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5 Branding Lessons We Learned From KIA

When was the last time a brand made you feel truly special? For us, it was KIA at Blogalicious Weekend in Miami, Florida.

KIA returned as our premium conference sponsor and totally lived up to the title. Throughout the weekend, attendees raved about their swanky activations and trendy gifts. But what separated KIA from the pack was their staff. As consumers, we’ve all encountered brands who deplete their resources in marketing and branding, while overlooking the intimate ways they can physically interact with their audience. From the warm welcome attendees received upon walking into their Suite to the safety precautions their vehicle operators took, KIA exhibited great customer service. The staff focused on ensuring that our attendees got the most out of their time together, thus engraining brand awareness and for some, loyalty.

When we checked social media, it became clear that KIA was a collective favorite of the Blogalicious tribe. Our hashtags #Blogalicious9 and #TribeUp are embedded with photos of attendees enjoying delectables in KIA’s suite, cruising down Biscayne Blvd in a 2017 model car, or fawning over free curated beauty and skincare products. This kind of response reminds us of how important it is to know your audience, their needs, and how and when to address them.

It’s important to us that we adjoin our audience with sponsors who “get them”. In confidence, we can say that KIA exceeded all expectations! Here are just a few branding lessons we learned from our time spent with the motor company.

9 branding lessons we learned from KIA

  1. Assemble the right tribe for your brand and its activations. Make sure they represent your mission with pride and integrity.
  2. Train your staff. Once you curate your tribe, equip them to serve your audience. With hundreds of attendees KIA’s staff met throughout Blogalicious Weekend, they were knowledgeable and prepared to handle next steps.
  3. Diversify your offering. For each day they were on the scene, this sponsor had something new to offer, which is great for diverse audiences.
  4. Make signing up easy. Consumers want to give you their contact information. Just make it easy for them to give.
  5. Be on trend. Everyone with a smartphone has heard about Rihanna’s new makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Due to the singer’s popularity – and the quality product features – those products are hardly in stock. Imagine the Blogalicious women’s surprise when they walked away with free Fenty products and a chance at a $50 Sephora gift card. This level of “on trend” is what we’re after!


Thank you, KIA, for being one of this year’s Title Sponsors! We appreciate the lessons, too.

Moving Forward: The Next Chapter in the Blogalicious Story
In 2005, I was a corporate lawyer who was giving my heart and soul to a company I wasn’t sure cared about my well-being as a person. It was always about the work – staying late, skipping meals, climbing the ladder. I got tired of that and wanted to have more, be more, and do more with my life.
Outside of my corporate job, I was a blogger. Myself, along with some other like-minded women who were in a similar situation as me, created Blogalicious in 2009 as a space to create a community offline, that we had found with our readers online.
Back then, I couldn’t have imagined that we’d still be at this nine years later! Since we got our start, we’ve become the premier conference celebrating the diversity of women in social media. We’ve worked with a stellar family of brands such as KIA, McDonald’s, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and Dove who have trusted us to tell their stories through unforgettable campaigns and initiatives with the help of our community.
From the legendary GAIN party in 2012 to the private movie screening of Beyond the Lights with Gina Prince-Bythewood in 2014, we’ve done and seen it all as a conference. We’ve had so much fun, learning, laughing, and growing together.
Now, however, things are changing.  As an industry, blogging has evolved. Social media has changed. Trends have come and gone, and there’s a new one starting every day! With our 10th year quickly approaching, I felt like it was time for us to evolve along with this industry we love so much.
What we’re anticipating is a series of multi-city events that bring you all the good vibes and great content that you’re used to, but for less time and in a more intimate setting. Imagine all of the deep-diving we do on the conference VIP Day, but more times throughout the year. I will also continue to serve you by bringing brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs together in a purposeful and profitable way, as a coach and consultant.
There’s so much more in store for us in this next chapter of the Blogalicious story. It is my hope that you’ll stay on the journey with us, pen in hand, ready to take your starring role. Learn more about ‘What’s Next?’
With Love,
On Dove: Expect More, Expect Better

This past weekend had us in a collective state of WTF? We were shocked, angry and hurt. Here’s why: over the last several years, we’ve seen the Dove brand working diligently to break barriers when it comes to redefining standards of beauty. We were excited about how they were celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and colors and being forceful and forthright about representing all of us in the media.

