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Blog Tip: Recap What You Learned

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you turn, there’s a conference, workshop, webinar or course that you have to take in order to reach the coveted next level? It’s true! We’re in the thick of it and quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. By all means, it is important that you invest in yourself and your business when you should. History has proven this to be beneficial multiple times over. All we’re saying is: take a step back and recap what you learned thus far before your next must have purchase. We’d bet that you know “enough” right now to achieve a handful of goals.


Recap What You Learned

In the spirit of yesteryear, here’s a recap of our last four Blog Tips, in which the theme was Love Your Social Media. Enjoy a snippet of each tip:

5 Ways to Promote Your Social Media

1. Include trending hashtags

2. Tag people

3. Interact by liking and commenting

4. Make sure to include a location

5. Promote your account as much as you


Instagram Your Way to Success

Instagram Tip #3: Share Good Content Consistently

One thing that has more advantages than a well put together feed is one with good, useful content. Your strategy should include posting resourceful content that reveals your brand’s personality. You should also take time to ensure that your content is authentic, as this will resonate with your followers, too.

Instagram Tip #5: Cross Promote Your Platforms

Every platform may not work for your brand. However, if you want to increase your Instagram profile, consider asking your followers on Facebook, Twitter or your blog to follow you there. Sweeten the pot with a welcoming giveaway or contest, as this may help you convert existing followers and create new ones.

Read the other 3 tips here.


Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

  • DO: Learn the best times to share content with your audience. Some people find better success when posting at night, while other succeed at lunch time or in the morning. Pay attention to when your followers engage with you. Make a list of your “buzz times” and create a posting schedule and strategy dedicated to those times.

  • Don’t use multiple hashtags at once. Not only is this distracting and unattractive, it will also make it difficult for you to track which hashtags actually work and which ones don’t. We’ve used hashtags in the past that’ve led to new followers while others led no where. Decide on 3-5 for starters and gauge it from there.

Find more hacks here.


4 Ways to Be Your Authentic Self

1. Be vulnerable

2. Be honest

3. Be intentional

4. Be real

Get an  in-depth dose here.


What have you learned in the past few weeks that would better serve you today?


Recap What You Learned | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Be Your Authentic Self

Several weeks ago, Stacey took a poll, if you will, in our private Facebook group. She asked the community what they truly wanted to learn in order to become better blogpreneurs and influencers. The overwhelming response was branding and authenticity. People wanted to know the ins and outs of painting a seamless digital piece that integrated smart branding and their authentic selves.

Within a matter of minutes, bloggers, entrepreneurs and social influencers alike had agreed on one problem area, leaving us wanting to offer solutions. That’s why today’s Blog Tip is a dedicated to ways to help you write in your voice and be your authentic self. By default, many would say that your brand and audience reserve the right for you to do this. But we know how important it is for you to be authentically you for yourself!


Blog Tip: Be Your Authentic Self


4 Tips on Being (& Branding) Your Authentic Self

  • Be vulnerable. What we most fear is usually what connects us with others on a deeper level. There’s nothing wrong with being vocal about what scares, excites and exhausts you. It’s great for personal branding because it shows that you’re a human with flaws who makes real mistakes like everyone else. When people see themselves in you, it resonates in a way that brings them back to you wanting more.
  • Be honest. Creating honest content, whether intentional or off the cusp, creates trust. It is important that you keep this in mind when doing product reviews, selling products, offering your opinion, etc. Put yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes and provide an experience you’d want to have.
  • Be intentional. Establishing an authentic brand shouldn’t equal sloppyness! Emotional Nudist and PeriCON Live Conference founder Jai Stone has set a pretty high bar when it comes to intentional, authentic branding. We love how she integrates the two and based on your audience’s response, it works well!
  • Be real. What we mean here is be who you are in real life online. There’s nothing worse than falling for someone online only to meet them at a conference or event to learn that they’re completely different. If it feels difficult to align the two — you in real life versus you online — take a step back and rethink how you want to be received in either space. Think of how you redirect any bad habits that might be causing you to (re)act differently than you feel in your heart.


More authentic self material:

Rethink ‘Brand You’: Find Your Authentic Self — Forbes

Be True to Your Voice

Be Patient With Yourself


Be Your Authentic Self | Be Blogalicious

#WeeklyRoundUp — Social Media, Technology, Conferences

Technology, social media & conferences are what we’re talking about in this week’s round up. Learn what’s happening and how you can be down; a quick, but important piece of information about backing up your computers; and the real deal on what it’s like to be a Blogalicious conference volunteer in our Social Squad!


