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Vote for Our Panel at SXSW!

Marco Hansell of TwtMob has submitted the panel topic: In Living Color: Branding & Marketing to Urban Audiences to be featured during the Interactive track at South by Southwest 2011…and he’s invited the ladies of Mamalaw to participate as panelists, among noted experts in the social media and marketing space!  As you know, how brands market to multicultural audiences is important to us; in fact, it’s one of the reasons why we created Blogalicious Weekend.  To really make a difference in the social media marketing space, we also created The b-Link Marketing Network, which connects brands with bloggers of diverse backgrounds for their campaigns.  We’d love to have the opportunity to present at this session – but we need your votes! The deadline is midnight CST tomorrow, August 27.

Click here to vote! [You’ll need to sign-in, but it’s quick]

Here is the panel description:

In Living Color: Branding and Marketing to Urban Audiences is a panel that will bring together experts from various areas of the digital frontier that have successfully carved their niche, thus, building some of the most successful online brands in “urban” America. From TV/ Film, Music, Entertainment, Fashion and Technology, the panel experts have been successful in developing online destinations and executing winning viral campaigns through online and offline partnerships. Prior to the panel discussion, panelists will be able to present individual brief slide shows/ videos of their brands, demonstrating the history of their brands’ development. Panelists will also:

– Review trends and case studies of consumer online habits.
– Review challenges of marketing.
– Discuss the rules of engagement.
– Discuss the importance of listening to audiences when developing key messaging and brand development.
– Explore and examine the cross-promotional branding opportunities.
– Discuss social and corporate responsibilities vs brand integrity.
– Discuss the challenges and tips to maintain relevance in the changing social media landscape.
– Examine technical challenges.
– Examine the growing trends in blogs; beyond beats, gossip and fashion.

Thanks for your support!

The Geek Lounge … for all the tech 411!!!!

With the generous assistance of Rosemary Jean-Louis of thegeektreatment, we are pleased to announce that this year we will be opening the Blogalicious Geek Lounge where your technical questions will be answered.

The Blogalicious Geek Lounge will serve as your technical hub. At the lounge, you will receive basic help in troubleshooting common problems, assistance applying some of the technical lessons covered in workshops, and aid adding widgets and tweaking code.

Hope you’ll have a moment to visit!

Tech expert will be giving our closing keynote

We’ve been touting our influential speakers for the last few weeks and this week is no different!  We are pleased to announce that Wayne Sutton will be giving our closing keynote on location based services.  Here’s a little more about Wayne:

Wayne Sutton – Social Wayne

Wayne Sutton helps individuals, startups and businesses succeed in understanding how to communicate on the social web via brand strategy, social networks and location-based services. With nearly 10 years experience in the technology and social media sector, he’s provided counsel to business leaders ranging from founders of small start-ups and representatives of non-profit organizations to CEOs of large and small corporations. Wayne is the business development/marketing strategist for TriOut and partner at OurHashtag.

Wayne is the president of the Triangle Social Media Club chapter. Wayne has spoken at various conferences and events such as SXSW, Social Media Breakfast, Triangle American Marketing Association, Pubcon Austin and Blog World. Staying current with the ever changing trends in the technology community. Wayne loves making videos, blogging, educating and inspiring others.

Read more about Mr. Sutton HERE.

Leader on Marketing to Women of Color to Speak at Blogalicious

This week we are happy to announce another one of our fabulous speakers.  We are pleased to share that the pre-eminent leader on marketing to women of color will be joining us for a discussion on Marketing to the Multi-Influential.  Find out more about multi-influentials and Ms. Muley:

Miriam Muley – The 85% Niche

Miriam Muléy is on a mission to drive women and women of diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to automotive showrooms, consumer electronics stores, home improvement centers, department stores, mass, food and drug stores. And she’s uniquely equipped for the task. As a woman of Puerto Rican ancestry with an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, her 25 years of hands-on brand management and advertising experience at premiere companies like General Motors Corporation, Avon Products, Inc., Clairol, Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Company, and UniWorld Group Advertising give her the advantage in selling products to women and to women of diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Muléy most recently served as Executive Director, Diversity Growth Markets at General Motors Corporation, where she established the vision, key business objectives, and overarching strategies to achieve growth among diverse automotive buyers, including Women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Youth, and the Gay and Lesbian markets. She also served as General Manager at Avon Products, Inc., where she was responsible for product development, merchandising, advertising, promotion and research for Women of Color, generating sales across cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, toiletries, apparel fashions, and gift and decorative items.

