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Ananda Leeke Travels to Haiti with Macy’s #HeartofHaiti Campaign

A guest post from #DigitalSisterhood founder Ananda Leeke.

Blogalicious is a powerful community filled with opportunities to learn, grow, connect, build community, collaborate, prosper, and serve.  You know that already, right? Let me tell what happened to me after attending the Blogalicious Weekend 2010 Conference in Miami.  I learned about the Heart of Haiti Campaign and fell madly in love.  As a result, I became a Heart of Haiti Ambassador. Click here to read my Heart of Haiti blog posts. Visit my Flickr page to see my Heart of Haiti event photos.  Recently, I was selected to travel to Haiti as a Heart of Haiti Blogger Ambassador with Willa Shalit of Fairwinds Trading and the Everywhere team on February 25-28.  When I return from my trip, I will host a live chat on Vokle about my experiences on March 5 at 8:00 pm ET.  Please join me. Click here to register and participate in the online chat.

One more thing — I began 2011 with a commitment to conduct digital advocacy and raise funds on for two Haitian organizations over the next two years (January 2011 – January 2013): Renewal 4 Haiti and Fonkoze – a Haitian micro-finance organization that supports Haitian women’s economic development.

I am also raising funds for Renewal 4 Haiti with my “Open your heart to Haiti today!” site. Please consider making a donation to support these organizations. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Blogalicious Bytes #5: Tax Tips for Social Media Enthusiasts on 2/24

Back by popular demand!!

Do you make money from your blog?  Do you attend blogging conferences for your business?  Do you work out of a home office? Are you feeling stressed about filing your blog-related taxes this year? Have no fear, Shannon is here!!

Shannon Nash, CPA and Attorney, of Nash Management Group , aka the Tax Diva,  will be walking us through all of the important information, tips and advice that bloggers need to know when it comes to filing their taxes.  Shannon presented this webinar last year and the positive feedback was tremendous! Get your money right and join us for this valuable webinar.


In Your Words: A Note from Jewel’s Fab Life

We first met Jewel of Jewel’s Fab Life at Blogalicious 2010 and we loved her instantly! She charmed us with her warmth and energy and reminded us of the memorable experiences that our conferences create.  A few months after the conference, we found this touching note in our inboxes:


I know this is late, but I wanted to THANK you 3 for Blogalicious10.  It seriously changed my life.  There are no words to describe how much I needed to attend.  I was a complete burnt out mess when God “sent” me Blogalicious.  I’m not even sure that you all know the story of how I got there–

I was at the end of my wits.  Blogging was no longer fun for me–I wasn’t happy with most of my posts and just totally disillusioned.  It was not in my plan to attend Blogalicious, even though it was in my own back yard.  I thought the registration fee was too high and really didn’t see the value of such a conference.

A few days before Blogalicious, I decided that I would buy the Party ticket and go to the social stuffs.  When I got ready to it, I went to the site and there was some glitch–I never even got to the screen where I put in my credit card.  It just kept kicking me out.

I signed onto Twitter, and put in the hashtag–hoping to reach one of you 3 for help.  One of the first tweets that I saw was from a woman in California, asking if anyone would like to HAVE her complete conference pass.  I thought it was a joke!  Surely, she wasn’t giving away an entire pass, was she?  Yes, she was.  I tweeted her that I was local and would love to go and within 10 mins or so, her entire registration had been changed to my name.  Wow–at that point, I decided that while it hadn’t been in my plan to attend, it must have been in God’s plan for me.  I got excited about it.  In fact, I was more than estatic.  If this is where God wanted me to be, then I would simply go with it.

I experienced everything that Blogalicious had to offer–the speakers, the sessions, the sponsors, the meals, everything.  And it changed me and the way that I ran my business.  I took notes on everything.  I networked.  I had fun.  I listened and learned.  I made connections that will surely be lifelong.  But the proof is in the blogging pudding. My stats are through the roof!  I owe it all to Blogalicious, as I came home and implemented EVERY SINGLE THING that I learned there–from SEO tips to partnering with brands to building my own brand.

In fact, many women encouraged me to think about presenting at blogging conferences.  I put this on my “wishlist” for 2012.  Then I decided to apply for some speaking opportunities in 2011, just to see what the application process was like.  Lo and Behold—one conference has already accepted me as a speaker–I’ll be speaking at SheCon11 in Fort Lauderdale in May.  I may also be speaking at Blogging While Brown.

I will FOREVER be grateful to you 3 for bringing together such an awesome group of folks.  I can’t WAIT for Blogalicious11.  In my Blogaversary post on New Years Eve, I shouted out Mama Law Media.  Please keep up all your hard work.  Bloggers like me definitely appreciate it.

Thank you for the kinds words, Jewel!

Wayne Sutton Celebrates Black History Month with 28 Days of Diversity
28 days of diversity

Wayne Sutton, business development/marketing strategist of TriOut, and Blogalicious 2010 keynote speaker is kicking off Black History Month with an online series entitled 28 Days of Diversity 2011. This would be Mr. Sutton’s second year featuring people from all walks of life and congratulating them for their achievements and efforts as “minorities in the web/tech space” on his online publication,! The individuals highlighted in the series will have created and maintained a paramount within the blogo-sphere as well as the ever-blossoming world of social media. Sutton, has made it clear that this is not a popularity contest, but an opportunity to introduce and recognize incredible individuals!

During a month that is dedicated to African American‘s, Sutton is taking the liberty of praising those that are digitally paving their way as well as uplifting the social media society, no matter their color!

Needless to say, the 28 Days of Diversity 2010 series was a success and from its attainment, Mr. Sutton was moved to launch the 28 Days of Diversity 2011.

Please visit his site to keep up with who will be featured in the 2011 edition of the 28 Days of Diversity!

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