For the remainder of the year, we’re celebrating GRATITUDE and FAMILY TRADITIONS.  It can take many forms and can be inspired by the smallest of gestures.  One thing is for certain: each story has a powerful message and we’re honored to share yours here.


Mindful Order:  Raising a Grateful Child

It is vital, as a parent, to teach your child from early on the power of gratitude in their own lives, both as an attitude of mind and as an emotional motivator to keep going.  By nurturing and supporting them daily with a positive attitude, you will help your child carry their everyday excitement and adventures in life forever.  Continue to open their world to be grateful for everything and show them that the more grateful they are the more they will be given.

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Ways to help your child become more Mindful about what they are grateful for:

  • Every morning, before their little feet hit the floor, remind your child to be thankful for God giving them another day to get it right.
  • Thank your child when they do something kind.
  • Ask your child often what they are thankful for.
  • Make every moment a teachable moment of Gratitude.
  • Point out to them when they are happy and playfully tickle them and ask them to say Thank You for that what is making them happy.
  • Point out when others don’t have the same freedoms as they do, so they can be thankful for what they have.
  • Point out when someone shows them they care.
  • Point out all the ways nature is a blessing to them.
  • Teach them to show thanks for the food they are receiving.
  • Turn every whine, cry, or complaint into a moment where you help them think about how blessed they are and what they can be thankful for in that moment.
  • Help them to understand that gratitude is more than just saying Thank You when someone does something for them and just saying the word Thank You on occasions is not enough.
  • Practice Gratitude with them so often that it becomes second nature.
  • Teach your kids to say Thank You deliberately; no matter what.
  • Teach them that gratitude will help them dissolve problems and transform any negative situation.
  • Teach your child to count their blessings.

All of these are simple ways to practice gratitude with your child and it will teach them to not be ungrateful and will help them overcome any challenges in life.

It is definitely easier said than done, however, not only will this bring more greatness into your child’s life, but it will also bring more greatness into yours when you practice multiple times a day with them. If practiced with them every day, eventually you will no longer have to ask them what they are grateful for; they will just start telling you all of the great things that have happened in their life.  This is when, as a parent, you can be grateful that you have helped your child develop an attitude of gratitude


3kingsProfessional Organizing Consultant and Life Coach, Kristin Price of Mindful Order is a stay at home mother who works gently and compassionately with professionals to help them find order and balance in their lives. Kristin loves to help people fulfill their dreams, by using a T.A.S.Y.L (Take Action And Simplify Your Life) method, along with her degrees in Psychology and Computer Consulting. Through Mindful Order you will become aware of a life you never knew existed: one with more freedom, wealth,time, happiness, family/friend bonding, LOVE and APPRECIATION.