Her accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Muléy has received numerous industry awards, has been featured in several magazines and news publications and was recently celebrated as one of Elle magazine’s “Uncommon Women” for her strategic work in marketing to women. She also was honored with the distinguished “Ebony Award for Outstanding Corporate Marketing” in recognition of her achievements in diversity.

Read more about Ms. Muley HERE.

Announcing the “My Blogalicious” Editorial Community!

It’s finally here! After months in the making, we are so excited to announce the launch of My Blogalicious – an online editorial site powered by 13 opinionated, smart, and talented bloggers – straight from the Blogalicious community.  The site has been up for about 2 weeks and, we must say, it’s great!  From Fashion to Parenting to Tech, the topics are a refreshing reflection of what’s hot and what’s important to our network of bloggers.  We love that the tagline is “Your Community. Your Voice.” It’s exactly what we wanted to bring to the blogosphere to showcase your expertise, and another step towards raising the visibility of the Blogalicious sisterhood online.

We must (must!) take a moment to recognize all the crazy hard work put into the site by My Blogalicious Community Manager, Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama and site designer, Shannon Entin.  We couldn’t have launched without the stellar efforts of these ladies!

Please visit My Blogalicious often! These women have priceless information to share.  And don’t forget to grab a button for your site – let’s spread the word…

Blogalicious and President Obama

Reason #8,345,609 to join the Blogalicious community! On Wednesday morning, we got a very exciting call from the fabulous gentlemen at Different Drummer: “Would we be interested in inviting our bloggers to participate in the blogger press pool at the National Urban League’s Centennial Conference and live blog President Obama’s speech?”


We immediately shared the invite with you all and the response was awesome.  Despite the insanely short notice, and the even more insane call time of 6:45 a.m., our Blogalicious bloggers showed up in full-force and soaked in the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

See what some of our bloggers had to say about their time at the event:

Aesthetic Elevation, View From the (VERY) Top.  Barack Obama’s Speech @ National Urban League Centennial Celebration 2010.

Tech Savvy Mama, An Invitation to Hear President Obama Speak? Yes, please!

Tech Savvy Mama, President Obama Addresses the National Urban League to Speak About Education Reform

The Black Snob, Obama Talks Sherrod, Education, Not Knowing “Snooki” to the National Urban League

Dumb Mom, Old School Friday. I am Empowered. And Old.

LA’s Beauty Beat, I Am Empowered – My National Urban League BEAT

Rock and Roll Mama, Empowerment Through Education: President Obama’s NUL Speech

Minky Moo, I am Empowered. Hanging with the President will do that to ya.

We never know what the next rockstar blogger opportunity might be, but we do know that it will be good! Make sure to sign up for the Blogalicious Community newsletter to get the latest news and announcements about all this Blogalicious.  And, in case you hadn’t already heard, Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League, will be keynoting at Blogalicious 2010.  AWE.SOME.

Our sincere thanks to Marshall, Shelton and John for the wonderful opportunity.

About the National Urban League’s “I Am Empowered” Initiative

The National Urban League celebrates its centennial by launching the I AM EMPOWERED initiative instilling a message of hope and individual empowerment to make a lasting difference.  Focused on four aspirational goals for America, in the areas of education, employment, housing and healthcare, I AM EMPOWERED is galvanizing millions of people to take a pledge to commit to help achieve the goals by 2025!

I AM EMPOWERED reminds everyone of the power of the individual to become a force for change by encouraging collective action to bring change to entire communities and urban areas.  They are asking everyone to pledge to responsibly commit time and talent to ensure that the nation is empowered to achieve the following goals by 2025:

– Every American child is ready for college, work and life.

– Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits.

– Every American lives in safe, decent, affordable and energy efficient housing on fair terms.

– Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions.

You can find more information at:

*Partial Image Credit: Aesthetic Elevation

Our New Digs!

Over the past few weeks has undergone a makeover; a little “nip and tuck” if you will.  The bottom line is that we wanted a site that was easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, so that you could quickly access the hot news, exclusive details and other important information that you need.  But we couldn’t do it on our own – luckily for us, two fabulous (and oh-so-patient!) members of our Blogalicious community lent a helping hand: a heartfelt thank you goes out to Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie and Adria Richards of Fresh Workshops for getting us our new look.

Psst! You can catch these two brilliant ladies speaking at Blogalicous 2010.

So be sure to check back here regularly – we’re going to be making tons of amazing announcemnets about the October conference that you won’t want to miss!

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