blogalicious Weekend Sponsor, please have them contact us at: We’d love to have them!

Questions? Email us at:

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