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#WeeklyRoundUp — Retreats, Recaps & Reshares!

From recaps to retreats to heartfelt content, amazing things are happening in our community every day! Today’s round up reveals what caught our eye, and hopefully, it inspires you, too. Here’s this week’s Weekly Round Up.


Rockstar Beach Retreat by Stacey Ferguson


Replenish and rejuvenate on a sandy white beach with Stacey Ferguson! During the weekend of August 11-14, Stacey will show 10 passionate entrepreneurs how to “reignite your creativity and refuel your engines”. The setting will be relaxed, intimate and allow for direct access and connection to Stacey, who’s an expert business and strategy coach. Couldn’t you use a getaway and serious reboot in sunny St. Pete, Florida? Yes!

The deadline for deposits is tomorrow, 6/30/16! For only $997, you’ll receive: Poolside Cocktail reception, Breakfast and Lunch Friday + Saturday, Strategy Coaching Sessions, Dinner on Saturday + special surprises.

We’re proud of you, Stacey! Get more information here.


An Awesome Recap from Her Agenda

Founder and CEO Rhonesha Byng is doing wonders with her digital brand, Her Agenda. Their goal is to bridge the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women.

In a flash back post on Facebook, Rhonesha shared an epic December panel called #HerAgendaLive that was too inspiring not to share. The panel consisted of Meagan Hooper, Founder and CEO of; Victoria Taylor, Director of Digital Community, We Work; Soledad O’Brien, CEO of Starfish Media Group; and Vanessa DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief of Essence magazine. Rhonesha moderated what was an exciting and thought-provoking event.

Millennials filled the room as these boss women talked about how they handle failure, overcoming inevitable fears and what it really means to be ambitious. The next #HerAgendaLive will take place in NYC in August. Take some time to feel this one, first.


#ReShare: Social Threads or Bust

5-18-16 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up


Supporting our community is paramount. That’s why we implemented Social Thread Fridays through the Blogalicious Social Suite to share and celebrate our collective wins. Each week, we give our family the chance to share their latest blog post, tweet, pin, business opportunity and anything else that needs engagement and/or feedback. Here’s are a few #reshares from the Suite last week:

Have I Ever Wanted to Give Up on Trying to Conceive? from Chasing Joy

Don’t Touch My Baby from Eyes in the Back Since 2001

5 Steps to Manifesting Anything from Diary of a Budding Hairstylist

I’m Not Happy About My Blog Relaunch from After the Altar Call

Don’t forget to share your best content with us on Fridays! You might be featured next.


Bonus: Product Spotlight — Get your That Blogger Hustle t-shirt from the bStore!

blogger-hustle-grey (1)

To be featured in our next #WeeklyRoundUp, email our content manager at: and put WRU Feature in the subject line.

Blog Tip: Listen to Your Inner Voice

This post isn’t informational or about the latest product, tool or blog tip. Instead, it’s purpose is to encourage anyone struggling with taking their brands and ideas to the next level. The solution to regaining your footing in any situation is to listen to your inner voice. Here’s what we mean.

Listening to your inner voice requires making adult decisions about what happens next in your life and business. We can attest to how difficult this can be when focus is lacking, and set on other’s moves and success. But there comes a time when you must assess where you are and see if your current track aligns with your goals.



Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I happy with the current results of my brand?

2. Is there anything else I could or should be doing to strengthen my skills and outcome?

3. Who can help me achieve these goals?

4. How did I fall off track in the first place?

5. Are there things that I no longer want to encounter while on this journey?

6. When was the last time I actually listened to myself — my desires, goals and needs?


Quick Ways to Listen to Your Inner Voice

Every morning, take 5 minutes to meditate, pray and/or think in solitude. Use one of your mornings to answer the above questions, while reminiscing on your reason(s) for starting this journey in the first place. Your initial mission might have changed over the past few months or few years — that’s absolutely fine! Your job is simply to acknowledge that change and reboot where necessary.

The benefits to listening to your inner voice are that you will compare yourself to your colleagues less and congratulate your own success more. You’ll begin (again) to appreciate small wins and proudly watch them stack into big ones. Without realizing it, your confidence will increase, thus allowing your true colors to shine through. Listen to your inner voice to get to the next step in your journey as an entrepreneur, blogger, brand builder, business owner, family (wo)man and so much more.



