Session Spotlight: [RESOURCES] Google Analytics

Your RESOURCES Track at #BYOE15: Make Google Analytics Your B*tch

Do you dread checking your analytics because it feels complicated and confusing? Did you once try to setup Google Analytics and have since realized that something is wrong with the connection but you don’t know where to begin or how to fix it? Are you frustrated with keeping on top of all of the various metrics? Do you want to know how the GA Power Users use the tool? Curious as to what brands look at when they ask you for your traffic?
Well, you’re in luck!! The super smart and no-B.S., Maura Hernandez is going to teach us How to Make Google Analytics Your B*tch – in the most awesome and professional way, of course!


Meet Your Speaker!

About Maura:
Maura Wall Hernandez is the editor of, a lifestyle and parenting site for Latina moms, and the author of the award-winning food and travel blog,The Other Side of The Tortilla. As a journalist, Maura has more than a decade of staff experience working in business and lifestyle magazines, newspaper and online media outlets. She holds a master’s degree in journalism, has taught at the university level, and has spoken at local and national conferences on the topics of journalism, blogging and social media, including at the Accelerate with Google Partner Summit for minority small business owners. Maura is known in the blogging world not only for her recipes, photography and travel advice but also for her practical approach to teaching SEO and data-based social media strategies.

Make Google Analytics Your B*tch | Be Blogalicious

Sesson Spotlight: Your ‘PEOPLE’ Track at #BYOE15

Your ‘PEOPLE’ Track at #BYOE15


Can you believe that Blogalicious is NEXT WEEK?

We’re continuing our Session Spotlight Series to get you acquainted with the talented speakers and empire-building content that will be waiting for you in Baltimore with the spotlights of the sessions in the People track.

As a multicultural influencer community, we know just how important it is to be in tune with the unique experiences and nuances of each niche and culture. Video is a perfect example of that!

In this session, these four talented panelists will discuss:

  • What brands are looking for when they’re wanting to work with Hispanic content/video creators
  • Lessons from key Latino video influencers and how they built a strong video platform
  • Why brands want bilingual or multicultural content creators
  • How your content should be different than general market




Meet the PEOPLE Speakers!



Alejandra Ayala
Los Angeles based Latina blogger and YouTube sensation Alejandra Ayala started her online video content journey in 2013. Her blog, written in both Spanish and English, is where she shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Aside from, she also has a Spanish YouTube channel that has grown in the last nine months from 4,000 subscribers (or “Chulas,” as she likes to call them) to now more than 266,000. Her images on Instagram have consistently strong engagement with her loyal fans who anxiously await her posts and beauty tips. 




Piera Jolly

In addition to running her award-winning mom blog,, Piera Jolly is also co-CEO and co-founder of DiMe Media (formerly Latina Mom Bloggers), a Hispanic social media and content marketing firm which features the industry’s most comprehensive Word of Mouth communications services. With a national network of over 1,000 Latina and Latino influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and blogs, DiMe Media develops made-to-measure and culturally relevant campaigns that engage today’s multifaceted U.S. Hispanic consumers and offers full-service turnkey solutions for marketers including blogger brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts, product reviews, Twitter parties, influencer-brand events, Facebook chats, online media interviews and other custom-built programs.



Cristy Clavijo-Kish
Cristy is the founder and creator of Los Tweens & Teens, an online magazine and blog to aid parents and influencers raising tweens & teens- kids ages 7-17. She also is the co-CEO and co-founder of DiMe Media (formerly Latina Mom Bloggers), a Hispanic social media and content marketing firm featuring the industry’s most comprehensive Word- of-Mouth communications services. With a national network of over 1,000 Latina and Latino influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and blogs, DiMe Media develops made-to-measure and culturally relevant campaigns that engage today’s multifaceted U.S. Hispanic consumers and offers full-service, turn-key solutions for marketers including blogger brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts, product reviews, Twitter parties, influencer-brand events, Facebook chats, online media interviews and other custom-built programs.



