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This week, we’re discussing three things that can change your life — pitching, giveaways and music. And get this: you can very well apply those changes to both your personal and professional lives. Keep reading.


Pitching 101. Tis the season for all things conferences, grants and pitching. Before applying for anything, it is best that you’re prepared. Terrance Gaines of Brotha Tech schools us again in a very informative post titled Four Tips For The Perfect Elevator Pitch. Read his easy tips on perfecting your pitch. Following his advice not only strengthens your chances for winning, but it will also sharpen your critical thinking skills and allow you to revisit your business goals. Use that same energy to revisit your personal goals and friendships, too.




Blogalicious Conference 2015. We blogged about it and shared it on social media yesterday. In case you missed it, know that the registration for the Blogalicious conference is NOW OPEN! This year’s theme is Build Your Own Empire, because isn’t everyone’s goal to build a prosperous empire and legacy? We can’t wait to connect with you in the flesh this September in Baltimore. Register for your ticket today! In one setting, you’ll be inspired to rock your business while reconnecting with your blogger friends.





Magazine Giveaway. iBlogmagazine.com wants to give you one free year of membership! That’s right. We partnered with them to offer you everything exclusive when it comes to blogging resources, business, influencers and so much more. Still not convinced you should enter this giveaway? Here’s a little more about iBlog:

  • Daily posts from experts in social media, blogging and business
  • Three weekly one-on-one video interviews with top bloggers, social media experts, agency, brand and pr firms
  • #iBlogam social morning show monday-friday – Launching in June 2015
  • Industry’s largest Resource hub with new items being added daily
  • Industry’s largest Network hub containing Blogger, Influencer and Ad Networks
  • Industry’s largest women’s blog, social media and business conference and event hub
  • We are currently constructing the largest online shop for social media tools, products and services for influencers

Imagine getting this (and more) for free this year. Simply register HERE!




Nicki Minaj + Beyonce = Tidal? Rap mogul Jay-Z recently launched Tidal, a new monthly streaming service that releases great music from great artists like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Madonna, Usher and more to paying subscribers. Just yesterday, Tidal released the 90s inspired video Feelin’ Myself by rapper Nicki Minaj featuring Jigga’s wife Beyonce on the track. The Internet went in a frenzy over these two chumming it up on screen and honestly, we can see why. The video is cute, the song is catchy and is the perfect song to add to your workout and At Work playlist this summer.

Here’s a snippet of the video.



Pitching, Giveaways & Tidal | Be Blogalicious

We’re Coming to Your City! First Stop, Washington, DC!
dc pop up.cork

It’s officially Blogalicious season! We’re ramping up for #BYOE15 with a series of pop-up events near YOU between now and September. First up? Chocolate City! Come out on 5/27 to join Stacey and Team Blogalicious at Cork Wine Bar in Washington, D.C. to get a first-look at some of our superstar speaker lineup AND get a special bonus for registering on-site. All while sipping on wine selections provided by our gracious host venue!! Bring a friend (or two) who has been wanting to attend or has never heard of Blogalicious conference and wants to learn more about our event.

Sound fabulous? We agree! It’s FREE to attend, so RSVP here: http://bit.ly/b7dcpopup

Blogalicious Weekend 2015 Site Badges


Conference registration? Check!

Hotel confirmation? Check!

Now let’s shout it from the mountain tops, (or at least from your web space) that you’re going to THE social media conference of the year.

Grab your badges below [TIP: if the HTML is giving your heartburn, try deleting and re-typing the quotes]:



<a href=”http://conference.beblogalicious.com” target=”_blank”><img  src=”http://beblogalicious.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Blogalcious2015-sqGOING-LITE.jpg”></a>




<a href=”http://conference.beblogalicious.com” target=”_blank”><img  src=”http://beblogalicious.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Blogalcious2015-sqSPEAKING-LITE.jpg”></a>


Giveaway :: Win Tickets to ALT Summer 2015 for You and Your Friend!


Are you a design, DIY, or entertainment blogger? ALT Summit has been created with YOU in mind and we want you to attend. What is ALT you ask? Great question!


About ALT

Alt has grown to be the premier business conference for pioneering and rookie bloggers and creatives in this space. Alt is open to all. Attendees tend to have a shared interest in innovation within the space. There is a generosity at Alt. All are welcome. Alt is a place to connect. Finding peers, meeting new friends, brainstorming collaborative ideas and building relationships with brands are all important parts of Alt. These things can happen sitting across a table at dinner or can happen through a twitter chat. There are no requirements for attendees of Alt Summit. Some attendees have been blogging for years. Others haven’t even started their blogs yet. The commonality seems to be in attitude. You need to want to treat your blog as a business and come to Alt ready to learn how to do that.