PeriCON Small Biz Conference


Jai Stone rounded up an amazing bunch of experts and master coaches to bring forth PeriCON, a premier small business conference designed to deliver cutting edge strategies in technology, entrepreneurship and social media.

“This two-day event is designed to train and educate progressive business owners, thought leaders and innovators on the current and future business trends designed to position them for optimal success.”

Some of the speakers include Jack A. Daniels, Kelli Fisher, Thomas Blackwell, Mario Armstrong, Charli Penn and many more. The conference will take place in Atlanta on 4/21/16-4/22/16 at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. For more information about this promising event, visit PeriCON Live.


Computer Backup Services by Brotha Tech


Terrance Gaines, a.k.a. Brotha Tech relaunched his website where tech education and services reign! In his latest post, he talks about the daunting task of backing up our computers, only it’s not as bad as it seems. People typically avoid backing up their computers because “they think it’s too costly, or too complicated or think they’re invincible.” But with Brotha Tech’s BackBlaze experience, we learned that computer backup isn’t expensive or difficult to set up.

Do you have a backup of your computer? If not, visit Brotha Tech and learn how you can get one for $5/month with all the support you’ll need from the tech genius himself.


10 Commandments of the Social Squad


Miss Pretty as a Peacock used her 2013 Social Squad experience to form 10 commandments for aspiring members. This information is still useful and relevant to what its like being a member of the Blogalicious Social Squad. Last week, we put out our call for 2016 conference volunteers and encourage you to read MPAAP’s advice. In case you missed the announcement and volunteer application, which will grant you a free conference ticket if you’re chosen, go here.


Social Media, Technology, Conferences | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Social Media Do’s & Dont’s

Social media is one of the most fun ways to engage an audience. There are dozens of platforms to choose from and most are free to use. You literally have the capacity to connect with your people, wherever they are in the world, at your finger tips 24/7. This is exhilarating, but can be overwhelming, too. You might wonder, are there do’s and dont’s to using Instagram? Yes, there are and we’re sharing a few of them with you!


Blog Tip- Social Media Do's & Dont's



Social Media Tip: Instagram Do’s

  • Learn the best times to share content with your audience. Some people find better success when posting at night, while other succeed at lunch time or in the morning. Pay attention to when your followers engage with you. Make a list of your “buzz times” and create a posting schedule and strategy dedicated to those times.
  • Create bold and bright attention grabbing images. Bloggers today use Canva and Pic Monkey to do this. Pixlr, Gimp and Photoshop are favorites, too. Regardless of which imaging software is your jam, use one (or more) of them to make graphics that would catch someone’s eye. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think about what they’d like to see from you. (And if you can’t figure this out, simply ask them what they want. Those who are interested in you will tell you.)
  • Genuinely engage. Respond to comments in a timely manner. Be better than the person who responds with just emojis and put thought into that response! Also take the time to visit your followers’ pages, too. Let them know you’re present and care about what they’re doing. Leave comments, like pictures and invite others to follow them.


Social Media Tip: Instagram Don’ts

  • Don’t use multiple hashtags at once. Not only is this distracting and unattractive, it will also make it difficult for you to track which hashtags actually work and which ones don’t. We’ve used hashtags in the past that’ve led to new followers while others led no where. Decide on 3-5 for starters and gauge it from there.
  • Don’t forget to mention your blog or website URLs. Many of your social media followers might find you because of your photos or hashtags and not your blog. Mention your blog or website through dedicated graphics, quick videos, or by linking your latest blog post in the URL space of your profile. Social media is so much fun, but part of the reason we delve into it is to grow our brands and blogs; remember this.
  • Don’t over share. We know you’re excited about your latest campaign, newest product, fun review or are maybe wanting to show off your design skills. Please, be excited about it…just don’t inundate your followers with it! After all, they come on Instagram to see what’s happening, what’s beautiful and what resonates with them. Create digital content that does those things, but share them respectively as not to bombard or overwhelm them with your projects.
  • Don’t treat one platform like its another one. You can’t do to Instagram what you can do on Periscope! Instead of treating your social media-state like a one-size-fits-all hoodie, research trends for each platform you use. We surfed the web for you and found these:


Blog tip: Social Media Do’s & Dont’s | Be Blogalicious

Now Open :: #Blogalicious8 Call for Volunteers

#Blogalicious8 Weekend 2016 Call for Volunteers & Application


Each year a robust network of social media influencers and enthusiasts from all over the world gather to collaborate, connect and uplift one another, and this impressive gathering couldn’t happen without the help of an amazing group of volunteers.

