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Who’s That Girl? Contest + Prize

A fabulous mystery woman has graced the Blogalicious logo for 7 years. Through our ups and downs, she’s grown with us and been a consistent ride or die chick. This year, we decided to put some respeck on her name, but the problem is: she doesn’t have one! This is where you we introduce you, our crafty digital family, to our “Who’s That Girl?” contest.

The “Who’s That Girl?” contest gives you the opportunity to suggest fun, over-the-top, unique names for our mystery woman. We want you to go all out and share the craziest names you can think of. The contest will run for 30 days, starting today, May 19 and will end on June 19. In exchange for your suggestion(s), we’re gifting one lucky winner with a complimentary two night hotel stay at the exclusive Grand Hyatt Buckhead during Blogalicious Weekend!

Sweet deal, right? Learn how you can enter the contest below.

Rules & How to Enter:

  • Each candidate must be registered for the conference before entering the “Who’s That Girl?” contest. This means you should have already purchased your conference ticket.
  • Each candidate can submit an infinite amount of fun names to us from 5/19 – 6/19.
  • Tweet your submissions to us at @BeBlogalicious and use the hashtag #WhosThatGirlB8 so we can find you. Here’s an example of what your tweet should look like: [NAME SUBMISSION] #WhosThatGirlB8. Submissions will not be counted if they’re not in the proper format.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable.
  • Hotel room name can be transferable as well.

Contest runs from 5/19 – 6/19.


So, what happens next? This!

  1. When the contest ends, Team Blogalicious will review all entries and select our top 10 favorites.
  2. Next, we’ll open up a week long poll so that YOU can choose the best name from our pickings.
  3. The name with the most votes will be announced via social media and newsletter as the winner of our Who’s That Girl contest, who’ll receive that awesome free two night hotel stay!

Word travels fast, but not without you. Share this post with your friends so they can join in, too! We want as many names as you have to offer. And not just any ordinary name, but the good stuff.

To get you in the mood of flexing those creative muscles, we’re leaving you with a the 2001 classic itself, by rapper E.V.E!


Who’s That Girl Contest | Be Blogalicious

#WeeklyRoundUp — Twitter Chat, News & So Much More
5-18-16 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

This week is all about Twitter. See what’s happening at their headquarters, what it means for you as a user, and how you can join our next chat.

Twitter Will Remove 140-Character Limit

Twitter has an average of 310 million monthly users. The social media platform is popular because it allows users to share quick messages and thoughts on the fly from devices of their choice. The downfall that many users have felt over the years is it’s 140 character limit, which is hardly enough to share a complete, sincere thought. The Twitter gods put their ears to the pavement and are now “giving users more freedom to compose longer messages.”

The social media company will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140-character limit for messages, according to a person familiar with the matter. The change could happen in the next two weeks, said the person who asked not to be named because the decision isn’t yet public. Links currently take up 23 characters, even after Twitter automatically shortens them. The company declined to comment.

There isn’t much more information about the change other than it’s coming soon. Read the concise report on Bloomberg.


Debra Lee, New to Twitter’s Board of Directors



In 2015, Laura Dunn asked BET chairwoman and CEO Debra Lee what advice she’d offer women who are seeking a leadership role. Her response was short, but impactful:

“Women seeking leadership roles should take some risks. People often say women are promoted on accomplishments and men are promoted on potential. We need to start fighting to be promoted on potential. Tell yourself, I haven’t done this job yet, but I’m smart and I can learn it. Be self-confident about that.”

Since then, Ms. Lee has been named as Twitter’s newest member on their board of directors. To put it plainly, Black Girl Magic will be sprinkled throughout Silicon Valley as she is the first black woman on the board! We couldn’t be more excited for Ms. Lee and Twitter as they ride off into the sunset together.

Lee has been one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment, and the first African-American female executive to get a Vanguard Award from the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. On Monday, she tweeted what we all felt:


We’ll be closely following this relationship!


