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Celebrating You

This post was written by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista blog. You can follow her on Twitter at @MarieDenee

I was that person who pushed through my goals, never really pausing to celebrate those small accomplishments. I would busy myself to get to my top goal, whether it was transferring to state, graduating with my bachelors or attaining my MBA. Now that my life has switched gears, the same used to hold true, but then I realized I am missing out on quite a few things life had to show me, and I slowed down a little bit.

You see, as a plus size blogger, I never even imagined my path to lead me to where I am, to impact those others, and to be fortunate enough to live out my passion in helping others to love themselves. My journey has been a cyclical one. Starting out motivating others and then realizing how much they motivate, challenge, uplift, and inspire me!

What does this have to do with celebrating oneself?

It is necessary. For me, as someone who motivates and advocates loving oneself, taking the time to celebrate you and all you have accomplished I find to be therapeutic and self-motivating to do more and aim higher. But as it pertains to fashion, it can get complicated.

How do I celebrate, embrace, or love myself in a niche that is often considered an outcast, forgotten, or purposely ignored?

My problem is that there are amazing limitations and scarce options for me to enable my fashion habit as someone who desires and demands the high fashion that is permitted to my lovely straight-sized sisters. On this journey, I have scoured through all the leading fashion portals and have found but a few with the same passion and angst. I know I am not the only one who loves to pick up a Glamour, Vogue, or Marie Claire- only to be frustrated about the options delegated to my curvy frame. I do not want to be left to browsing the accessories- since I know those will fit.

So, I thought about it. Why the relegation to internet only shopping, or hide and go seek with specialty boutiques? How can I motivate, encourage, share and celebrate those who embrace us? Yes, I am a woman with curves. I have been a big girl all my life, and I am okay with it. Would I like to tone up? Yes. I want to make sure my curves are smooth but that is my own preference. But am I dying to lose weight to appease society’s view on beauty? NO!

I LOVE MY CURVES! I have had them forever. I have always been a thick soul sister. I have been a cheerleader, I have worked for many retailers for the last ten years, and have always had to adapt my style to the options afforded to me. As I have found them, I decided to lead my own excavation to find the best of the best contemporary and high-end plus size fashion designers who have ME in mind when designing.

With this thought process, I created a declaration, manifesto, and new mindset as I dare to embark further into the lovely world of fashion. Three words sum me up completely as I have tirelessly explored a definitive reason for my passion.

I am Curvy. A full-figured woman who loves fashion on the outside of the high fashion sizing.

I am Confident. I have no shame with my curves. I rock them, own them, and love them.

I am Chic. Full- figured fashion addict, with a discerning eye for quality, fashion, and style.

This is my celebration of me. Finding and encouraging change while empowering others to put their proverbial best curve forward. I have now found that my personal milestones and celebrations are so intertwined into my blog, and I am okay with this.

Celebrate By Being

This post was written by lifestyle blogger, Nae Carter, of I Choose The Sun. You can follow Nae on Twitter @IChooseTheSun

Spring is here! What a great time to reflect and celebrate the beginning of a new season and all of the possibilities that it brings! While celebrating can sometimes involve indulging in our favorite meal or treating ourselves to the latest shoes or gadget, here are some cost-free, spiritually rich ways to usher in this new life season and celebrate by BEING:

Be still – often taken for granted, being still allows us to reflect and focus on where we are and how we got here. Being still may involve prayer, meditation or just focusing on breathing. In such a fast-paced society, breathing is one resource that is free and accessible to most everyone. When done correctly, breathing can be very healing and has been found to have several health benefits. Breathing can also provide clarity for moving forward.

Be present – regardless of our circumstances in life, being present allows us to fully experience all that is happening around us. Take the time to engage in life’s simplest pleasures: the smell of Spring, the sound of children playing on the playground, the taste of a new recipe. These are the moments that remind us of the simplicity of joy ;-)

Be kind – none of us exist in isolation. We can all benefit by taking regular inventory of our interactions with others. How are you passing on your blessings to others? We all have something, whether tangible or not, that can benefit others. Paying it forward through our interpersonal relationships as well as serving our community reminds us that we are part of a larger whole. Besides celebrating is best when shared, right?

Be open – you never know which doors will lead you to your next journey. Imagine the possibilities if fear didn’t exist – fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, etc. By challenging ourselves to take a chance by doing one thing that we are scared to do  i.e. attend an event where we fear we don’t belong, inquire about an opportunity we fear we don’t deserve, or write a guest post that we fear we aren’t qualified to write (!), we open ourselves up to possibilities with unknown paths. Despite the immediate outcome, being open allows us to broaden our experience which can only further prepare us for future opportunities.

