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Where Can I Find the #Blogalicious12 Agenda?


You might have heard! We’re making an effort to GREEN this year.  And part of that means that we’re doing away with the paper conference agenda booklets that end up lost or crunched up in the bottom of your bag, and eventually, in the trash.  So where can you find our super-duper agenda.

  1. The Conference Website.  Easy enough, right? 
  2. The Sched Mobile Site By simply visiting on your mobile device, you will have access to the agenda in a mobile-friendly format. Check out Brotha Tech’s post for more: #Blogalicious Has Gone Mobile + Enter to Win the Smart Badge Contest 
  3.  The Blogalicious eGuide.  Sent to your inboxes earlier this week and always available here:


See you tomorrow!



Meet Our #Blogalicious12 Brand Builders!

About the Brand Building Showcase

Our theme for the 2012 Blogalicious Weekend is “Make It Personal.”  As social media takes on a more personal approach, so will our conference!  To that end, we want to give our blogging community the opportunity to showcase their blog brands and other small business ventures to our conference attendees.

We couldn’t be happier with the group of brands that we are showcasing ~ they are each an inspiration!

The mission of A Powerful U Media Group is to engage, equip and empower the woman behind it all. She may be the woman behind a wonderful family, the woman behind a powerful small business, the woman behind a popular blog or the woman behind a successful career. Regardless of what she stands behind, we will be there every step of the way supporting her through media.
A Maisie Dunbar Company. 
At Bluffa Jo, we believe in protecting the skin, thus Bluffa Jo is makeup with skincare in mind. Our line is a highly sophistocated blend of minerals and bold colors which form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally, while simultaneously protecting it from air-borne pollutants. The staying power of the oil-free, non-comedogenic minerals is so great that you rarely need a touch-up during the day.

Reality TV Fashion is the only online destination focused on urban Reality TV fashion and style.  Through exclusive interviews (LaLa AnthonyJennifer WilliamsEmily B., Pauly D., and more), coverage of industry events, and relationships with the reality stars and their stylists/publicists maintained via social networking, we give you the first scoop on the fashions worn by your favorite reality stars on and off the small screen. From the low end to the highest end Reality TV Fashion is a daily confection of hot trends, fabulous finds, and celebrity looks translated to fit any style and budget.  We’re spilling the tea on what they’re wearing and how to get the look! is a an online Luxury destination focused on going where no Black Woman has gone before and reporting back to Black Women!  We focus on technology, beauty, books and bubbly!  We bring new experiences, thought provoking ideas and the most up to date information in a myriad of media.  Come and chill with us at 
…we pick up where other NewsMagazines drop the Ball.
We all have those moments when we need to be fierce, when you need to be stronger than ever before. Whether it is battling a disease, starting a new career or deciding to raise a family, we each have had those moments when finding personal strength with intensity is what got us through it all.  Many of us have had to find the resolve to say to ourselves “I am going to do this, and do it well.  I am going to be fierce.”We rarely go through challenging times alone. Clever Girls Collective is launching a foundation to honor and support the fierce in women and girls. Join us and sign up to find out more at
Aren’t they fabulous? Make sure to stop by and visit them in the Expo Suite on Friday and Saturday, and show them love by sharing their story with your followers, friends and readers.
#Blogalicious12 Has Gone Mobile and…We’ve Got Smart Badges {and a Contest!}! by @BrothaTech

Something you should know about me: I’m a smartphone aficionado. So when the good folks at Blogalicious tapped me to be the Technology Advisor for this year’s conference, I had to make sure mobile tech was well represented. So I proudly present to you the Blogalicious Mobile Site and QR Code “smart” badges.

Blogalicious Mobile Site
By now, you should be visiting the Blogalicious agenda online to view the complete conference agenda and create an account to customize your own schedule. If you haven’t done so…I’ll wait. Now that you have taken the precious time to get familiar with the online site, we’ve added a mobile site to the lineup that will give you quick access to conference events on your mobile device…all mobile devices.
Blogalicious mobile site Features
– View complete schedule each day with session description & location
– Sort sessions/event according to type (General Session, Coaching Session, Expo Suite…and Food (my favorite)
– Login with your online credentials to see your schedule and “star” sessions to add them to your schedule
– If you connected your social media accounts online, you can see what sessions your friends have added to their agenda
We opted for a mobile site so any attendee with a “feature” phone, smartphone, or tablet connected to the web can access the mobile site Any time we make a change to the schedule, it will be automatically be reflected online and mobile, and it also give users offline access. In other words, if you lose your network connection, you can still see all the features – No downloads or compatibility issues.
By simply visiting in your mobile device browser, you have access to the agenda that looks pretty nice on all mobile devices *Pats himself on the back*.