Join Our Twitter Chat With Dreamer’s Academy


What are you doing tonight at 8:00 PM est? We hope to indulge with you on Twitter at the Dreamer’s Academy #DDADISNEY chat. We invited you to the chat here, but in case you missed it,

Join us next Wednesday, May 18th at 8pm ET for an info-packed Twitter chat about the life-changing Disney Dreamers Academy. Applications for the 2017 Class of Dreamers are now being accepted and we want that bright and motivated teenager in your life to apply! The Disney Dreamers Academy introducing its young people to inspiring professionals in an environment that encourages them to dream big.


Other than fun chats, two things we love are prizes and giving them away. There are 4 $200 Disney gift cards to be won to registered participants. VISIT THIS PAGE FOR COMPLETE RULES. Will we see you online?


To be featured in our next #WeeklyRoundUp, email our content manager at: and put WRU Feature in the subject line.


Dream Big w. @DisneyDreamers Academy! Join the #ddaDisney Twitter Chat 5/18 @ 8pm ET

Join us next Wednesday, May 18th at 8pm ET for an info-packed Twitter chat about the life-changing Disney Dreamers Academy. Applications for the 2017 Class of Dreamers are now being accepted and we want that bright and motivated teenager in your life to apply! The Disney Dreamers Academy introducing its young people to inspiring professionals in an environment that encourages them to dream big.

dreamers-academy-logoLearn more about the Disney Dreamers Academy and
apply for the Class of 2017 HERE.


Here’s the Scoop:

When: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 @ 8pm ET

Where: On Twitter! Follow @beblogalicious, @socamomdc, @frugalflirtyfab and follow the conversation using #ddaDisney

Prizes: Four (4) $200 Disney gift cards (woot!!) to registered participants. [Giveaway open to U.S. Residents Age 18 and older. Visit THIS PAGE for complete rules.]




#WeeklyRoundUp — Events, Inspiration & GMail

Events, Inspiration and…Gmail? See what we’ve learned this week and how it could impact you, both mentally, spiritually and professionally. Here’s your Weekly Round Up!


Atlanta Event: INHMD Hosted by Pamela J. Booker

Events, Inspiration & GMail beblogalicious

Our friend and CEO of Koils by Nature, Pamela J. Booker, is hosting this year’s International Natural Hair Meetup Day. The event, which is said to teach “valuable hair, beauty and business education, with some of the top entrepreneurs in Atlanta,” will be held on May 21, 2016 from 12-5 PM.

What is INHMD?

“The International Natural Hair Meetup Day is an annual one-day event. Its purpose is to allow the opportunity for women across the country to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and meeting (virtually) other women across the country participating in meetups on the same day. Natural hair meetups are events designed to share information, techniques, inspiration and products to aid individuals in their natural hair journey.”

Attendees can meet other naturalistas in the area while learning how to plan and execute their own natural hair meetup. Connect with their favorite natural hair companies, bloggers and YouTube vloggers. Find new ways to care for their hair from people who know it best.

Tickets range from $21-42. Register for the event here. Congrats Pamela!


From $4.35 an hour to CEO of J.C. Penney, Meet Marvin Ellison

Marvin R. Ellison

Twitter @MarvinJCPenney.

If not for anything else, we’re sharing this story because it is inspiring. Tennessee born and raised Marvin Ellison worked as a part-time security officer at Target during college to supplement his student lifestyle. He made only $4.35 an hour, a wage probably not livable for the times and certainly not today.

This Fortune article says that, “That gig turned into 15 years at the retailer, as he climbed the ranks in theft prevention. Those early jobs gave Ellison a close-up view of how retail works at the store level, everything from the cadence of markdowns to the science behind keeping shelves stocked. But the jobs also taught him something that would shape his management style: Too many managers don’t listen to the troops on the frontlines, the workers in stores. Ellison had tons of ideas but didn’t share them with managers, he says, because they wouldn’t ask.”