The Deets:

June 9th – 12th, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT
Two ALT Summer Conference Tickets (you +1)**

How to enter:

  1. Head over to Blogalicious Instagram or Blogalicious Facebook page and comment on the contest graphic telling us WHO would you have the most fun building an empire with and WHAT would you create! Tag your partner and use the #BlogaALT hashtag to be eligible to win.
  2. You must follow both @Beblogalicious and @AltSummit on Instagram and use the #BlogaALT hashtag when commenting.


We have eight tickets to giveaway!

On May 12th, four lucky winners will be randomly selected. If selected, you and your tagged partner will receive registration details via email and can countdown the days until ALT Summer!

**Hotel and Lodging not included. Please enter if only you and your partner are readily available to attend the conference and can arrange travel in a timely manner.


Giveaway Rules:

The giveaway is open to all Blogalicious bloggers and media influencers ages 18 or older. Only comments tagged with name of your desired travel partner and #BlogaALT hashtag will be eligible for entry. Contest ends 10am EST on May 12, 2015 and winner selected NOON on May 12, 2015 via Random.org and will be notified via email or private message. You will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be selected at random.



Moms, Essence Fest & Tech :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up


Spring is here and we’re serving a mash up of fun things to do and learn. This week, let us help you pay homage to your mom for Mother’s Day, get a seat at one of the hottest upcoming Essence Festival events and keep your blogs in tact with tech knowledge.


#MyMomsGotStyle: A Photo series. Our friends at Masala Mommas know how to show their moms love! With their new photo series called #MyMomsGotStyle, you can upload your favorite photo of your mom and share your love, too. Include the reason why you admire her style in fashion, food and/or family. Masala Mommas Food Editor Nisha Vedi Pawar kicked off the series with a beautiful #usie of her and her mom. Join Masala Mommas and tell them we sent you!



Essence Festival Event. Are you ready for the Essence Festival this year? So are we! The good news is that we’re in the know of a few cool events that are happening on the grounds. This year, be sure to stop by the Beauty + Books Makeup Mixer sponsored by Smash Box. The panel includes Kim Ford, Ahyiana Angel, Kisha Williams and Dee Rouzan. For more information, visit http://beautyandbooksevents.com. Follow the festivities on social media with hashtag #MyBeautyIs.



Tech: Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Brotha Tech is schooling us on the term ‘mobilegeddon’ and how to prevent it from crashing down on your site. Google’s taken notice to the amount of online traffic coming from mobile devices: 60%. With that being said, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you may have already noticed a drop in your Google page rankings. In this post, Brotha Tech explains what it means to be mobile-friendly, how to see if your site is (or not) and how to fix it if it is not. Read Mobilegeddon Will Affect Your Site If It’s not Mobile-Friendly and get your life.




Work-at-Home Chronicles. Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job — the to-do list is never ending, you become accustomed to crazily burning the midnight oil and often times isolate yourself from friends and family. But sometimes you need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Thien-Kim Lam reminded us of that in a simple post called Choose to Slow Down from her Work at Home Life series where she cuddled with her son for a movie and nap. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is you call the shots, so be kind to yourself and slow down more often.



We’ve dished on moms, festivals, mobilegeddon and entrepreneur life. What’s your favorite moment from our weekly round up?


Moms, Essence Fest & Tech | Weekly Round Up

On Baltimore: Amplify Your Voice | Be Blogalicious

On Baltimore: Amplify Your Voice

Like on the streets of Baltimore, social media is ablaze with confusion, pain and rage over the suspicious death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. Gray’s death is symbolic to years of struggle and bullying that has rampantly ran through the streets of Black and Brown communities by the hands of law enforcement. Being online influencers and lovers of social media is equally saddening as it is empowering during times like these: the issues are constantly in our face, but right from our smartphones, we can create change in our neighborhoods.

3 Ways to Amplify Your Voice & Help #Baltimore

Are you tired of seeing the same crimes make news with no resolution or justice in tow? So am I! This is why I’m encouraging all of us to use our platforms — blogs, social media, businesses, churches, etc. — to amplify our voices.

1.Reach out to Baltimore residents & organizations

The best people who can direct you on how to help are those in need. Use social media to reach out to residents and local organizations in Baltimore and ask what they need. Be prepared to donate items, money, time and/or share truthful news on what’s happening on the streets of Baltimore and surrounding areas.

