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{Guest Post} Jasmine Crowe of @BlkCelebGiving Shares Ten Reasons to Become a Mentor

The Blogalicious theme for the month of June is Mentorship. We love to use our platform to spotlight unknown bloggers and community leaders. Today we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Jasmine Crowe of Black Celebrity Giving

 Ten Reasons to Become a Mentor

If you are looking for a reason to give back or considering how you can make a difference, just take a look at the news. Just last weekend in Chicago, seven people were murdered and 41 were shot; or look at Philadelphia where 23 public schools will be closed come fall, but construction of a $400 million prison is underway. Wherever you look there is someone who needs you; our youth are in desperate need of direction and support and the places where this support has traditionally been including the school, are closing. One of the causes most close to our hearts at is that of mentoring – you can make a difference in someone’s life, simply by being a positive role model in their life. Here are 10 Reasons to Become a Mentor!


Most mentor/mentee relationships happen between someone in an older generation, coaching someone in a younger generation.  If you’re mentoring someone younger than you, realize that it can be a productive experience for both sides, as each generation can come to understand the other’s motivations, career goals, and attitudes. You can learn so much from young people, so in essence while you’re serving as mentor, you’re also connecting with younger people, learning how they think, what resonates with them, and that’s a powerful tool!

Who knows? Perhaps you’re in a business career, but being a mentor can open doors and create insight you never knew you had. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a passion for teaching, coaching or empowering mentoring at a greater level and starting your own nonprofit! By looking at your job through a mentee’s eyes, you gain outside perspective that could help you answer some tough questions about your career.

Remember, as a child or even as as adult, there was someone who helped you make it through. I can remember being in college and being so confused and stressed out and having one of my mentors there to bridge the gap for me.  By acting as a mentor, you can help make the transition easier on someone else.

When you serve as a mentor you can increase the probability that the mentee will eventually become a mentor themselves.

Chances are, as their first point of contact within an industry, your mentee will look up to you and your experience.  Whether you realize it or not, mentors have a huge influence on a mentee’s career (and life) outlook.  Mentors have the opportunity to build up someone’s skill set and confidence – and that’s a relationship not easily forgotten.  Not to mention, the idea of enlightening another person’s life will always add additional happiness to yours.

Our communities are often portrayed in the media as negative, there is a strong absence of positive black males in the lives of our youth. According to a study by the University of Wisconsin; four major youth pathogens including juvenile crime/delinquency, teen pregnancy, teen drug abuse and school dropout correlated with fatherlessness more than any other socioeconomic factor! You could be the father in the life of someone and help reduce these statistics!

There is something that each one of us is passion about; we’re unique and there is only “one” of us. Our passions sometimes go unspoken or kept our little secrets! Mentoring is an excellent chance to share your passions with someone else. Are you a great bargain shopper? Do you love to travel? Have a love of technology? Get excited about mentoring!  Share your tips, show your mentee what you love and who knows? They may find their passion in your passions.

Teen pregnancy, gang violence, bullying, drug abuse (and the list goes on are just some of the many issues we are dealing with in today’s society. Social change is about creating change today for a better tomorrow, and mentoring is key. Serve as a mentor and help guide our youth in the right direction.

Think back to when you were a youngster, did you know everything? The answer is no and, truthfully, our young people need guidance in setting and achieving goals! You can help build their self-esteem, encourage them to be all they can be and possibly be the most positive person in their life.

My father was a mentor to young boys since as early as I can remember. A few years ago one of his mentees contacted him after many years, telling my dad that he had inspired him to become a teacher. My dad tells the story all the time; it is perhaps one of his greatest achievements and all it took was some extra time.


Three Places You Can Get Involved With to Start Mentoring Now:

  • Project Boss is looking for positive business women to serve as mentors to young women! Be sure to check them out.
  • Join Michael Baisden on his quest for getting more mentors! Michael Baisden needs role models that will broaden our youth’s perception of what life has to  offer by motivating them to resist negative peer pressure and develop a positive self-image. Both male and female mentors are needed!
  • One of the oldest organizations around is Big Brothers, Big Sisters; chances are there is an office in your city.


Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) was created by Jasmine Crowe in 2011. The idea for the site came from the vivid awareness of a lack of media coverage of not only black celebrities, but also black people doing positive things to impact our communities. Jasmine has always enjoyed volunteer work and has aligned with causes that include: girls, mentoring, going green, literacy, childhood obesity, cancer research, high school dropout prevention and countless other causes close to her heart. Jasmine is actively involved in fostering social change through her nonprofit consulting services and speaking engagements. Her number one goal for BCG is to remain committed to providing conscious content and making sure BCG plays its role in changing the world.  Follow them on Twitter: @BlkCelebGiving

New Partnership Announcement! Blogalicious Welcomes Latina Bloggers Connect Track to #Blogalicious5


Blogalicious Announces Partnership with Latina Bloggers Connect
Social media aficionados join forces to reach the Latina bloggers and community 

Blogalicious is pleased to announce its partnership with Latina Bloggers Connect, a digital community of top Latina bloggers and influencers focused on connecting brands with their audiences. As part of this special partnership, Blogalicious and Latina Bloggers Connect will host a series of events designed to merge these online communities and share knowledge and generate excitement around the BlogaliciousFIVE, the 5th annual Blogalicious Weekend conference.

“Latina Bloggers Connect is a powerful community that offers brands ways to connect with the Latina blogging community,” said Ana Flores, founder of Latina Bloggers Connect. “Our partnership with Blogalicious Weekend is ground breaking because it allows us to showcase our blogging community in a rich offline environment and allows our members to highlight issues and considerations specific to Latina social influencers.”

The partnership kicks off on June 26 at 1:00 p.m. EST with a Google+ Hangout hosted on the Latina Bloggers Connect You Tube channel, followed by an additional Google+ Hangout hosted on the Blogalicious You Tube channel on August 14 at 1:00 p.m. EST. During these hangouts, participants will discuss the importance of connecting in-person and social media conferences as well as how to pitch Latino media. Additionally, during this year’s Blogalicious Weekend conference, Latina Bloggers Connect will host a programming track with three panel discussions centered on pitching Latino media, SEO online promotion tips, and brand opportunities for Latina bloggers.

RSVP for the 6.26 Google+ Hangout HERE.


“Blogalicious is thrilled to collaborate with Latina Bloggers Connect on this exciting effort that will further strengthen how multicultural digital media communities uplift and celebrate one other and to help brands and bloggers learn how to better connect with their communities,” said Stacey Ferguson, co-founder of Blogalicious. “The Latina Bloggers Connect community, like ours, consists of women who are content creators and represent a variety of genres and interests that appeal to their diverse audiences.”

Featured guest speakers on the panels include Andrea Zimmerman, senior manager, blogs, and social media; Lorraine Ladish, editor of Mamiverse; Roxanna Sarmiento,brand marketing director, Sway Group; and many others.

Join us in giving the Latina Bloggers Connect community a warm welcome and RSVP to our first joint Hangout HERE!

Special Issue Spotlight: Black Male Mentorship by Antonio Maurice Daniels {Blogalicious Guest Post}

The Blogalicious theme for the month of June is Mentorship. We love to use our platform to spotlight unknown bloggers and community leaders. Today we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Antonio Maurice Daniels of Revolutionary Paideia.   

Black Male Underachievement Ends Where Mentoring Begins

Extensive published research evidences that Black male students academically underperform all of their peers throughout the educational pipeline, including higher education.  The professional literature reveals that Black males are twice as more likely to be suspended from school than Whites.  Although approximately 600,000 more Black males are in college than in jail, there must be significant improvement in the Black male school-to-prison pipeline.  The Black male unemployment rate is 13.5%.  The aforementioned realities are unsettling.  Fortunately, if we muster the courage to tackle those realities, we can dramatically ameliorate postmodern conditions for Black males.  While effective mentoring isn’t the panacea for the complex problems Black males confront, it can deliver impressive outcomes for them.