Eric Finkelman

Eric Finkelman leads Business Development and Digital Strategy for Caballito, a joint-venture from two leading companies in the entertainment industry, Tiny Horse and ImaginaUS. Caballito devises, builds and executes custom strategies that enrich digital media, grow audiences and boost revenue for multinational brands and television IP in the US and LATAM markets.

With a background in film production and advertising, Eric has developed and executed multi-platform content and media strategies for Fox Sports, ESPN Deportes, Universal Pictures, Walmart, AT&T and Covergirl. His approach maximizes the use of digital for purposes of reaching relevantaudiences with great video content and social marketing. He continues to work closely with top digital talent and influencers to push innovation and engagement in the new media space.




Your ‘PEOPLE’ Track at #BYOE15 | Be Blogalicious


As a platform that celebrates diversity, I try – daily – to make sure that Blogalicious represents that mission in all that we do. Whether it be selecting speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds or even selecting a location for our conference that doesn’t necessarily fall into the traditional ideas of meeting cities.  It’s a continual challenge, however one that makes the brand and the community better.

Every now and then, an interesting curveball is thrown our way and I try to think strategically, and with an open mind – after all, Coming From a Place of YES, is part of our Blogalicious Brand Manifesto.  So when the team at Monsanto approached Blogalicious to participate at this year’s conference, specifically my long-time blogging friend Janice Person, while my initial reaction was one of trepidation, the analytical lawyer side of me decided to create an opportunity to put our platform to one of its intended uses – to open up the lines of communication between a major brand and our community. For those of you who don’t know, Monsanto is an agriculture company that provides seed and tools to farmers to help them improve their harvest.

Each of you, as bloggers and influencers has a unique voice and individual media platforms that allow you to research and share your perspectives on so many issues. Team Blogalicious has decided to provide you with that opportunity to investigate the facts for yourselves and to ask the questions that you want answered, directly from the horse’s mouth.

monsanto logo blogalicious

At this year’s conference, Monsanto will be hosting an America’s Farmer’s Suite, as well as a Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food breakout session panel featuring some of the local farmers that work with them.  We know that the mere mention of Monsanto in some circles automatically triggers an outcry, however, we do not want this to be a place or space to spew negativity; we do want you to take advantage of this chance to obtain clarity and to come to your own conclusions.

In fact, some of your colleagues and Blogalicious family have already been learning and sharing their perspectives on this issue:

Raijean Stroud, Swa-Rai

Kendra Pierson, Headband for Today

Danielle, The Cubicle Chick



image credits: and


Thank you for listening and we hope that appreciate the opportunity that this presents.

In the meantime, you can check out to see what the brand is doing as a whole to explain their business to consumers and answer your questions and to become a part of the conversation.

Domain.ME is a Blogalicious Conference Sponsor!

B7 Sponsor: Domain.Me

One of our wonderful sponsors for the annual Blogalicious Conference this year is Domain.ME! They’re as excited as we are for the opportunity to partner. Read their note below:


Domain.ME is thrilled to be a sponsor at the 7th Annual Blogalicious Conference in Baltimore! We relish the opportunity to meet so many excellent and diverse influencers in one of the most unique cities in the United States.

We’ll be hosting a special branding oriented suite to bring even more resources to help you BUILD YOUR EMPIRE! We believe personal development and branding is key to building your empire and what better way than having a unique URL? In addition to picking up your 1 FREE year of .ME, you’ll be able to sign up for special one-on-one sessions with conference speakers and branding experts, as well as simply relax and recharge in a super comfy suite complete with refreshments and snacks!
Check our site ( periodically for updates on exactly who’ll you have the opportunity to get face-to-face time with in our Blogalicious suite! See you there!