Pro tip: For quick access to the agenda, add the website to your smartphone’s home screen. 
Conference Smart Badges
I’ve been to my share of conferences, and there have been times when I’ve run out of business cards. So I’ve had to fake it, I mean…improvise and encourage folks to scan my QR Codes to download my “virtual business card”. It works every time. So I thought it would be a good idea to give all Blogalicous 2012 attendees a free mobile contact page they can use to quickly share contact information with other attendees.
When you make it to Vegas, your conference badge will have a QR Code on it. When another attendees use their smartphones to scan your badge, they will be presented with your mobile contact page for quick access to your information. As my special gift, you can keep your mobile contact page far beyond the conference and put your QR Code on your business cards, flyers, resumes, etc.
Based on the email you used to register for Blogalicious, you will receive a message with all the instructions on how you can access and customize your mobile contact page to give attendees access to way more information than you can fit on a business card.
Smart Badge Contest
Since this year’s Blogalicious 2012 theme is “Make It Personal”, and a major objective of anybody attending a social media conference is to network and build connections; we encourage all attendees to get personal and network with other attendees and participants. Hopefully the addition of our smart badges with further emphasize building connections that last beyond the conference.
If it doesn’t, how about a smart badge contest? That’s right, since I know another conference objective is getting “swag” (let’s be honest), I will be conducting a contest at the event that will reward the attendee with the most badge scans. Since I’m a techie, the winner will receive some of my favorite apps and gadgets. So check your emails (and spam boxes) for your smart badge instructions, and take the time this weekend to customize your badge. You will also need a QR Code scanner app to participate. Here are my suggestions:
iPhone: Scan or I-nigma
Windows Phone: Scan or Built-in (Vision Search)
BlackBerry: ScanLife or Built-in (BlackBerry Messenger)
The Smart Badge Contest starts Friday, September 28th. I’m watching you, so don’t think you can get a leg up on the competition and scan your QR Code like crazy before the conference either!
I encourage you to spend the next couple of days getting familiar with the Blogalicious mobile site, customizing your mobile contact page, and practicing your QR Code scanning skills as my little contribution to helping you use technology to get the most out of Blogalicious 2012.
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to shoot me an email.
‘Catch #Blogalicious12 On Instagram and SocialCam’ by @BrothaTech

It’s an unwritten rule that attendees take to social media in swarms to document their memorable experiences at conferences. It gives people a chance to share their event experiences with their audience, and people who wished they were there, can sit on their couch and get just a taste of what they are missing.

The 2012 Blogalicious Conference is no exception, as we are beefing up our social media presence as well. We will be encouraging all our social media butterflies to document and share their conference experiences using their social media channels. The conference itself will be doing more social media reporting on its own channels as well. The usual suspects will be in full force: Blogalicious on Twitter & Facebook. Keeping with the times we will be adding Instagram and SocialCam channels this year.
Instagram is the most popular way to share photos. Snap a smartphone pic, add a filter and description, and the image can be spread across multiple social media accounts at one time. So we want attendees to rep’ Blogalicious to the fullest with all their conference images. Blogalicious will also have an Instagram channel where we will be snappin’ and taggin’ images for the world to see as well.

SocialCam is the “Instagram of video”. It’s the quickest way to capture and share video as well. Users can shoot video, add a title, filters, themes, music, and quickly share the vids with other SocialCam users in addition to just about any social media channels you can think of. The average SocialCam video is about 3-5 minutes, so you don’t have to be a hotshot videographer/director to shoot & share your videos. Just whip out your smartphone, open the SocialCam app (iPhone & Android) and start filming. Blogalicious will be shooting videos that will live on the SocialCam channel, as well as our blog.
Speaking of which, If you follow Blogalicious on Instagram and SocialCam and tag you videos with the #Blogalicious12 hashtag, your photos and videos may just show up on our blog and in our other social media feeds as well. So home your smartphone skills and let’s see if we can make some folks jealous.
#Blogalicious12 Tees Designed by @OfficialShootie Are Here!

Thanks to the talents LaShaun Martin-Phillips of Shootie Girl Designs, we’re happy to announce that the official Blogalicious12 tees are here and ready for purchase!!


Price: $37 (and FREE shipping thru September 30th, 2012)

We think that the blinged out design is PERFECT for our weekend in Vegas…bright lights, here we come!


Guest Post: 5 More Reasons to be Excited about the Blogalicious Conference by Ronnie Tyler

This will be our 4th year attending the Blogalicious Conference – THE go-to destination for influential multicultural women (and men) social media enthusiasts from all over the world to collaborate, connect and uplift one another. Each year, Lamar and I are more excited to attend than the previous year. The excitement never quells because Blogalicious never fails to deliver. It is well worth the investment!

Yes, it’s an investment. Each year, Lamar and I walk away from the conference with:

  • a wealth of information that is going to help us take our business and our brand to the next level,
  • many new contacts of brands and bloggers that we plan to collaborate with,
  • and most importantly a sense of relaxation as Blogalicious is just plain fun. We get to hang out with our best blogging buddies for an entire weekend!