Imagine an America where every Black boy has an active mentor in his life—those aforementioned statistics wouldn’t exist.  Unfortunately, too many young Black boys don’t have a father in their home and/or a father active in their lives.  Mentors can help them academically, economically, socially and professionally.  In the Black community, we need to establish partnerships and organizations committed to mentoring Black males.  It’s time for Black people to invest in the communities in which they reside by working to advance young Black males.  We cannot look to those outside of our community to solve the problems facing Black males; it’s up to us and we have what it takes.

If White males were experiencing the problems Black males are encountering, those problems would be declared national emergencies, and these emergencies would dominate the national discourse.  The ingrained history of racism and discrimination Black people have endured and continue to suffer from doesn’t afford Black males the same privileges White males enjoy, however.

Let’s make effective mentoring a priority in our communities.  Find a Black boy or Black man and mentor him.  Don’t overlook anyone as a potential mentor.  If we’re serious about Black male progression, we will make mentoring a priority in our community.  Black men and women must work together to save young Black males from failure, despondency and destruction.  We can do it—one Black boy and one community at a time.


Antonio Maurice Daniels is Ph.D. student and Research Associate in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He blogs regularly at Revolutionary Paideia and has extensively published in academic journals and popular online publications, including Soul Train, Mused Magazine, Up 4 DiscussionFrom Ashy to ClassyThe Black Man Can and Healthy Black Men Magazine. Follow him on Twitter at @paideiarebel.

Announcing BlogaliciousFIVE ‘Create’ Track Shared Keynote Speakers: Karen Cooper & Jen Shetterly, PicMonkey

We’re just a little bit obsessed with PicMonkey over here and rightfully so: the company has changed the game for content creators who want to easily add a professional-looking visual component to their articles and sites, turning a standard-issue blog post into social-sharing gold.

As the keynote speakers for our ‘Create’ track, Karen Cooper and Jen Shetterly will be presenting…

Divining Awesome: A Creative Approach to Branding for Bloggers

Your blog has riveting content, loyal readership, and a beloved place in the social ecosystem … now what? If you haven’t taken a moment to consider whether your branding has taken you as far as it could, this session’s for you. Jen Shetterly and Karen Cooper, from, will give real world insights on creating a consistent brand. Learn how to develop a creative foundation that sets you apart from the crowd, bringing together editorial voice and visual identity into a unified whole that takes your blog from amazing to immortal.

Meet the experts:

Karen Cooper, Content Extruder,

Karen Cooper’s editorial work spans all screens but she says she learned everything she needed to know from her very first job at the most creative company in the world: the Muppets. After learning the story editing craft with “Muppet Babies” and “Fraggle Rock,” Cooper created and produced NBC’s mixed-format news and information program for kids, “K-TV,” “The Red Booth”(ABC), and the first program made by, for, and about girls, “House of Girls” (PBS). At Microsoft, Cooper pioneered early interactive television prototypes, online interactive fiction programs for MSN, and online learning initiatives in the education space. After a few years developing editorial for mobile apps, she’s happy to call PicMonkey home. As content lead, she’s the voice of The Monkey, and cooks up fresh verbs for PicMonkey’s blog, homepage, and notoriously offbeat user interface text.

Jen Shetterly, Design MixMaster,

If you’ve ever enjoyed the sensation of being in a grassy field while booting up a PC, you can thank Jen Shetterly for the look and feel she created for Windows XP. She drove efforts to simplify and innovate for some of Microsoft’s most successful products including Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, and MSN and designed features that set the standards for Microsoft products today. As a user experience designer, Shetterly is often brought in to reimagine a product’s user experience from the ground up, bringing twenty years of brand development, interaction design, graphic design and design strategy to the table. At PicMonkey, she masterminds the user flow from start to save, visualizes the Monkey in multiple flavors, and drives a crack team of designers to continually push the edge of creative innovation.