Domain.ME for B7 | Be Blogalicious

TechStyle Blab: What To Pack For Blogalicious Weekend

Our resident techie, Terrance Gaines (@BrothaTech), teamed up with Ty Alexander (@GorgeousinGrey), Christen Rochon (@DivasandDorks) and Mimi Green (@MimiCuteLips) to help you pack for Blogalicious Weekend 2015! That’s right, in a LIVE TechStyle Blab, the trio named tech and style essentials from must-have apps and gadgets to what to wear and not to wear, for your convenience.

The successful viewing took place this past Tuesday night, but in case you missed it (or need to watch it again), we’ve got the replay for you below. Take some time this weekend to finalize your last minute shopping and packing in preparation for #BYOE15 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Special thanks to Terrance, Ty, Christen and Mimi for this helpful TechStyle Blab.



What are you bringing to Blogalicious Weekend?


TechStyle Blab | Be Blogalicious

15 Things to Do in Baltimore During Blogalicious Weekend


15 Things to Do in Baltimore During Blogalicious Weekend [Guest Post]


Whenever someone mentions Baltimore, three things come to mind: O’s, Boh’s and Crab cakes! Granted, those might be our three claims to fame (and those Ravens, too), but there are so many other AMAZING things to see and do while in Baltimore. Since you lovely people will be visiting Baltimore for three whole days during Blogalicious Weekend, that means there’s plenty of time for you to see a little bit more of what our city has to offer.


Register for Blogalicious Weekend!


Being that I’m a Baltimore native and will attend Blogalicious Weekend, I figured I’d be your virtual tour guide on all things Baltimore. Below you’ll find a check list of the top things you can do, see and eat during your free time while in “Bawlmer”. Remember, they don’t call us Charm City for nothing. By the time you’re done with this list, you’ll be begging to call Baltimore ‘home’.


Top Things in Baltimore for Blogalicious Weekend

* = Close to the Marriott Waterfront Hotel (preferred hotel for #BYOE15 goers.)


1. Blue Moon Cafe*

What can I say, this girl loves her food so I had to start with it. Blue Moon Cafe is a tiny mom & pop, ten table cafe right outside of harbor east, serving up THEE BEST breakfast you can ask for. You may have seen them on Diners Drive Ins and Dives when Guy fell in love with their Captain Crunch French Toast. Trust me, you will too. They are open 24 hours a day starting Friday morning until Sunday at 9pm. I suggest making breakfast your dinner and going mid-day or late evening to skip 2 hour + wait. (That should let you know how good it is). It’s most definitely worth the trip.

What to Eat: A plate of Sweet Baby Jesus, Red Velvet Pancakes or Captain Crunch French Toast. Be ready to loosen those pants.



Blue Moon Cafe


2. Graffiti Ally

If you’re a fan of the arts or just looking for a funky back drop for an OOTD post, you’ll love Graffiti Ally. Tucked away in an L shaped ally between North Avenue and Howard Street, this gem is an ever changing art piece by local spray painters. It’s a beautiful thing to see and really shows off the skill and talent in this super artsy district. If you have the chance you MUST swing by. The last time I visited, they had the cutest little minions on one of the walls!




3. Baltimore Farmers Market

Staying through Sunday? As early as 7am, you can catch local crafts, artisans, farmers and chefs with their wears and eats on display at this Baltimore staple. We house it under the JFX every Sunday. If you’re only here for the weekend I would put this on your “don’t miss” list to get a true taste — literally and figuratively — of Baltimore. You’ll leave with everything from fresh flowers to bags of farm fresh veggies and crafts galore.


4. Sweet Tooth Heaven (cold edition)

If you’re looking for a sweet way to chill out over the weekend, I have two ice cream shops that are serving up the coolest taste in Baltimore:


Formerly known to us Baltimore folks as Uncle Wiggly’s, Jupiter is set in a picturesque area inside Mt. Washington along the Jones Falls River. Jupiter exclusively sells Baltimore made and black owned Taharka Brothers ice cream, which won Best of Baltimore 4 years running.

What to Eat: Be sure to grab their limited edition Peach ice cream if you can. It’s to die for!