As we’re on the trek to building powerful teams and tribes, it’s important that we keep in mind the ideas and concerns of our people. Are you listening to your team?

The article is quite lengthy as it delves into existing problems the giant retailer has (and how Ellison will reinvest the brand to fix them.) Most notably, this question highlights their biggest problem area:  If you wanted to buy a pair of men’s shoes at a department store, would you look for them next to (a) Men’s Clothing, or (b) Women’s Footwear?

“He [Ellison] ran a test to see whether men’s shoes would sell faster when showcased next to, say, men’s suits; once the data showed that they did, he instituted that change last summer across the company’s 1,000-plus stores. Since entrusting guys to buy their own brogues and boots, Penney has seen double-digit sales gains in footwear. “That reset has been one of the smartest things we’ve done,” says Ellison.”

We often say “the struggle is real” and truthfully, it is. It is so easy to compare our third chapter to someone’s 20th. If you’re on the come up, delight in the beauty that is your struggle and be inspired by stories like these. You’re building a promising business with the potential to one day land you in Forbes, too. Keep going!

Read the full article here.


Was Your GMail Hacked? Gasp!

Our Lead-in-Tech Terrance Gaines (@BrothaTech) broke the news to us that 272 million (yes, million) email passwords and addresses were super hacked and some of them from Gmail. In short, and to be safe, change your passwords (again). Here’s an entire article dedicated to the complexities of the hack and everything else you need to know.


To be featured in our next #WeeklyRoundUp, email our content manager at: and put WRU Feature in the subject line.

Events, Inspiration & Gmail | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Actually Start A Blog
Blog Tip- Start A Blog


This weekly series is dedicated to helping bloggers become better bloggers. We do our best to share actionable tips, tools and resources that can improve your blogs and user experience. None of them can work without an actual blog, though, and a random, visual survey of a few online groups revealed many of you don’t have one. Let’s fix that this week!

Google is a great resource on learning how to start a blog. We searched it for you and concluded that The Blog Starter has one of the best (free) guides on starting your blog with their 2016 Guide, which is broken down into 7 parts. We’ll share the first three steps below.


Step 1: Get Started/Pick a Domain

Step 2: Set Up Your Blog.

(The Blog Starter recommends using Blue Host as your hosting service. Many bloggers have success with Blue Host while many do not. We recommend carefully reading this guide before making a final decision on a hosting service. Use Google to read up on alternative hosting services like DreamGator, SiteGround, or Liquid Web Hosting. Who Is Hosting This and PC Mag compare some of the top/most used hosting services so you can easily read their pros and cons.)

Step 3: How to Use Your Blog. Read the entire guide on starting a new blog here.


Some of our most relative Blog Tips posts are:

Start your blogs this week and share them with us on social media and here in the comments. We would love to support you.


Start a Blog | Be Blogalicious

#WeeklyRoundUp — Learn to Blog Like A Business

This week, be inspired to run your blog like a six-figure business. We’re inspired by women bloggers who are doing it and in one post, are sharing their tips and hacks with you. Plus, we’ve got the latest on Facebook’s content rules. We hope you learn something!


5-4-16 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up


Learn: Building A Six-Figure Blog

Tamara Floyd sat down with Julian King of Bold and Fearless to talk about how she built a six-figure brand as a natural hair blogger. If you do nothing else today, make sure you read the interview. Tamara is very candid about her journey (the ups and downs) and inspires any blogger with a dream. Like many of us (or our friends), she’s a devoted wife, mom (2 boys) and entrepreneur who battles fear, but in spite of it, consistently works the gears of her business. One of the most motivational quotes from her remarkable interview is this:

“Once you know how to make money as an entrepreneur you’ll continue to always make money as an entrepreneur.”

Tamara’s journey is a true testament to what having faith and a relationship with God can do for your life and business. Read the full interview here. Share your favorite part with us in the comments.