Team Blogalicious shares what listening to themselves has done for their businesses:

“‘If people are turned off by your brand name, those are probably not the people you want to work with anyway’ was my own advice I took when starting up. I’m glad I did because my name stands out, is easily recognizable and memorable and speaks to exactly what I offer. It’s my short elevator pitch!” — Terrance Gaines, Technology Advisor |  @Brotha Tech

“It’s worth it to do what you’re truly passionate about, not what makes the most money. When you’re passionate, the money will come. When you’re not, people will be able to tell.” — Cara Paige, Marketing Director | @CvrPaige @CaraPaigePR

“For the sake of your conscious and heart, do what feels right. Focus on what you’re good at, not your competition. Being honest with yourself will help you produce the best products for your audience, thus making your relationships authentic and real.” — Ariel Williams, Digital Content Manager | @ArielSaysNow

What do you hope to accomplish by listening to your inner voice?

5 Blog Tips From Stacey Ferguson

Last week I asked Team Blogalicious if there were any blog tips they wish they’d known before starting their blogs and ultimately, their digital brands. My well had run dry and I needed this information for our Blog Tips series. We’re busy putting the finishing touches on Blogalicious Weekend 2016 so I didn’t expect quick or too in depth responses from the team. I thought I’d eventually pull a tip or two from my arsenal of collected information, as I manage a few blogs anyway, and forge to the next week. Before I could pull anything, I received a Group Me text from Stacey, who’d excitedly shared precious gems she wished she’d known pre-blog life!

Coming from a place of love, wisdom and experience, Stacey’s advice is useful for both the new and seasoned blogger. Take a moment to and see which tip you can use this week.


5 blog tips to building a successful blog


1. “Your blog focus will evolve and change.”

She also adds that stressing about rebranding is unnecessary. It is bound to happen as your blog changes and grows. Instead of being overcome by fear, pat yourself on the back for getting that much close to your purpose.



2. “Ask for help.”

When it comes to managing your blog, can you name a few things you’d rather delegate to someone else? It could be help designing your theme, editing posts, SEO, graphics, or scheduling. Whatever your reasons for needing help, don’t be afraid to ask for it! You’d be surprised by how often others are willing to pitch in and reduce your work load.


3. “Invest in your blog design!”

Stacey says, “You have to LOVE your blog design in order for you to be proud and excited enough to share it far and wide. Invest in that!” Enough said.


4. “Don’t neglect your blog.”

You’ve worked so hard to get your blog to where it is. Regardless of those inevitable blog lows, you’ve got to keep pushing. This is your piece of the Internet — your brand, your voice and your all. Treating it as such might mean that you should implore one of the above tips.



5. “Networking and conferences are critical to success!”

New Stability shared 3 reasons why it’s important to attend conferences and events — demonstrate value, keep up appearances and inspiration. Here’s a good tidbit from their post:

“By holding talks with people that are perhaps more informed, you can stay one step ahead of the curve. If you have a particularly strong relationship with someone, you might just be the first (or even only) person to get your hands on this info. You know what that means? A head start on the competition.”



Simply put: We agree! Meet us in Atlanta for Blogalicious Weekend in November to learn this one for yourself! Which blog tip resonated with you the most?

Ariel C. Williams is the Digital Content Manager at Blogalicious. Email her at:

#WeeklyRoundUp — Speak & Be Self Made
#WeeklyRoundUp -- Speak & Be Self Made

With conference season being on our heels, now is the perfect time to prepare for securing speaking engagements. We’ve found the perfect person to teach any willing and aspiring speaker how to “create an irresistible pitch to speak at conferences!” We’re also introducing the latest and greatest read, Self Made, and replaying our Facebook blab. This is our Weekly Round Up!

Pitch & Speak at Conferences


Amber Wright has branded herself at the go-to for all things speaking and for great reason! For the past several years, she’s dedicated herself to helping stuck, but aspiring professionals speak at large events from the heart. Last month, Wright hosted (a sold out) webinar for those individuals who left remarkable reviews. Stacey Ferguson even chimed in on how amazing Professor Wright is!