Volunteering provides an opportunity for the novice blogger to the social media enthusiast to help #Blogalicious8 Weekend 2016 run smoothly for both presenters and participants — and to be an active Conference participant with a complimentary Conference Registration.

The 2016 Conference will be held from Thursday, November 3 to Saturday, November 5, 2016. Returning this year is the VIP Mastermind Day on Thursday, November 3rd to kickoff the conference with powerhouse content and conversations.

The policies below outline guidelines and procedures that will allow the #Blogalicious8 Weekend 2016 volunteer experience to be beneficial to both Blogalicious and its volunteers.

Recruitment & Eligibility

Volunteers for #Blogalicious8 Weekend 2016 are selected on the basis of:

• Ability to perform the volunteer position (experience, knowledge, skills);

• Ability to work a minimum of 12 hours over the course of the Conference;

• Ability to volunteer for entirety of the 3-day Conference unless an emergency occurs;

• Ability and willingness to attend mandatory orientation;

• Ability to handle multiple tasks with a positive attitude; and

• A heartfelt desire to serve

Volunteer Responsibilities & Benefits

Volunteers, lovingly referred to as our “Social Squad,” are considered representatives of Blogalicious for the entirety of the Conference, and are therefore asked to present themselves accordingly.

In exchange for their service, volunteers will receive a complimentary conference registration. This ticket includes: Admission to all official conference social events (Nov. 4th + 5th, 2016), workshops, keynote sessions, meals and swag bag.

Time Commitment

During the #Blogalicious8 2016 Weekend, all volunteers are required to work 4-hour shifts daily or a minimum of 12 hours. Every attempt will be made to place volunteers in positions that meet both their needs (free time to attend sessions of interests and enjoy the Conference) and the needs of the Conference.

Volunteers should plan their travel to arrive by Wednesday morning, November 2, 2016 to participate in swag bag stuffing and to attend the mandatory on-site Social Squad Orientation.

Volunteers will not receive travel assistance or travel reimbursement to and from the Conference site.

Age Requirement

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Performance Concerns & Dismissal

All volunteers are expected to maintain high standards of productivity, cooperation, and attendance. Blogalicious accepts the service of volunteers with the understanding that enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitudes are expected for a well-managed and successful volunteer experience.

In cases of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, Blogalicious reserves the right to make determinations regarding the suitability of volunteers to continue in service.


March 18:
Application Deadline

April 4:
Applicants are Notified

November 2:
Social Squad Orientation

Volunteer positions are limited.

Apply here to be a member of the #Blogalicious8 Conference Social Squad(choose the position that best suits you). If you have questions, send e-mail to Jana Pauldin, Blogalicious Social Squad Coordinator, at You can also leave her a note at @ladyjanap on Twitter.


#Blogalicious8 Call for Volunteers | Be Blogalicious

#WeeklyRoundUp — Tech & Happiness

Learn how we merged tech and happiness in this week’s round up. Get the deets on upcoming conferences, webinars and more.


#Tech: Black Tech Week


Blacktech Week is a week long cultural celebration that highlights cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial innovation. The organization’s mission is to “increase the number of startup founders, technology executives, and engineers of color.” Its founders are Felecia Hatcher, Derick Pearson and Ori Pearson, VP – Youth Ops.

More about Black Tech Week:

“Blacktech Week was established in 2014 by Code Fever to provide more impactful programming around Black History Month. In addition to celebrating innovators of color, the entire week of events aims to change the narrative surrounding our community and replace it with innovation, creativity and technology that stretches the trajectory of our community. Blacktech Week’s focus is thinking beyond today and tomorrow in order to build a diverse and connected organization for the diaspora. Blacktech Week will serve as the platform to acknowledge, celebrate, and support innovative thought provoking conversations & content by people of color.”

Filled with several bootcamps, showcases and presentations, Black Tech Week will run from February 15-20, 2016 in Miami Beach, Florida. Learn more about the event and ticket info here.


#Tech: Branding Q&A


Protect your intellectual property, ladies and gentlemen! Sometimes, the question is how. Next week, branding expert Kim McCarter and attorney Tyra Hughley-Smith will teach you how with a two hour Q&A on the subject itself.

The Cover Your Brand Masterclass takes place next week. Here’s how you can reserve your spot!


Happiness Quotes for You


For when you’re having a case of the Wednesdays, blogger Siobhan Sudberry curated 33 beautiful quotes by women guaranteed to inspire a positive mindset! The first one? Rightfully so:

“Always be gracious, best revenge is your paper.” — Beyonce

Read the rest at Be Free Project.