2. Start a Movement

Your own neighborhood may be in need of a new program or coalition. Think about who you’re connected to and who you need to bring your vision to life. Find creative ways to discuss the issues and develop well-thought out solutions that will bring social change to your area.

3. Support Others in Motion

Our very own Mario Armstrong of the Never Settle Club started the #More4Bmore campaign. This campaign is designed to partner “creatives, leaders, doers, techies, writers, educators, problem solvers AND anyone who wants to get involved” in Baltimore to “create new and innovative solutions.” Those interested can sign up at http://bitly.com/More4Bmore.

There is also @LBSBaltimore. Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) is a grassroots think-tank which advances the public policy interest of Black people in Baltimore. For more information on how you can support this movement and find news in real time, visit their website at http://lbsbaltimore.com/.

Our Blogalicious conference will still be held in Baltimore this year, where we will provide the resources to help you Build Your Own Empire. Though the turn of events is a bit frightening, we plan to use this opportunity to work with citizens of Baltimore and support them in the best way we can.

We need you in these critical times. How will you amplify your voice for Baltimore?

Solopreneur Spotlight: Joanna Pascal | @SpicyNaturals


The International Solopreneur. When there’s a need, someone has to fill it. Joanna Pascal, a medical student and founder of SpicyNaturals, is a woman who’s doing that and more. SpicyNaturals is the first and only natural hair community in lovely Grenada. When we asked Joanna about her community’s goals and mission, she responded:

Our aim is to educate and empower persons to embrace and care for their natural hair. We have taken a holistic approach starting internally and then focusing externally. We facilitate natural hair events to provide advice and support on caring for natural hair while using proper techniques and hair products from our product line as well as a few selected product lines.

We love Joanna’s flair and passion for all things natural and holistic. See how she manages her busy life as a solopreneur in this feature.

Tell us about your typical work day.
A typical work day entails replying to messages on Facebook and via email from customers and potential customers who are looking for natural hair care advice and or products. A great deal of time is also spent updating the social media pages with relevant information about hair care tips and products. Some of the time is also spent on taking orders for products and organizing drop offs.

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
The biggest challenge is balancing everything that needs to be done at times. It would be great to have someone who understand the vision and has the passion to assist in some of the tasks.

When your work day gets stressful, how do you de-stress?
Pray, listen to music, watch one of my favorite TV shows.

What is the biggest/best investment you made toward your brand/blog?
The biggest investment would have to be branding material such as business cards, logo, product labels, company posters.

The one piece of advice I wish I knew when I started out is…
It would have to be the importance of marketing and the extent of marketing that has to be done to ensure the success of the business.

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?
To become a medical doctor. I am about to complete my degree in a year and a few months.


Joanna reminds us to always be Blogalicious! Thank you.


To learn more about Joanna or SpicyNaturals, connect with her on social media @SpicyNaturals. For those of you interested in your own Solopreneur Spotlight, simply fill out this form and wait for us to chat with you.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Sili Recio | @MyMamihood


The Organized Entrepreneur. Sili Recio can be described as a mom-on-the-move any day of the week. In fact, her busy lifestyle is probably what gave her the insight to create an organizer for bloggers who want to have it all. Juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship and life in general can get difficult, but with Sili’s planner, the Organizada, and My Mamihood blog and brand, life is much simpler.

I created a planner to keep bloggers organized and on top of their game. Weekly calendar, monthly overviews, income & expense tracking, social shares tracking for bigger reach & more all in one sleek planner that’s sure to take your blog to the next level. Get organized or go home! Blogging is not for the un-planner!

Sili shares her biggest struggles as a solopreneur, her favorite ways to unwind and touches on the importance of belonging to a tribe. In this feature, you’ll learn how passionate and funny she is, two characteristics that we all must strive to have in entrepreneurship.

Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?
I normally work alone though my brother freelances for me when I need FANTASTIC graphic design work. Sometimes he works for food. But only sometimes. He’s worth every penny, though. Plus he plays 80’s & 90’s music while we work.

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
Feeling as if I have no support. Don’t get me wrong, my tribe kicks it with me but there are times when I feel like it’s just me out here in the big ol’ world.

How have your relationships (or friendships) changed since becoming a solopreneur?
Absolutely. Some folks look at me side eyed and don’t understand what I mean when I say “I’m busy”. I’ve heard “everyone is busy” which is true. It’s just that my brain refuses to stop and I’ve started to refuse to care about having to explain my dream to people.