For those of you who missed last month’s Irresistible Pitch Training, now is the time to sign up for Wright’s next class, which will be held on June 14, 2016 on the interwebs. Candidates can sign up here for this complimentary class. Directly from the course website, here’s what you’ll learn:

You’ll learn:

  • Why you should start speaking at conferences
  • What to do before you send the session pitch
  • Specific details on what to include in the session pitch
  • What to do after you’ve sent your submission
  • How to get invited back after you’ve presented!

Congratulations, Amber! We’re excited for your next class.


Nely Galan’s Self Made Book is in Stores!

unnamed (1)

“Being self-made means you’re in the driver’s seat of your life. It means you control your financial destiny. It means you work because you want to, and not because you have to. It means you see the world through the lens of your goals, instead of being deluded by the temporary lure of instant gratifications. It means you embrace sacrifice, you choose yourself, and you become your own Prince Charming. But above all, being self-made means you are self-reliant, empowered and rich in every way, because instead of following your bliss–you create it.”

Nely Galan’s Self Made, now in stores, provides a safe and motivational space for women unashamed of being the boss of their own life. Whether that ownership comes in the boardroom, in love and relationships, motherhood or elsewhere, this book empowers women to feel at their best while living the lives their desire and deserve. Women are constantly told to choose, but leaders like Galan remind us that with a strong and positive mindset and standards, we don’t have to. In fact, we can choose to have our versions of “all”.

In addition to this fantastic read, Self Made  promotes a new website, app and powerful movement of women like you sharing their stores. Learn more about the book here.


#Blab — Facebook Verified Pages: To Verify or Not to Verify

Did you miss our Blab about the dreaded Verified Pages on Facebook? No worries! Our bLink manager Pamela Swear-King provided us with her exceptional interview to share with the community. Now our question for you is: Will you verify your Facebook page? Why or why not?

Reminder: Enter our #WhosThatGirlB8 contest for a chance to win a FREE 2-night stay at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Buckhead during #Blogalicious8! Here are the details of the contest. Hurry — contestants are vying for this win!



To be featured in our next #WeeklyRoundUp, email our content manager at: and put WRU Feature in the subject line.

Speak & Be Self Made | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Plan Your Summer (Vacation)
Blog Tip- Plan Your Summer (Vacation)

We’ve been praying for summer to touch down and now that it’s here, major adjustments must be made. Surely, there’s a chance that many of those adjustments have yet to be planned or are even dreaded to think about. Who’s going to watch the kids? Should I finally hire that much needed assistant? How can we afford the bills and summer vacation? What more should I be doing in my business? Seriously, who’s going to watch the kids?

In spite of the hiking costs associated with all of these questions, planning a summer vacation is still very critical. The truth is, you (and your family) need a break from all that’s happened since last summer. Having an entrepreneurial mindset often restricts us from slowing down and taking adequate breaks. There’s always something new to learn or implement or teach or sell or…the list goes on. But the greatest asset you have is you and if you aren’t appropriately “breaked” how can anything else make sense?

Here are summer planning tips for work, home and personal lifestyle.

Plan Your Summer for Work

1. Hire an intern. We’ve talked about the holy grail known as Facebook groups. Post an ad to let your colleagues know you’re hiring. Don’t discount, Linked In or Elance, either. The goal is to hire someone capable and willing to do those time consuming things that distract you from creating more awesomeness. Or getting sleep.

2. Schedule your content. These three words are almost cliched at this point, but there is power in scheduling your content. Whether you use Buffer, Hootsuite or Co Schedule, scheduling your content in advance will save you loads of time in the long run. It’ll also ensure that your audience has valuable content to read while you’re vacationing. (Psst, your intern can do this for you, too!)

3. Adjust your work hours. This might be a great time to shorten or change the amount of hours you spend hustling. Parents know this life all too well. Instead of aimlessly working within the 9-5 mold, consider breaking up your day around other responsibilities. An example would be 6 am to 10 am and back on from 4 pm to 9 pm. Pivot and do what works best for you.


