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Soloprenuer Spotlight: Nikola Ahaiwe


Nikola Ahaiwe is a business and lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and blogger. She helps new and aspiring small business owners create the life and business that they desire and deserve! She’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs break through the barriers that have been holding them back and go after those BIG, scary goals that they were always too afraid to chase.

Do you work from home or out of an office space?

I work from home.

Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?

I work alone.

Tell us about your typical work day. 

My day starts at 7am. I am up getting my 6 year old twin daughters ready and out the door for school. Once I drop them off, I try to get in an hour of exercise, shower, make breakfast, and be ready to work by 9am. First order of the day is to check my email to make sure there are no pressing issues that need to be addressed. If I don’t have any morning meetings or appointments scheduled, I’m usually writing a blog post, shooting a video for my YouTube channel, updating social media, researching new opportunities, working on an upcoming project, or doing some sort of marketing activity. I try to knock all of these things out before it’s time to pick up my girls at 2:30pm. Afternoons are reserved for the kiddos…making lunch, helping with homework, and getting in a little play time. A lot of my coaching sessions are done in the evenings because many of my clients still hold down a 9-5 job. I try to juggle those between making dinner and preparing for the next day. Once the kids are in bed, my brain kicks into overdrive, so I knock out some more work or get some writing done for the book I am working on. My days are pretty chaotic and usually require me to wear a Superwoman cape, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

What are your most productive work hours?

I am a night owl so I get my best work done when most people are asleep. Usually between 10pm and 1am. 

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?

My biggest challenge as a solopreneur is having to wear so many different hats. Since I don’t yet have a team, I am in charge of customer service, marketing, PR, accounting, etc. 

If you were given $5k, what would you do with the money?

I would invest in a blog redesign, upgrade my marketing collateral, invest in a project concept that has been in my head for a while, and save the rest for a rainy day.

The one piece of advice I wish I knew when I started out is…

That everything doesn’t have to be “perfect” to get started. The important thing is to take the first step. You can learn, grow, and upgrade as you go. 

My favorite book is… and why?

My favorite book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill because I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and manifesting the things that you want into your life. That book taught me so much.

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?

It has always been my dream to work for myself and impact people’s lives in a major way. Becoming a published author and accomplished speaker, traveling around the world teaching, motivating, and inspiring others is my biggest dream!


Thank you, Nikola for participating in our solopreneur series. Nikola regularly  features Moguels in the Making and shares social media and business strategy tips on her website. Visit to learn more.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Danyelle Little aka The Cubicle Chick


Danyelle aka The Cubicle Chick is all about balancing work, life, and play while sharing tips, tools, and strategies on how we can all get the best of both worlds. We are all busy moving at the speed of light, but in doing so, we must make sure we are taking time out for ourselves and those who mean the most to us. Work hard, play hard, but live your life to the fullest, personally and professionally. She is also the co-founder of the women’s travel and lifestyle website, Around the World in Pink.

Do you work from home or out of an office space?

 I work in my home office, aka my 20 year old son’s room before he went away to college.

Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?

I work alone but often collaborate virtually with other partners and bloggers.

Tell us about your typical work day. 

I wake up and try to think good thoughts as I help get my 10 year old ready for school. I pour myself a cup of ambition (whatever it is that day), check and reply to emails, check social media, and then go head first into my to-do list. That could consist of several conference calls and Google Hangouts, writing freelancing articles, editing pieces from contributors, working on my third book (Boom!), consulting. And yeah, I even fit in a massage or facial if I am on track to rewarding myself. This continues all day until my daughter comes home from school. Then it’s mommy stuff—homework, dinner, fun time, and then when she gets in bed, I start right back up prepping for the next day.

What are your most productive work hours?

I would say from 9:30am to 1:00pm. It may vary if I am traveling. 

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?

Staying on top of everything and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Since I work my my lonesome, I am often my only cheerleader, so I have to make sure I am well organized. Also, making sure I take time in the day to stay active, since I sit a lot. I try to walk in place when I am on calls, and I purposely will leave my phone in another room so if I need it, I have to walk to it. This also helps me from getting distracted.

How do you unplug? How often do you unplug?

I have blackout zones in my home (I talk about this in my eBook) that are tech free places. The bedroom is one place that my phone is off. My laptop is also not allowed in my bedroom. This forces me to relax, unplug, unwind, and cuddle with my hubby. Boo time is the best time. But it is also unplug time. I unplug daily. And on most Sundays, I am offline (although some social media stuff is scheduled)

What is the biggest/best investment you made toward your brand/blog?

Currently, I would say hiring a PR professional to help increase my presence and field opportunities and inquiries.

If you were given $5k, what would you do with the money?

I would hire someone to develop a community for me for TCC that is independent of Facebook Groups.

If you could outsource one task so that you can be effective at your brand/blog, what would that be?

Social media. But I am Type A so I doubt that will ever happen. 

What book are you currently reading? What is it about?

Rosemary’s Baby. I love old movies and I watched the 1968 film the other day so I downloaded the iBook. It’s about a woman who gives birth to the devil’s son. Weird. But very compelling reading.

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?

I’m living the dream right now. My dream. Honestly.


Check out Danyelle’s eBook – Shine: 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance and Like The Cubicle Chick Facebook Page to get the scoop on the latest “water cooler” conversations.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Monet Fitzgerald


Monet Fitzgerald is the visionary behind, a lifestyle blog about all things natural hair and beauty with a little bit of health and inspiration sprinkled in. Just like many of you, she’s hustling before and after putting in time at her steady 9-5 gig. Go ahead, dream chaser!

Do you work from home or out of an office? 

I work wherever I can! I have a home setup but my busy NYC lifestyle forces me to work on-the-go a lot.

Do you work alone? With a partner or team?

I work alone for the most part but occasionally I’ll do a blog feature and I have a few set volunteers who assist me at my monthly natural hair and beauty events.

Tell us about your typical work day. 

I get the blog business done early morning during the work week and pack it into the weekends if I’m not hosting or attending any events. I’m up at 5:45am sending emails and making my daily green smoothie. After work I have “creative time”, when I’ll edit a post, create a graphic or post/engage on social media.

What are your most productive work hours?

Early morning until about 3pm then I get a second wind after 9pm and can get a surprising amount of tasks done (If I’m not too exhausted from my 9-5 corporate job).

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur? 

Finding work-work-life balance. It’s hard to find time for yourself and loved ones when you don’t have anyone else you can rely on and most things are a priority.

When your work day gets stressful, how do you de-stress?

I shut off. No matter what is pending, I take some time to myself that night and watch a movie or enjoy reality TV. (My guilty pleasure)


If you could outsource one task so that you could be effective at your brand/blog, what would that be?

Emails! It’s so time consuming replying to emails. I wish someone could read them for me and forward only what’s important.

If you were given $5k, what would you do with the money?

Invest half and save half. Definitely upgrade my software and some of my technology devices.

What is your favorite book and why?

$100 Startup. It’s such a practical book with tips that are very easy to implement almost immediately and see results from.


Find Mo on Twitter and FB and if you are in the NYC area, join her MeetUp group to get the newest info on the hottest NYC hair and beauty events.

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