God put it in me and that He gets it so, let’s go!

When your work day gets stressful, how do you de-stress?
The Tasmanian devil yell from Looney Tunes.
Dancing. (wine, cooking and dancing all at once is best)
Talking to my siblings.

How do you unplug? How often do you unplug?
I have this “quiet hours” on my Windows phone. I try to use it. I’m getting better at it but it doesn’t always work. I usually head off with the girl to Disney. We do a few pics here and there on social but mostly it’s about the magic and the mouse.

What are your favorite apps or websites that help you succeed in your blog/business?
I live by Sprout Social. Love it and wish they’d hurry up and add hashtag tracking to their services (hint hint). The Organizada Planner has actually helped me tons these last couple of weeks since its printing. Old school is sometimes best.

What is the biggest/best investment you made toward your brand/blog?
Trademarking my blog and apparel. And all this darn money I dropped on the first printing of my organizer.

If you could outsource one task so that you can be effective at your brand/blog, what would that be?
Some of the backend. Issues come up and a lot of times I get wrapped around the axle with it. I’d say the backend crap that needs to happen. I still want status reports and I want to know how it does what it does. But I’d pass that off. OH! And I’d get someone to track my expenses.

What book are you currently reading? What is it about?
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent – I love Julia Alvarez and I cannot believe I’ve never read this book. I used to read 3-4 books a month and now I’m lucky to read 10-12 a year. It’s hard on me, but I’m just going to start counting all these picture books I’m reading to my kid.


We appreciate your wit and honesty, Sili! Thank you.

Connect with Sili Recio online @MyMamihood. For updates on The Organizada as well as parenting, relationships, technology (and more) tips, visit her amazing blog at http://MyMamihood.com.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Amber Wright | @TalkToAmber


The Conversational Solopreneur. Who knew that having the right conversations could change a person’s life? Amber Wright did, that’s who, and she’s using what she knows to help others do that and more. Amber is an entrepreneur, college professor, mother and wife who fearlessly goes after what she wants. People seek her by the dozens for advice on public speaking and how to transform their platforms from barren to bold. She also gives detailed insight on relationships, communication and inspiration on her blog, Talk to Amber.


Hi! I’m Amber Wright, The Conversation Coach. I believe that the secret to getting what you want – from the boardroom to the bedroom, you have to start having the right conversations! I teach bloggers and entrepreneurs how to become fearless speakers and communicators, so they can grow their brands and businesses. I do that through coaching, online courses, and my own blog, TalktoAmber.com.

In this short feature, Amber shares with us how she prepares herself to be her best for others: family, friends, students and clients. We’re certain that watching her journey as a solopreneur unfold online that you will be inspired to live the life of your dreams.
Tell us about your typical work day.
I work from home on my business on Monday and Wednesday. On those days, I’m working with my coaching clients, thinking of new topics to write about on my blog, and as of late – developing content for my first e-course. I do that in intervals throughout the day (by intervals I mean after taking dramatically long and terribly counterproductive social media breaks!) until it’s time to pick up my daughter from school. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays I teach courses in public speaking and interpersonal communication at two community colleges in my area. My days are interwoven with my business stuff, emails, lesson planning, and grading. And family stuff. Whew! I’m tired just reading that!

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
Devoting the time and attention my business needs, along with having another job. Teaching allows for some flexibility in my schedule, but it’s still work that commands a lot of my attention. Doing EVERYTHING alone for my biz is definitely difficult, but I manage as best I can.

How have your relationships (or friendships) changed since becoming a solopreneur?
I’ve got great friends that are super supportive of me and my endeavors, even if they aren’t entrepreneurs themselves. I’m grateful for that. Since I’ve started my own business, however, I have definitely become more attracted to other women that are like minded and goal oriented. There’s nothing like sharing your experience as an entrepreneur with someone who “gets it.”

How do you unplug? How often do you unplug?
I unplug by remembering how much of life is happening beyond the internet, and that there are things offline that I don’t want to miss…like watching my daughter ride her bike outside. One some days and weekends I may not post anything to social media at all and simply enjoy my life as it’s happening – without taking the pictures to prove it.

What are your favorite apps or websites that help you succeed in your blog/business?
Dropbox, Wunderlist, Evernote, and Wave are my business besties.

What is the biggest/best investment you made toward your brand/blog?
Honestly? It was attending Blogalicious in 2014 (for the first time). I really mean that! I looked at attending the conference as an investment in my brand, so that I could increase my visibility, expand my network, and learn new things – all of which I achieved! The idea for my first course was affirmed at the conference, I received some much needed business coaching from one of the speakers afterward, and made some amazing new connections that are still growing and being fostered. I’m #TeamBlogalicious fah-eva now!