Learn: The Importance of Managing Your Blog Like A Business

Did you catch Vashti Patrick-Joseph teaching us how to manage our blogs like a business? Don’t fret! We have a replay of it here:

Vashti’s blog strategy is, as the kids say, on point! For more inspiration about what’s possible, visit her lifestyle blog at


Learn: Facebook Branded Content & Your Blog

By now you’ve heard: Facebook is cracking down on what we share on our fan pages. Nuances like your blue check approval being based on your page’s category or whether or not sponsored posts are allowed have influencers rightfully pulling at straws. The information is confusing, but it’s something we all must understand to avoid issues in the future.

The Motherhood shared a very insightful article about the Facebook branded content tool and what it means for your page and essentially, how you distribute your blog’s content. Here are a few important notes:

“Influencers, bloggers and content creators are permitted to share content on behalf of a brand as long as they have a relationship with them. If a blogger shares a link to a sponsored blog post on his or her own website, that is not considered branded content, even if that blog post is sponsored or contains affiliate links – because the page is sharing content that they own. FTC guidelines still apply here, however, and disclosure notices should be used.

“What is not permitted by Facebook is sharing affiliate links or asking people to buy directly in a Facebook post. In those cases, the influencer is required to be blue verified and use the Facebook branded content tool.”


Best practices for sponsored content on Facebook moving forward:

– Always tag the brand and agency in the sponsored post.

– Disclose that the post is sponsored by a brand by using “ad” or “sponsored” in the post.

– If a post is flagged as not complying with the new branded content policies, Facebook will not penalize the page or delete the post; however, they will give you a warning that the post violated their guidelines.

– The blue verification and Branded Content Tool will likely take a while to become applicable to bloggers.

If you are a brand or company reaching out to influencers to share branded content on their Facebook pages, we highly suggest consulting a marketing agency that has knowledge on the subject and is up-to-date on all policies. You can contact The Motherhood with inquiries at

Please read the full article at The Motherhood here.


Learn to Blog Like A Business | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Be Like Beyoncé

Last week we shared 4 business tips we picked up from obsessing over watching Beyoncé’s Lemonade, an ode to the Black woman’s experience in life and love here on earth. It was good. But today when we say “be like Beyoncé”, we don’t mean put blonde, waist length cornrows in your hair or become a card-holding member of the BeyHive. Instead we’d hope that you’re inspired by the singer’s intuition, creativity and sheer guts revealing her authentic and artistic self on her platform, all things your brand needs to reach the next level.



be like beyonce


The common conversation among blogging communities is one about authenticity and using it to reach the right audience for your brand. In the past, our tips on being your authentic self were to be vulnerable, be honest, be intentional and be real. If you enjoyed Lemonade, it is probably because of Beyoncé’s ability to reveal either (or all) of those traits.

Be like Beyoncé and open yourself up to your people. If you’re having trouble thinking of ways to do this, ask your audience what they’d like to know about you and how they want to consume the information. Entrepreneur and blogger extraordinare Vashti Patrick-Joseph is challenging members of her free blogging group, Rock YOUR Brand Society, to record themselves every day this week. Now a prominent vlogger with more than 20K YouTube subscribers and 1 million+ views, Vashti recalls how terrifying it was to record her first video.

“I was petrified, nervous & AWKWARD………. when I posted my first YouTube video. My lighting was bad, my editing skills was pretty much non-existent and I had so much to learn. Five years, close to 200 videos, 20K+ subscribers and over 1.5 million views later, I am SO happy I made the decision to jump into making video.”

This video challenge helps authenticity seekers move past being afraid of the camera or not having anything to talk about while on camera. The challenge starts today and is open to anyone on the path to being like Beyoncé. Sign up here for personal tips from Vashti.

How will you be like Beyoncé today?


Be Like Beyoncé | Be Blogalicious

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