The Charmery

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Jupiter, The Charmery is in Hampden (one of my favorite areas) on the Avenue. New to the scene, but already a local favorite, The Charmery uses locally sourced ingredients to whip up amazing ice cream with some B-more flair.  So if you like sodas from scratch or if flavors like Maryland Mud, Old Bay Carmel,  Tell Tale Chocolate and Lemon Stick sound like something you could sink your teeth, into don’t pass up this cute little ice cream shop on the corner!



The Charmery


5. Cylburn Arboretum

Take a little hike (in your car…not literally) up 83 and run into paradise nestled in the city. This is honestly one of my most favorite places to explore or just relax at. Depending on when you go in the season, you’ll get to see a host of different flowers, plants and just sheer natural beauty all around you. The grounds itself holds 4 different dedicated gardens, 5 different collections of trees from all across the world and 11 different trails, ranging from easy peasy for the inexperienced to hard as heck for those more up for a challenge. If you’re looking for quiet, relaxing beauty in Baltimore, it’s all here for you!




6. The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen

The Cathedral is the third largest Cathedral in the United States and I hear it is breath taking. I’ve never been, but since they’re open for tours until 7 PM, I plan on visiting soon. Its enormous vaulted ceilings and stained glass that catch sun rays on even the most hum drum of days leave locals in amazement.


7. Sweet Tooth Heaven (warm edition)

I couldn’t give you cold sweets without the perfect balance of warm sweets. Plus, these tasty toasty treats come from two of my personal favorite sweet shops in Baltimore.


Fractured Prune

Fractured Prune is located in Towson, Maryland, which is about 15 minutes outside the city and is well worth the trip. You’ll find ALWAYS hot doughnuts that you can make yourself. That’s right: You choose from dozen of glazes, toppings and extras to make your perfect treat or pick one of their super original flavors that are made fresh right in front of you.

What to Eat (My favorites): O.C. Sand and Strawberry Short Cake!


La Cakerie

I fell in love with La Cakarie by chance one spring day in Towson while looking for something to curve my craving for something sweet. I walked in, grabbed the usual safe vanilla cupcake, took one bite and immediately ordered 3 more cupcakes. Now one specialty cake and dozens of cupcakes later, I’m hooked and unsure as to how I have not gained 30lbs!

La Cakerie owner and executive Chef Jason Hisley, who is a past winner of Cupcake Wars, has nailed the head on how to make the perfect cupcake. They are light, fluffy and the perfect cupcake to frosting ratio. But La Cakerie doesn’t just serve up delectable sweets; you can feast on the savory as well with their full menu of cafe treats including sandwiches, soups and more.


8. Bolton Hill

Bolton Hill is beautiful example of classic 19th century Baltimore row homes and architecture set along tree lined streets. This historic and cultural district has hidden gems around every corner. Just walking from one street to the next you can find quaint gardens and lovely fountains. I often find myself getting lost in all its beauty every time I’m in the neighborhood. It gets extra points for housing one of my favorite places to eat, On the Hill Cafe, which has the most mouthwatering sandwiches and amazing Mexican inspired dishes.

What to Eat: Tamale Cakes or the On the Hill Club, but you don’t have to take my word for it.



Bolton Hill. Copyright 2012 Bill Adams –


9. Horseshoe Casino*

Just celebrating their one year anniversary, the Horseshoe Casino treats me well every time I go. Which is a good thing because losing money is NOT on my list of things to do. With six restaurants, a mix of table games and slots, events and concerts, a good time will always be had when you step through the doors of Horseshoe. So grab a blogger buddy, extra pennies for the slots (or the big bills if you’re feeling lucky) and give Horseshoe a try.


10. Baltimore Museum of Art

One of my favorite museums in Baltimore, just outside of the Charles Village neighborhood, is the Baltimore Museum of Art. I personally fell in love with their Contemporary wing the first time I went, however, what I may love most is their sculpture garden. This is always an interesting and beautiful place to visit. If you are into the museum scene you will not be disappointed!