To be considered for our weekly round up, email our Digital Content Manager at:

Tech & Happiness | Be Blogalicious

Tyrese Gibson Is Coca-Cola’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Program Ambassador #client

International Film and Music Star Joins Coca-Cola to Support Teens’ Thirst for Knowledge and Quest for Academic Achievement


Six-time Grammy-nominated R&B singer, author, philanthropist and internationally renowned film star Tyrese Gibson joins Coca-Cola to help inspire and empower teens to strive for their highest potential through this year’s Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program.

Building on the program’s five years of success, the Company will now offer up to 25 students a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship and a trip to the second Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy. Now through March 31, parents, relatives, friends and mentors may nominate an aspiring teen for the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program by visiting

As a longtime friend of Coca-Cola, Gibson got his first break when he serenaded fans with the “Always Coca-Cola” theme song over twenty years ago in the famous 1995 Coca-Cola commercial. “I have long recognized the importance of helping young people reach out to grab their dreams,” said Gibson. “Returning to Coca-Cola, the place where I got my start, brings my story full circle and offers me another opportunity to help inspire, motivate and give back to our youth. I’ve learned it’s not lonely at the top if you help someone else get there.”

Gibson’s foundation recently awarded a $50,000 scholarship to a Compton teen to assist with his pursuit of higher education. His foundation, #TheLoveCircle, focuses on empowering youth. “The Coca-Cola Company has had a long relationship with Tyrese and he’s a part of our family,” said Racquel Harris Mason, vice president, Coca-Cola and Coke Zero brands, Coca-Cola North America. “His support of education and passion for mentoring truly reflects the goals of the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program and we’re honored to partner with him as we work to empower the next generation.”

The Coca-Cola Company invites all communities to help teens achieve their aspirations by: nominating an eligible teen for the 2016 Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program; becoming a mentor; and/or donating to an academic scholarship. Share ways you are paying it forward and join the discussion on Twitter, using #CokePayItForward.

The Coca-Cola Pay It Forward program is open to high school students, grades 9-12 (nominees must be 13 by June 3), and the moms/guardians who love and support their academic and philanthropic endeavors. Nominators must be 13 years of age or older. Eligible high school teens may also nominate themselves. Potential winners will be selected and notified on or around June 20. Each winning student will receive a $5,000 scholarship to assist with his/her pursuit of higher education and a 3-day trip to the Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Academy in Atlanta, Ga. Nominations must be received by March 31.

About The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most valuable and recognizable brands, our Company’s portfolio features 20 billion-dollar brands including, Diet Coke®, Fanta®, Sprite®, Coca-Cola ZeroTM, vitaminwater®, POWERADE®, Minute Maid®, SimplyTM, Georgia®, Dasani, FUZE® TEA and Del Valle®. Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks. Through the world’s largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of 1.9 billion servings a day. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system associates. For more information, visit Coca-Cola Journey at, follow us on Twitter at, visit our blog, Coca-Cola Unbottled, at or find us on LinkedIn at

Disclaimer: Coca-cola is a client of Blogalicious. 

All You Need to Know About February’s ‘He Named Me Malala’ Premiere

We’re excited to announce that Malala Yousafzai’s incredible story, He Named Me Malala, will have its commercial-free television premiere on Monday, February 29th on the National Geographic channel at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT.



We had the honor of screening the film at Blogalicious Weekend 2015. Malala’s story is powerful and reinforces the principles of gratitude, courage, community and humility. We stood with Malala last summer and are excited to do it again on February 29th.

Watch this two minute trailer to learn more about the young heroine.


This film is one your family and friends can watch. Please share the news of the premiere with your social media family by sharing this tweet:

#HeNamedMeMalala premieres commercial free on @natgeochannel 2/29 @ 8/7c! Stand #withMalala + watch with your family


Follow the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai online: 

  • Twitter handles: @malalafund
  • Hashtags: #HeNamedMeMalala #withMalala
  • Instagram: @malalafund
  • Facebook:
  • Malala Fund URL:


Important Premiere Details: 

— Date: Monday, February 29, 2016

— Time: 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT

— Channel: National Geographic (@natgeochannel)

— Film: He Named Me Malala

— Disclaimer: You might experience immense joy, humility, tears, laughter, inspiration and gratitude!


Will you stand #withMalala?



He Named Me Malala Premiere | Be Blogalicious

Blog Tip: Instagram Your Way Up

When it comes to visually promoting your brand and catching your audience’s attention, Instagram is the way to go. With the right images, you’re prone to engage with your current followers while subtly encouraging them to secure new ones for you. We have a few tips that might help you increase your social proof while revealing your brand’s identity.