Be Blogalicious – in honor of the 5th anniversary of Blogalicious, be still, present, kind and open while supporting digital diversity and join dozens more like-minded folks in Atlanta this October for a celebration like no other!

How are you celebrating the change in seasons? How do you practice being still, present, kind and open?

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Celebrating Success Since Blogalicious
Sharelle D. Lowery is a San Francisco-based lifestyle and etiquette blogger who shares witty and sophisticated urban anecdotes to style and etiquette questions via her alter ego, ClassyBlackGirl on her Blog, Podcast and Popular YouTube video!  You can Follow her on Twitter @ClassySharelle and check her out online at


Since my weekend at Blogalicious last year my Blogging Life has changed.  ClassyBlackGirl, The Lifestyle Brand is constantly Celebrating Success!  My Blog has transformed into a complete Lifestyle Brand and a Media Outlet.



Those are words, but my business really changed when something was triggered in my mind and spirit.  I knew that I was capable of living the life that was proposed to me via blogging.  This realization caused celebration and has ushered in success, not just for me, but for others who caught that Blogalicious Vision.  Since Blogalicious I have gained a greater understanding of the power of my Blog and Community, while becoming overwhelmed with humility and realizing that there is so much that I need to learn.  And now more than ever, I am eagerly excited about being front row and center at this year’s Blogalicious Conference!


Last year was my first conference and I can honestly say that I will never miss one! Here are my Top 10 Classy Things that You Will Celebrate During & After Blogalicious:


1. You will realize that there is somebody JUST like you, struggling, trying and looking for direction.  This sense of peace makes you feel comfortable to talk and share!  Nope, you are not the only one who’s Google Adsense doesn’t work!
2. You will learn that if you are Blogging for a lifestyle and to create income that you need to rearrange your thinking and consider yourself as a media outlet, not “just a blogger.”
3. You will learn about new themes, plug-ins and how to make your blog bigger, faster and better.  What platform is going to be best for your goals.
4. You will gain the confidence to talk to large brands and share with them how working with you is going to expose them in a favorable light to your online tribe.
5. You will receive explicit How-To’s like Mario Armstrong’s 21 Day Challenge.  I’m actually going to RE-Start the Challenge for more Success!!
6. You will celebrate the Food…OMG…it was so good!
7.  You will get to meet your “Blogger Crushes” and grab a cup of coffee with them, because everybody wants to talk and share.  Its actually hard to leave.
8. You will get to see how the brands bow down to the Blogalicious power of Justice Fergie and will be amazed at how she wields her wand to order transformation from a convention hall, to a beer fest, a party and finally to a place that breeds change.  Because in all of this work, the Blogalicious team wants us to be changed. From the time that we walk through those doors, their desire is for a completely different person to emerge.
9. You will be late, okay if you are in our room you will be late.  We stayed up late, talked loud and made lifelong friends, with women that we never knew before this Blogalicious Experience.
10. The Classiest thing that you will learn, well its not really classy, but its just truth.  You will learn that you are not an island.  There are places and people that you can reach out to for help, information and even a little support when times get tough.

Blogalicious becomes like a family.  It allowed me a platform, created opportunities for me to sit on a stage and speak, and it let me call myself an Ambassador.

I have been positively celebrating my successes since Blogalicious and when you are sitting in that seat for the first time and the first speaker comes on stage you will KNOW that your blogging life will never be the same again, so get ready to Celebrate in the ATL and definitely afterwards!!

Getting together annually for Blogalicious is totally all about learning and growing and OMG – the great drinks, but its also about the camaraderie of getting to know other like-minded women (and a few men!) who only want to see you grow!

See you in 7 Months…Celebrating Even More Success!!

Stay Classy!
#BlogaliciousFIVE Call for Speakers!

Win a Free Pass to Blissdom ’13 {and special reg code}!
{Update as of March 11, 2013} 
You all had really great answers and it was hard to pick two! We are excited to invite Aliah and Jasmine to BlissDom ’13! You ladies will have a great time! 
We are once again a proud media partner for Blissdom Conference!
Blissdom conference is THE social media conference for women who are inspired by showcasing their creative talents via blogging, marketing, and social media. For two days: March 21 – 23rd, about 1000 women (and a few men) will get together to decompress at the Gaylord Texan, exchanging ideas, picking up new skills and showcasing beautiful crafts at the onsite Market Place!  This year’s agenda does not disappoint! Session topics include branding, photography, and sharpening your writing skills. Fellow Gleeks will be stoked to meet Amber Riley during the Girls Night Out party!

Ticket Giveaway

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