11. Harbor East*

If your only interests involve fine dining, upscale shopping and beautiful harbor views, look no further than the streets of Harbor East. It is Luxury at your fingertips! I like to frequent Ra Sushi, however, Waterfront Kitchen is a tasty place to eat and the views from the dining room are beautiful.

Shops are a mix of local businesses like Curiosity and Sassanova and big name shops like J. Crew, Free People and South moon under. Catch a movie, get a massage or sit and watch the sun set by the dock — it’s all up to you in perfect little Harbor East.



Harbor East


12. Urban Pirates*

Up for a slightly tipsy swashbuckling good time? Unfortunately, Urban Pirates is another attraction I have not yet been able to attend myself, however I trust my friends’ expert opinion when they say this is a boat ride you don’t want to miss. Grab some of your girls your favorite *cough* adult beverage *cough* and let these pirates sail you along the seven seas, or in this case the harbor. Enjoy views, jokes, music, dancing, games and a jolly old’ good time under the setting sun!


13. Federal Hill Park*

Federal Hill Park is just on the other side of the Inner Harbor and provides one of the best views of the city. Like most things in our city, it also boasts Historic features, cannons that once manned Fort Federal Hill during the Civil War, and monuments commemorating The Battle of Baltimore 1814. It is great for picnics, late night stargazing & boo loving’. If you’re looking for a bit more of a turn up, just take a little walk down to the classic Federal Hill Bars.




14. Hampden

Hampden may just be my favorite neighborhood in all of Baltimore city. Its Kitschy Eclectic vibes with a 1950’s spin just makes you feel at home. Its main street “the Avenue” is lined with great eateries and super cute original shops filled with everything you could ever want. Grab a bite to eat and mix and mingle with locals as you take in the sights. If you’re looking for a great drink, I suggest 13.5% Wine Bar and for some great eats The Food Market must not be passed up.


15. Visionary Arts Museum*

If you’re looking for a completely different museum experience, this will be it. They specialize in the preservation of “outsider art” better known as intuitive art. With 67,000 feet of exhibition space and 4,000 staple art pieces, it is surely a sight to see. Calling itself the “un-museumy museum”, there’s no need to feel stuffy once inside. The space itself screams creativity from the front doors to its super sparkly glass exterior and glass trees.


Ready to explore Baltimore now? Be sure to have fun, eat well, drink responsibly and be merry. If you do try any of these spots, be sure to snap a pic while there, post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #ThePrettyGirlsGuideBmore. See you at #BYOE15 — Blogalicious Weekend!




Deanna is a 26 year old single millennial blogger and lover of all things beauty, fashion, food & travel. Personally, she likes to think of herself as a professional “curlfriend” & Pretty Girl enthusiast. Shes makes it her mission to help women embrace their beauty on the inside & out no matter their size or race through her no nonsense (ok, maybe there’s some nonsense) advice. Check her out on her blog, The Pretty Girls Guide, where you will find her sometimes comedic take on natural hair, fashion, beauty & all the little curves life throws at you with tips on how to throw it right back!

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Hurricane Katrina & More :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

Hurricane Katrina, News & How You Can Help



This week, we’re taking a break from #BYOE15 news to commemorate Hurricane Katrina’s ten year anniversary. While it’s hard to believe that the tragedy is a decade old, what’s worse it that thousands of children are still affected by the tragedy. Today, we’re sharing with you how you can help, as well as other news happening now.


Hurricane Katrina: What’s Going On? Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, leaving more than 1,300 people dead and displacing 1 million people from their homes. But those most affected were children—the record storm led to 5,000 reports of missing children and 370,000 children forced out of school.

Disasters can take down power lines and cellphone towers in seconds. With 69 million children in school or child care every day, separated from their parents, all families need a plan to stay connected. Marceline learned that lesson all too well when Hurricane Katrina separated her from her 2-year-old daughter (Watch her video). Use Save the Children’s online Emergency Contact Card tool to make cards that can serve as a lifeline between you and your child – then spread the word!