Plan Your Summer for Home/Life

1. Implement summer-only rules. (We can envision “the parentals” nodding their heads in agreement.) Give yourself a bit of grace during this break. For parents: School’s out so your routine will be altered for 3 months. Create temporary rules for your child(ren) to save everyone’s sanity, including mandatory nap or quiet time. For non parents: Think of ways to simplify your life at home that are most needed.

2. Schedule a bi-weekly or monthly distraction. You shouldn’t stop working altogether, but you can incorporate some fun into your schedule. Take a breath at the beach, pool or nail salon. Load up on Target’s dollar section. Binge watch Netflix or YouTube tutorials if you have to. Just carve out a moment so your brain can chill.

3. Include your friends. Do this for two reasons. 1) To further help get your summer planning together. They might be willing to take on some of your responsibilities for a short while. 2) To have a partner in fun and laughter during those hot, summer nights. Either way, it’s nice to have friends around as often as possible.

What are your plans for the summer? How are your summer different from the rest of the year? Is it difficult to manage those 3 months of the year?


Fun Reading:

Why You Need to Take a Vacation (Even When You Can’t Afford One)

Here’s Why You Should Take a Break

Four Reasons Why You Should Take a Summer Vacation


Plan Your Summer (Vacation) | Be Blogalicious

#WeeklyRoundUp — Contest & Chats

Learn how our latest contest can win you two free nights at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Buckhead hotel in Atlanta during Blogalicious Weekend this year. Plus, get the skinny on upcoming chats and summits we’ve heard about in the busy blogosphere. This roundup is composed of contests, new book releases, Twitter chats, Instagram training and more. Get into it!

6-1-16 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

New Book: Butterfly Transition by Diana Ramsey


We love to see our community members shine! Diana Ramsey, known as @SistersWithBeauty took the plunge and penned Butterfly Transition: Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning Your Hair While Growing Through Life’s Changes. On her website, she takes a few minutes to share her moment of transition — in womanhood, natural hair and more. Her story is truly moving and tonight, she’ll be joining a few more of our favorite bloggers for in inaugural Twitter party affectionately hashtagged as #ButterflyTransition.

Join Diana and guest hosts tonight at 8PM for a fun chat and the chance to win fabulous prizes. Learn more about her book, which will be released on June 3, here. Congrats, Diana!


Freebie: Instagram Success Summit

Amy Kilpatrick Mascott shared with us a potential gem for anyone in need of this help: a summit about being successful on Instagram! The online event is free and takes place June 7-10, 2016. Hosting the event is Liam Austin, strategic partnerships expert and founder of Small Today, an online community of 100,000+ small business owners.

After reviewing it’s website, we learned that this summit will teach us how to:

  • To plan and set up a content strategy
  • How to utilize Instagram to sell products
  • Best practice for Instagram advertising
  • How to capture compelling Instagram images
  • Learn how to maximize photo filters and editing tools
  • The best tips for recording eye-catching Instagram videos
  • Attract and maintain the right following for your business
  • How to convert Instagram followers into paying customers
  • How to use, track, measure and analyze your progress
  • Using hashtags to increase reach
  • Run successful contest with Instagram
  • Schedule posts and run multiple accounts

Dozens of industry thought leaders make up the summit’s speaker group, including Jamie Derringer, Stacia Pierce, Farokh Sarmad, Yolanda Keels-Walker, and Marco Hansell to name a few.

This summit sounds perfect for those wanting to boost the way they tell stories visually as well as build an engaging following. To register, click here. Will you be attending?


Who’s That Girl Contest

Who's THAT Girl


Want to win 2 free nights at the Grand Hyatt hotel during Blogalicious Weekend? Of course you do! With our latest contest, Who’s That Girl, you can do that by helping us name the mystery woman in our logo. That’s right — the most unique, off the wall, in your face suggestion will win this prize, making it easier to enjoy this year’s conference, where #ContentIsLife is our theme.

To enter, simply tweet us your suggestion @BeBlogalicious in this format: [NAME SUBMISSION] #WhosThatGirlB8. You have until 6/19/16 to tweet us an often as you please. Read our original contest post here. Think you can handle it?


To be featured in our next #WeeklyRoundUp, email our content manager at: and put WRU Feature in the subject line.


Contests and Chats | Be Blogalicious

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