The one piece of advice I wish I knew when I started out is…
That there is no race. I have to remind myself of that often. It’s okay to take your time and do things YOUR way. What success looks like for me may look completely different for someone else and not only is that okay, it’s also the very point of it all – to carve your own path.

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?
My dream job is to run my business full time and still teach classes (because I love it!) – but only if I want to, not because I have to. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way!


Thank you for such an encouraging spotlight, Amber!


For the latest on Amber’s courses and advice on rocking it from the bedroom to the boardroom, visit her website at:  http://www.talktoamber.com. Connect with Amber online @talktoamber.

Solopreneur Spotlight: Patrice Cameau | @patricecameau


The Go-Getter Solopreneur. There’s nothing worse than having a dream with no funding to support it. Patrice Cameau understood this firsthand and instead of feeling defeated, she did something about and started her company. C.O.O.K.I.E. is a place where entrepreneurial goals and dreams come true. Their mission is to consistently encourage and empower females to become entrepreneurs and promote the efforts of women who create their own opportunities.


I love entrepreneurs and created C.O.O.K.I.E. (Create Opportunities. Overflowing Knowledge. Innately Empowered.) in 2012 after growing frustrated with the lack of affordable and non-intimidating support that existed for women business owners (like myself). C.O.O.K.I.E. is committed to helping women business owners THRIVE! I launched the #COOKIE2Thrive campaign to galvanize the world to support female entrepreneurs, and commit to creating a more robust network of support. To learn more, visit bit.ly/COOKIE2Thrive.


A true entrepreneur at heart and in action, Patrice shares a bit of her journey in this delightful Solopreneur Spotlight. We’re sure you’ll be inspired.

Do you work alone? Work with a partner or team?
I have a team of 2-4 people who assist with various events and campaigns, but I run the site and brand planning on my own (for now).

Tell us about your typical work day.
I wake up by 5:30am to meditate and get in a quick work out in my bedroom. Then breakfast, getting my 8-year old ready for school, and heading out the door.

I’m a strategic communications consultant (marketing and PR) by day, and start client work no later than 8:30am. Then, it’s meetings, social media updates, book tour scheduling, grand opening planning and whatever else my client’s need. I try to fit in Bikram Yoga sessions at least twice a week, then I pick up my son from school or one of his many extracurricular activities. Once we’re home, it’s all about him (dinner, homework, games, bedtime activities, etc.). I like to be in bed by 10pm, so that I’m refreshed and well-rested in the morning.

What is your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
Creating plans and executing, with little to no support. While solopreneurs may have partners or individuals who assist with different projects, we don’t have departments filled with people who are as equally vested as us on a daily basis. Getting people to do what you need them to do can be very difficult, especially when the long-term goals don’t directly impact them.

How have your relationships (or friendships) changed since becoming a solopreneur?
I’ve stopped doing things that don’t help me reach my goals. At some point, you can no longer waste time on things (and people) that don’t have any bearing on your bottom line, whatever that may be. For me, being an amazing mother, taking care of my family, helping entrepreneurs thrive and ensuring that my physical, mental and spiritual being is in tact matter more than anything else.

If you were given $5k, what would you do with the money?
Totally revamp www.theCOOKIElife.com, bring on a graphic designer and writer, and stash away something for our soon-to-open co-working and event space… bit.ly/COOKIE2Thrive

What book are you currently reading? What is it about?
“#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amorusa (Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal). It tells how she went from shoplifter to CEO of a $100M company (that she built from the ground up), all while giving tips to being a true BAWSE!

What are your favorite brands to follow on social media and why?
I love @karencivil because she’s positive, well-traveled and thoughtful. @JRINKjuicery is also a favorite because it’s owned by women, their Instagram visuals are always dope and their juices are absolutely amazing!

What is your dream job? Are you doing it right now?
I’m blessed to be working my dream job. Now…. my dream client would be a professional MLB or NBA player who would hire me to create and run his nonprofit organization. I know that everything I want will happen – as long as I work hard and stay thankful.


Thank you, Patrice, for this awesome peak into your life as a Solopreneur!


To learn more about Patrice or C.O.O.K.I.E, connect with her on social media @patricecameau or her websites www.theCOOKIElife.com and www.patricecameau.com. For those of you interested in your own Solopreneur Spotlight, simply fill out this form and wait for us to chat with you.

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