Find videos, links and social posts ready to share at our Hurricane Katrina Anniversary Social Press Kit.

#GetReady #Katrina10

Get our 2015 Disaster Report and more:




U.S. Conference on AIDS. The 19th annual United States Conference on AIDS (USCA), will take place September 10-13, 2015, at the new Washington Marriott Marquis hotel located at 901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW in Washington, DC. For nearly two decades, USCA has sought to increase the strength and diversity of the community-based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic through education, training, new partnerships, collaboration and networking.

USCA is the largest AIDS-related gathering in the U.S., bringing together over thousands of workers from all fronts of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic—from case managers and physicians, to public health workers and advocates, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/As) to policy-makers—to build national support networks, exchange the latest information and learn cutting-edge tools to address the challenges of HIV. For inquiries regarding USCA or any upcoming conferences, please contact us at conferences@nmac.orgPlease also visit their website at


Blogust’s Shot @ Life. Blogust is a month-long digital dialogue, bringing more than 45 of the most beloved online writers, photo and video bloggers and Shot@Life Champions together to help change the world through their words and imagery.

During the 2012 Mom 2.0 Summit, a comment was made during one of the sessions that changed the way the Shot@Life campaign looked at our work. Liz Gumbinner, author of Mom 101 said “Comments are our currency”. We took that to heart and brought together top voices who cared about the issue of global vaccines for children and Blogust was born!

In our fourth year of Blogust, our blogger alumni are back to help get vaccines to children around the world. Stacey took to her blog about it HERE.


Source: Blogust.



I Can Be Girls Confidence Conference. 10-year-old Olivia Allen held a conference last weekend to teach girls between the ages of 8-12 to have confidence in themselves! The event was free and attendees listened to Allen speak “about the physical, social and emotional changes young girls experience when they enter puberty, and how those changes affect their confidence and self-esteem.”


The “I Can Be” Girls Confidence Conference will be a unique experience for tween girls ages 8 – 12 where they can be comfortable and accepted being who they and learn how to confidently go after their dreams. Through key note speakers, workshops and hearing from other young girls who have boldly gone after their dreams, attendees will walk away with a sense that “I Can Be” anything I want to be!


If this event wasn’t sweet enough, Allen asked that all participants bring new or used school uniform pieces that will be donated to the Home of the Innocents. We know the event has passed, but it was too heart-warming not to share!  Clutch Magazine reported on the Conference here.


Source: Eventbrite.



#bLink Laundry Redefined Compilation



26 bloggers were chosen through our bLink Marketing Network to test laundry detergents with the Laundry Redefined campaign.  Based on the raving reviews we’ve seen, its safe to bet that those bloggers appreciated the cleanliness and freshness of their laundry, thanks to this awesome campaign. Here’s what they had to say about their experience, brought to you by the Laundry Redefined campaign.


“Tide Pods make my life easier because they’re convenient either at home or away. The simple package of three-in-one means that I don’t have to worry about measuring the right amount or carrying along any other laundry products. Each pod has cleaning agents, stain removers and brighteners measured with just the right amounts. They’re also convenient because I usually have them in my house but if I forget them, I know that I’m going to easily be able to find my product of choice regardless of where I am in the world and able to get a familiar piece of home while making sure that I have a product I can trust to make sure I look my best especially as I’m meeting clients.” — @HeadbandForToday


“I spend countless hours searching for the right candles for my house; and I mean different scents for different rooms. I sniff towels when I’m a guest (isn’t that rude?!) to see if they smell “fresh”. As a matter of fact, I smell mine when they come out of the dryer to make sure they smell yummy. Anyway, I’m sharing all of my idiosyncrasies because you need to know I have a love affair with scents but, equally as important, with Gain/Tide pods! The new Tide pods are a “three-fer” with Oxiboost, detergent, and Febreze all in one little pod. I tried and they are officially my new home addiction. Try them once and, like me, become obsessed. I love my new Tide Pods because I now don’t have to “remember” the Oxi and the Febreze- it’s all together.” — @Blueprint4Style