We’re looking forward to hearing these creativity masterminds share their expertise on creating a consistent brand voice and visual aesthetic!

We’re So Lucky. Just Look At Who We Count As Our Mentors.

Guidance That Has Stuck with Me:

“Campaigns and freelance gigs come and go but, at the end of the day, your blog and your platform is all you have left. Don’t let anything compromise that.” ~ Jennifer James, Founder, Mom Bloggers Club and Social Good Moms

“Identify your critical paths and table the rest.  Taking care of those will set you up with the resources you are lacking to make everything else happen.” ~ Donna Harris, Co-Founder, 1776 DC

Why They Inspire Me:

Barbara Jones.  I’ve never met a more genuine person.  She is steadfast and consistent in being kind, generous, and a straight shooter.  You don’t normally see the first two qualities in successful corporate executives. She shows me that it is possible to be successful while being nice and not compromising values. Her Twitter profile is telling: ‘led by intuition, hard work, and karma.’


Elisa Camahort Page.  She has every reason to be unapproachable and tight-lipped given her status in our industry.  And yet, she is the very opposite.  Her personal touch pervades her work; on not only the high-level operations of her corporation, but the specific details on smaller projects.  It lets me know that a large business can be personal. I also love her renegade personality and unwillingness to compromise where it counts.


Leading By Example:

James Andrews.  Multi-passionate. Always with a smile. Joie de vivre. Insane work ethic. Global citizen. Family man. Forward-thinker. Supreme connector. I could go on.  James lets me know that I can do it all. Most importantly, he makes time to pay it forward.  A lesson that I don’t take lightly.


Siddiq Bello. Quite possibly the smartest person I know. And what’s more, he’s willing to share. I appreciate that he forces us to push boundaries and think even more strategically about opportunities and positioning. He’s not a braggart. He doesn’t name drop. But he could. A role model in every sense.


I’m so thankful for your advice and support. Lunch will forever be on me!


Announcing BlogaliciousFIVE Keynote ~ ‘Fund’ Track: Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder and COO, BlogHer, Inc.

Elisa Camahort-Page, BlogHer, Inc.

Elisa Camahort Page
Co-Founder and COO, BlogHer, Inc.

This announcement makes us very excited.  Elisa and the BlogHer women have been mentors to Blogalicious since its inception (even before!).  They’ve paved the way as builders of a community-based brand that’s a force to be reckoned with. And they’ve made smart decisions along the way about how to grow and fund it.  We are so looking forward to hearing about funding options from Elisa, who understands our space intimately and has a track record of inspiring success.

Elisa Camahort Page co-founded BlogHer, Inc., in 2005 with Jory Desd Jardins and Lisa Stone, and serves as the company’s COO. With Elisa leading the BlogHer conference business, it has grown from a single conference hosting 300 attendees in 2005, to many diverse events that hosted over 6,000 attendees in 2012.

Elisa’s work leading consumer insights and public relations has resulted in coverage from many leading media outlets, including USA TODAY, New York Times, Washington Post, Advertising Age, Forbes, Fast Company, CNN, TODAY Show, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

Together, BlogHer’s co-founders were in the Ernst & Young Winning Women Class of 2011, have been named among the most influential women in Web 2.0 and technology by Fast Company, and among the seven most powerful people in new media by Forbes Magazine. In 2011 they were jointly awarded the PepsiCo Women’s Inspiration Award and in 2008, the Anita Borg Institute Social Impact Award. Elisa has also been honored as an NCWIT Hero and as one of the AWM’s Sixty@60.

Elisa is a founding Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and serves on the Board of Directors of the 42nd Street Moon Theatre in San Francisco, the programming advisory committee for SXSW Interactive and SXSW V2V, Advisory Board for Food on the Table, the Board of Advisors of the Anita Borg Institute, and as a Member of the Digital Hollywood Women’s Entertainment and Technology Board.

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