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It’s Our Birthday! Announcing #BlogaliciousFIVE {Oct. 3-5, 2013 in Atlanta, GA}

Full Circle.

It’s time!!

After months of researching, traveling, scoping and strategizing, we are SO excited to FINALLY announce that this year’s Blogalicious Weekend conference will be at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta from October 3 – 5, 2013!

We’re taking it back to where it all began:  for the fifth-year anniversary of Blogalicious Weekend, we felt there was no better place than the location of our first event – Atlanta, GA.  Our host hotel is the iconic Hyatt Regency Atlanta, a property rich in history, in a bustling urban setting, and luxuriously updated to suit our needs {Blogalicious is going to have its own tower, y’all.} And?

Our theme for this year is ‘Create. Build. Fund.’

Not only will our conference program surround this theme, but so will all of our events for the year – and we’ve got lots planned.  We’ll be sharing more about our anniversary theme in the coming weeks, but know that we are devoting ourselves to inspiring and helping you to create, build and fund your visions for your blogs, brands and businesses.

For now, wipe your virtual and IRL calendars clean for the week of October 1st {trust us on this} because this year’s conference will be unorthodox, unprecedented and not-to-be-missed.

Happy Birthday to YOU!


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#ShareTheWord & Empower Your Financial Fortitude This Saturday!

Money is the root of all charity, prosperity, confusion, and chaos in our community. How to manage it, when to save and when to spend feel like the questions of the decade in this economy. The good news is that this weekend, Blogalicious plans to help us get a bit of clarity on controlling that green currency in our bank accounts. Join us this Saturday, February 23rd, as Kmart teams up with bestselling author of Girl, Get Your Money Straight! and Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!, Glinda Bridgforth.  In the collective spirit of Black History Month, come #ShareTheWord and empower your financial fortitude at our Tweetup.

Refreshments and a few fabulous prizes will be provided. Afterward, we may even be more enlightened on how much food our budgets will allow at the Bus Boys & Poets happy hour immediately following the event, sponsored by Kmart. If you’re not in the D.C. area, don’t fret, you can follow the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #ShareTheWord.

Can you really afford to miss this one?

Click here for more information and to register. There is still space available!


Five Ways to Empower Your Relationship For More Passion!

Written by relationship blogger, Telisha Ng.

The golden smiles and endearing affection that power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z show each other at each celebrity sighting frightens me. It frightens me so much that I will never settle for a relationship that does not contain that high level of power and passion. It simply wouldn’t work.



I don’t mean to disappoint but this is not a case study on the wealthiest couple in music today. I picked this couple as the perfect example of how it is possible for two powerful and passionate beings to be in love without overthrowing the balance of gender roles or losing steam (10 years+).  I did not always think this way.

I grew up learning all the right things to do to get a man like the sexy Jessica Rabbit walk, but nothing about keeping him happy and feeling loved on a day-to-day basis. Contrary to all the bad press men have been getting about only being sexual beings, they crave love, affection and support just as much as the ladies do.

This Valentine’s Day, the best gift you can give your partner is the gift of empowerment. That’s right!  Empowerment doesn’t come in immaculate packaging with bows and ribbons but it must become just as valuable. There are five things that you can do daily to create a long lasting ripple effect of passion in your relationship. Check these out:

  • Take an Interest:  Take time each day to give your partner an update on the blog world and ask about their interests. In time your partner will become like a coach or accountability partner, and this is vital for our success. So often we leave our partners out of the planning and execution process of our projects. This can cause a break in the passion channel – keep it flowing via conversation.


  • Be Open to Trying New Things: This is inside and outside of the bedroom. You must have something you are dying to experience whether that is a new restaurant, tickets to a new show that just hit Broadway, or front row center seats at an NBA game.  Do share your mini “bucket list” with your partner and get them equally excited about trying something new.


  • Constantly Reinforce: Let’s be honest, when you are in a relationship the happiness of your partner is your responsibility. I am a huge fan of positive reinforcements. This means empowering your partner by putting emphasis on what you love about them. This is the emotional affection that each and every individual desires.