Gain flings! Deliver an unsurpassed cleaning experience with OxiBoost for added cleaning power and a concentrated formula with 2x more cleaning ingredients than Gain liquid detergent that gives better cleaning on the toughest stains.” — @SavingsATLMoms


“I had to find a solution, and +Tide Pods and +Gain Flings! have helped me save a lot of time. Thanks to the 3-in-1 benefit of Gain detergent, the added cleaning power of OxiBoost, and the odor fighting power of Febreeze I have been able to spend less time washing and more time enjoying my laundry freshness longer.Gain flings! offer a long-lasting scent experience that helps. The combination of Tide Pods performance and convenience helps my whites stay white and gives me that stain fighting clean I need to look my best.” — @TheKylaLive


Source: Pink Proverb.


“I love using these Gain cute little pod/flings. No mess, scooping, just drop and go!  Great innovation means more than just creating something new – it can actually help improve lives. And the revolutionary laundry pacs developed by Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Gain brands have reinvented the laundry process to provide excellent cleaning and freshness results, with minimal time and effort.” — @KiwiTheBeauty


“I’ve been using Tide for as long as I can remember.  After spending the summer with my mom (the Queen of off brand detergent) my love for it grew even more.  And I think my clothes were just as happy because now they didn’t feel like cardboard…LOL!  Just after one use with the pods, my clothes were brighter, white and smelled amazing.  Now just as much as I dislike doing laundry…I LOVE the smell of freshly laundered clothes.  Aaaaahhhhh…”can you smell what the Tide is cooking?” ” — @coily_locks


Source: Coily Locks.


We’re sending a huge THANK YOU to our #bLinkbiz partner as well as our blogger friends for their outstanding reviews and tweets!


Disclaimer: The bloggers who participated in this campaign were compensated for their reviews.



Build Your Own Empire :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

Build Your Own Empire, Boss

8-20-15 - Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

We’re still talking about #BYOE15, which stands for Build Your Own Empire, because we’re that excited! In less than 20 days, our community will have the chance to catch up with friends AND learn how to build their own empires, or add to their existing ones. Read what more we’ve got to say about #BYOE15!


Empire Builders’ Row Invite. This year, we’re taking it up a notch and offering YOU a chance to sell your products to our 350 Blogalicious Weekend attendess. You read that correctly! Read this VERY detailed invitation on how you can sell the hottest product(s) in your store to hundreds of eager-to-spend consumers who’ll remember your business forever. Don’t miss out — the application deadline is TOMORROW!



Stacey Ferguson: Leader & Power Presenter. Our founder, Stacey Ferguson, does a lot for us here at Blogalicious. Now you can expect to hear six figure earning tips directly from her at Blogalicious Weekend’s first VIP Mastermind Day. In case you missed it, read Stacey’s write up HERE!




Build Your Own Empire…with 6 Figures! Arsha Jones, owner of Tees in the Trap and Capital City Co., is a mogul in the making who’s ready to share how she earned six figures by selling products on her blog. She’s taken the t-shirt business by storm and knows exactly how to brand, market, and hustle towards a life changing income. The best part is that she and her brilliant knowledge will be at Blogalicious Weekend this year. #BYOE15 is real!




The Perfect Pitch from the Perfect Pitcher! Black Enterprise’s own Alfred Edmond, Jr. took to Periscope how to prepare for the perfect pitch. If no one else is qualified to teach the art of pitching, Mr. Edmond is. His tips were on point and it’s important that you know he’s one of the judges for this year’s Perfect Pitch III contest brought to you by Wells Fargo. Missed it? Catch the replay HERE!