Blog Tip: Instagram Your Way Up


Instagram Tip #1: Befriend Industry Peers

Sometimes you have to pull up your boot straps and enter unknown territory alone. Many times, you just need to know someone in that territory to make an impact. Follow people you know and/or admire in your industry to get a feel for how they use Instagram, without plagarizing their process. What about them makes you follow them? Is it the way they engage with their audience? How authentic or transparent they are? Do they use beautiful visuals?

Keep these things in mind when it is time to develop your own Instagram strategy.


Instagram Tip #2: Research Different Strategies

Now that you know some of what engages people in your industry or community, research ways to formulate a strategy designed for your brand. Here’s some reading material:


Related: Promote Your Social Media


Instagram Tip #3: Share Good Content Consistently

One thing that has more advantages than a well put together feed is one with good, useful content. Your strategy should include posting resourceful content that reveals your brand’s personality. You should also take time to ensure that your content is authentic, as this will resonate with your followers, too.


Instagram Tip #4: Use Better Hashtags

Seriously, diversify those hashtags! Test one image at a time by replacing 3 of your most used hashtags with new ones (that make sense for your brand). Track how many new comments and/or followers you gain from this. This will take time, but continue to test this method until you’ve reached your goal.


Instagram Tip #5: Cross Promote Your Platforms

Every platform may not work for your brand. However, if you want to increase your Instagram profile, consider asking your followers on Facebook, Twitter or your blog to follow you there. Sweeten the pot with a welcoming giveaway or contest, as this may help you convert existing followers and create new ones.

How do you Instagram your way up?


Blog Tip: Instagram Your Way Up | Be Blogalicious

6 Bloggers Ask Hard Questions About Small Business
2-3-16 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

Today’s bloggers aspire to own and operate a small business that fulfills them, pays their bills and creates an avenue of wealth for their families. They want to feel good about quitting their jobs to create content and products their audience will love and hopefully share with their friends. Many bloggers reach this aspirational level of business ownership, but still wonder what’s next for their business. They’re in the unique position of sustaining a livable income while trying to understand and navigate hard things like retirement plans, business credit and paying taxes.

Bloggers-turned-small-business-owners are critical thinkers and the brains behind some of our favorite brands, which means that it is important that they’re educated on how to properly run their businesses. At our fifth annual Blogalicious conference, our long standing sponsor Wells Fargo was put to the test by 6 bloggers who had tough questions about small business. They wanted to know how they could attract traditional lending, modify business models, and best, the basics of growing a creative business.

Small Business Strategist Sean Mabey shared with them no-nonsense steps on how to establish financial success at any level in their entrepreneurial journey. Take a look.


Small Business Question: How Can Small Businesses Develop Credit?

Arsha Jones — serial entrepreneur: Tees in the Trap, Shop Capital City, Brand Build Sell.

Social: @teesinthetrap, @capitalcityco


Small Business Question: How Can I Attract Traditional Lending?

Shameeka Ayers —  Producer of curated events, blogger, author.

Social: @brokesocialite


Small Business Question: How Do I Modify My Business Model?

Stacey Ferguson — co-founder of Be Blogalicious, entrepreneur, event producer, speaker, coach.

Social: @justicefergie, @beblogalicious


Small Business Question: How Do I Plan for Retirement as a SBO?

Joyce Brewer — Emmy award-winning TV Journalist, Atlanta mom blogger and parenting talk show host.

Social: @mommytalkshow


Small Business Question: How Much Should I Save For Taxes as a Creative-preneur?

Robin O’Bryant — Best selling-author and blogger.

Social: @robinobryant


Small Business Question: What Are the Basics of Growing My Business?

Christine St. Vil — FLY Mom Coach of Moms ‘N Charge, author, writer, speaker, entrepreneur.

Social: @MomsNCharge


This is why we do it — to bring the gap between our community and industry experts and professionals! Since the interview, we’ve watched these women continue to bloom individually and as entrepreneurs. We’re thankful to Sean Mabey and Wells Fargo for being a key player at our annual Blogalicious conferences, as well as Christine, Arsha, Stacey, Robin, Shameeka and Joyce for courageously seeking expert advice. Jot these kind of experiences down as another reason to register for Blogalicious Weekend 2016!

(Early bird specials will end on May 2, 2016, so get your tickets now.)


If you had the opportunity, what would you ask a small business strategist about operating your business? Are you interested in knowing what these bloggers learned about business ownership since their interview?


6 Bloggers Ask Hard Questions About Small Business | Be Blogalicious

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