And because there is a lot to gain from the conference, we discuss our goals and what we want to get out of the conference ahead of time. We look at the speakers and the brands that will be there. We find out what other bloggers are going to be attending. And, we look at the sessions that will be offered. Then, we make a plan of attack. Ronnie will go here; Lamar will go there; And let’s make sure we talk to this person/brand. That’s right folks…we have a strategy.

This year I am particularly happy about adding a new goal to our list: I want to learn how I can support my kids’ education during the Box Tops for Education® Town Hall panel. So not only is the conference going to benefit our business, it is also going to help us support our kids. How awesome it that!

Here are 5 reasons why I am excited to attend the Blogalicous Box Tops for Education® Town Hall panel and I why I think you should be excited too:

#1 – Because… I just love the hosts. Well, duh..Lamar and I will be hosting the panel. And if you can’t get excited about your own session, then who will!

#2 – Because… I love the dynamic panel. Some of the country’s most influential bloggers and experts will be there to discuss giving our kids tools they need to succeed:

  • Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is best known as Chilli, one third of the iconic R&B group TLC which is one of the greatest musical groups of all time. Today, Chilli continues to be an advocate for education and recently was tapped to be a spokesperson for Box Tops for Education with General Mills.
  • Dr. Jackie Jackson Fleming – this former teacher, school administrator, and government leader has certainly become an expert in the field of education. She’s currently the President of LifeLearn Associates, an education consulting firm based in Maryland.
  • Tommy Hillman is the brand manager for Box Tops for Education and Multicultural platforms. He focuses on our kids’ education every day of the week, working to find ways for parents to support their schools.
  • Natasha Nicholes, blogger of “Houseful of Nicholes”, is the self-described “Chief Everything Officer” of her houseful. She’s a minister’s wife, and a mom of four. She also serves as a box tops coordinator for her local school.

#3 – Because I could use some more ideas on how to support my kids’ education. And during this panel, we will explore how we as parents can support our kids’ educational journeys.

#4 – Because I want to know how I can use my influence and benefits as a Blogger to help my local community. And during this panel we will learn ways to rally our community to foster creative and successful learning for generations to come!!

#5 – Because…. I want that money honey!!! We will learn how Box Tops can help support the mission of giving our kids the best educational experience possible. If you don’t know, Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $475 million since 1996. And I want to know how I can help my kids’ school get a piece of that pie for some much needed things.

So please take some time to document your your goals for the Blogalicious conference and decide what you want to get out of it. And don’t forget to stop by the Box Tops for Education® Town Hall so we can discuss how to be better advocates of our kids’ education.


Disclosure: Lamar and I are paid spokesbloggers for the Box Tops For Education program. We will be providing information and stories throughout the school year in hopes of encouraging our community to take advantage of millions of dollars that are being given to schools across the country each year.

Blogalicious Is Going Green! And We’re Taking You With Us

It may not be obvious at first glance, but conferences can have a HUGE impact on the environment.  Just think of all that paper, uneaten food, the paper, unwanted swag, and have we mentioned the PAPER?  Every little bit counts, so we are doing our part to reduce our conference footprint in a few ways and we hope that you’ll support us in these choices.

  1. Doing away with the Official Conference (Paper) Program.  Yes! It’s a biggie! We know.  But we think it makes perfect sense.  What with all of us having smartphones or tablets or laptops (or all of the above), the conference agenda is easily accessible online.  If you must have your paper version of the agenda, please use the “Print-Friendly” feature offered by Sched.  Also, the agenda has a mobile-friendly version, perfect for your phone or tablet.
  2. Reducing the Amount of (Paper) Signage.  Those posters add up! Instead of having a posterboard or banner for each and every session and room, we’ll be taking advantage of the electronic signage that the Red Rock Resort has available.  We’ll still have 1 or 2 big banners at the ready for quick reference, but not the 40+ posters (yes, that many!) that we normally have each year.
  3. Taking a Conservative Approach to Swag.  Don’t panic! We’ll still have great swag bags as usual.  But we’re asking our valued sponsors to be more selective in deciding what to place in your conference bags.  Think quality, not quantity! We hope that this will mean less swag left behind in hotel rooms or tossed into the trash.
  4. Badge Recycling Program.  If you’re like me, you have a Conference Badge Hall of Fame with dozens of plastic badge holders and random lanyards cluttering your corkboard, dresser or desk.  What a shame! While they might be fun to look at, they’re not good for much more than that.  We’re taking steps to put an end to the madness by having plain lanyards that can be reused and we’ll be setting out Badge Recycling Drop Boxes on-site for you to toss your badges in once you’re done with them.

We hope that these few small strategies will help us to minimize waste and excess by reducing, reusing and recycling, and allow us to devote our resources into the content and experience – which is why you love Blogalicious in the first place!

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