***The deadline for the Perfect Pitch III contest has been extended to TOMORROW, 8/21/15, FYI!***



We Want You to ‘Build Your Own Empire’ | Be Blogalicious

Power Presenter Monday: Stacey Ferguson

Power Presenter Monday: Stacey Ferguson

power-presenter-monday-stacey-ferguson-be-blogalicious listed 9 traits that define great leadership. The traits listed were awareness, decisiveness, empathy, accountability, confidence, optimism, honesty, focus and inspiration. Stacey Ferguson, founder of Blogalicious and Fergie Lifestyle Media, is a prime example of those traits at work, and thankfully, Team Blogalicious gets to witness them every day.

Stacey does what a lot of entrepreneurs and leaders don’t do in the age of social media, and that’s take a chance on new people who may be years shy on experience, but are filled with creativity, passion and ambition. Her passion for people has introduced thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs to each other as well as big brands that they might not have met on their own. To add to that, she’s consistently taught courses on sponsorships this year for those who are serious about making money for their brands via webinars and intensives.

Blogalicious Weekend 2015, where the theme is Build Your Own Empire, will be a conference like no other because of our VIP Mastermind Day. In the past four weeks, we’ve introduced you to the event’s Power Presenters that include Aprille Franks-Hunt, Jessica Clark, Lamar Tyler and now our Stacey Ferguson. To learn more about Blogalicious’ fearless leader, read her biography below:

Stacey (also known online as Justice Fergie) is a digital brand strategist, new media attorney, veteran blogger, event producer, social media personality, public speaker, freelance writer, and Chief Curator of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity among women in social media.

Since 2006, Stacey has grown the Blogalicious community to a movement of over 8,000 multicultural influencers. Through the Blogalicious b-Link Marketing Network, Stacey creates and activates influencer outreach and social marketing campaigns for brands and organizations including: Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Sears/Kmart, Aio Wireless, The US State Department and more. The cornerstone of the Blogalicious brand is its annual Blogalicious Weekend conference, produced by Stacey and her team since 2009, that is a 3-day educational and experiential event featuring high-profile speakers (such as Marc Morial, Amy DuBois Barnett, Soledad O’Brien) and major consumer brands (such as KIA Motors, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Interactive, General Mills, Johnson and Johnson and many more). She is responsible for a 200+% growth increase in both conference attendance and sponsorship revenues in 5 short years.

As Founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, she combines media, publishing, consulting & events to inspire women to live richly with strategies for turning personal passions into viable brands.  She regularly consults with both startups and established brands on digital and brand strategy, as well as influencer outreach and social media disclosure guidelines.

Stacey also is an accomplished public speaker, presenting at conferences and events nationally – from the ESSENCE Women’s Conference to SXSW to BlogHer to the Pennsylvania Conference for Women – and served as an Advisor for Media Bistro’s Summer Social Media Marketing Bootcamp.  She was a contributing tech writer or Babble (a Disney brand); a vlogger on the OMMA award-winning SheKnows’ Mommalogues; and is an inaugural cast member of Go Mighty.  She is also a proud ONE Campaign Community Partner, Shot@Life Fellow, and an advisory Board Member of ‘we teach’, Fanatchicks and iBlog Magazine.

Stacey has been featured in various media, including NPR, Fox, Southern Living Magazine, The Washington Post, The Loop21, Mashable, Sirius-XM Radio, Uptown Magazine, Black Enterprise, JET Magazine, Mommy Noire, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, and all around the Web. She has been named as a 2012 Best Brand of the Year by Stiletto Media and A Top 10 Black Innovator of 2013 by MVMT50 at SXSW.

She is a wife, and mother of 3 and resides in the DC Metro Area, and was an attorney in the US Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Advertising Practices for 7 years, where she specialized in investigating unfair acts and practices relating to social media disclosures, spyware and adware, and peer-to-peer file sharing, among other hi-tech goods and services issues. Stacey received her B.S. in Telecommunications, with a specialization in Radio and Television Production from the University of Florida, and her J.D. from the Howard University School of Law.




Power Presenter Monday: Stacey Ferguson

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