  • Spontaneity: If there is one thing I am grateful for, it is a committed relationship with a man who is equally as spontaneous as I am. Grab the car keys one day, pack one set of clothes and hit the road with your partner. The thrill of not knowing where you will end up or where you are going is not only a thrill-seeking experience, but a passionate one as well. You will both feel empowered to make more spontaneous moves in life.


  • Link Success to Sexuality: I don’t necessarily believe that sex should be used as punishment or reward in a relationship but I do believe that you can give success a sexy edge. For example, when I see my partner exhibit his great qualities I will let him know in secret that it turns me on. “Your determination and hard work ethic turns me on.”  It’s as simple as that. I can’t contain myself and my emotions, because there is passion flowing. Empower your partner to feel like he/she is royalty as often as you can and keep it spicy please!

All this emphasis on the great times makes you wonder what to do during the tough times? This is where your new skills will come into play. No matter what challenges your relationships encounter, you always have a choice to improve the situation or make it worse than it has to be. Empowering your relationship is really about creating an environment where both parties are comfortable being who they are at all times. Expressing what turns you on, spontaneously taking a road trip one weekend or trying new activities together creates a stronger bond which is particularly helpful in tough times.

So when we see candid shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z in all their glitz and glamour, remember that they have quarrels and giggles just like any other human couple. Being empowered in your relationship is not just about being powerful alone –it’s about being powerful as a team.


Telisha Ng is the Creator of Battle of the Sexes Show, and Goddess Intellect Relationship Coach. You can always find Telisha offering fun wisdom and sound advice on relationships. It’s her mission to bring men and women together for love, respect and flirtatious freedom to make the world a better place. Find more information at:


Feel Empowered in February

When I first attended fashion week in 2008, I felt like somebody –albeit young, and probably undeserving of my premature backstage access. **Shrugs to myself** I brushed shoulders, unintentionally, with the right fashionistas in NYC so there I was.  At “the shows,” I felt counted in a number of the elite – the officials – the important people. As time went on, I grew to feel entitled as part of this number, as if I had earned my spot – which I did.

This new realization and awareness of my contributions to the world of runways, trends and stick figures helped build my confidence.  I can only compare this feeling to the career progression post “entry level.” After conscious steps of finding your fit in the workplace, you get to a point where you, and those around you, accept the fact that you now belong. That pivotal point is what I call empowerment.

February is full of the highlight, reward and recognition of such pivotal points in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Whether it manifests in our relationships on Valentine’s Day, in our personal style awakening during New York Fashion Week, in our celebration of culture for Black History month, or in our recognition of music’s most empowered people at the Grammy’s. The second and shortest month of the year is perhaps the most inspiring of all the twelve. It is, in fact, the only time that through events in pop culture, entertainment, life, fashion and love that you can holistically empower yourself to be a better you.

Welcome to it.

Announcing The New Blogalicious ‘Buzz’ Editorial Director: Amber Williams {@digital_runway}

Once upon a time, the Blogalicious blog was THE only place where our community could find information, updates and stories about our members, news and events… back in the day before Twitter was TWITTER and before Facebook consumed 8 hours of our time each month.  As these new channels for communicating started to become more popular, a funny thing happened: we started using our blog less and less.

The irony of a ‘blog conference’ neglecting its own blog is not lost on me.

And so, it’s been in the back of my mind for some time now to re-invigorate our blog and to revisit it as the center of all of our goings-on.  It feels very “throwback” and also very “right.”

It’s with great happiness and anticipation that I’d like to welcome our first-ever Editorial Director for The Buzz – Amber Williams of The Psychology of Style.  Not only is she a seasoned communications pro, but she’s also a fashionista, a smart woman, and a blogger through-and-through.  Amber’s hit the ground running with a well-thought out lineup of content to share with you and BY you; stay tuned for a post announcing her theme for this month.

Join me in welcoming Amber to Team Blogalicious!



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