We paid special attention to how Dove supported our blogging communities – whether with We All Grow Latina or Mom 2.0 or Blogalicious and more, the Dove partnerships have been thoughtful and genuine and those qualities have shone through. When we work with them, we always feel that they are coming from a place of respect and collaboration, and that has made them a trusted partner over the years.

So when we heard about the 3-second GIF that appeared on Facebook, we definitely felt like we were hit with a ton of bricks. It just so happened that the news broke while we were wrapping our 9th annual conference. That meant we were all in a room together! The feeling of disappointment and confusion was palpable – I said to the group of women bloggers of color that I was standing with: “I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”

Before I had a chance to reach out to Dove, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had already reached out to me. This made a lot of sense; this is the Dove that I know and respect. We hopped on the phone yesterday morning – their entire team with Pamela King and me. And, the first words out of their mouths were: “We are deeply, deeply sorry.” There were no excuses or corporate ‘splaining – just a promise that an action plan was being developed to ensure that something so offensive would not happen again. The Dove team that has worked on several influencer campaigns and conference sponsorship activations with the Blogalicious community are all women of color – and they were clearly upset and offended by the ad. They assured us that the entire brand accepts full responsibility for the offense and that management at the highest level is involved to make things right.


On Sunday, during our closing Fireside Chat at the conference, Amber Wright asked me how leading with my heart has shaped how I do business. In this case, it’s made me consider the fullness of the issue for all parties involved. As my husband always reminds me: “Taller trees experience stronger winds.” Because Dove has made the conscious decision to be a warrior in the fight for positive and diverse representation in retail and the media, they are treading in waters that can be very dangerous if not handled with the utmost care. They also have pushed us to expect more from them. To expect betterThis is a good thing. If this incident causes them to tighten up their internal processes, globally, hopefully, that standard that will become the norm across all major brands.

As we wait for the specifics of their action plan, let’s continue to expect more and expect better. To use our voices and our platforms to call foul when we see it, and to speak our truths. While we have a ball connecting and collaborating and lifting each other up in-person and online, let’s never forget that our Blogalicious Mission is 3-fold.

Serving as “a think tank and mouthpiece for causes, policies, and issues affecting the multicultural digital space,” means that Blogalicious will continue to seek out answers from and forge partnerships with the people that are making a difference. It may get a little messy at times, but that’s what it means to be on the front lines.

Read their updated statement HERE.


— Stacey Ferguson, CEO & Co-Founder of Blogalicious and Founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media

Read These Frequently Asked Questions About #Blogalicious9

Blogalicious Weekend is among us! For those of you with questions running rampant in your mind or group chats, we’ve created this post featuring many of the questions we’ve been asked thus far. If this list doesn’t include your question, please check your inbox for previously sent B9 newsletters and posts in the Social Suite. (Read this, too.) Reach out to Team Blogalicious for immediate concerns.


Where is Blogalicious 9 being held? The Hilton Miami Downtown hotel located at 1601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, Florida, 33132.

How far is the hotel from Miami International Airport? 15 minutes! And 5 minutes from Port of Miami.

What should I wear and/or pack? Ashley Carter of Fab Ellis wrote this wardrobe-friendly post about her first visit to Blogalicious. Use it for inspiration while keeping in mind that Miami is hot!

Is it too late to find a roommate? Check out the Roommate Thread in the Social Suite.

Will we have time to play in the pool? Yes!

Who are the speakers this year? Here’s our directory of Speakers.

Who are the 2017 ambassadors? Meet the ambassadors here!

How can I create or update my schedule? You can do both on Sched. You can also download Sched to your phone’s home screen, print your schedule, and/or sync it to your Calendar.

How can I chat with my conference friends? Attendees are viewable on Sched so you can see who will be there as well as their sessions. You can also join Mighty Networks and chat with everyone about all things Blogalicious Miami!

What is Mighty Networks? Well, first, join us! MN is an app dedicated to keeping digital communities like ours in touch with one another while at large events. You can post questions, new topics, articles, events, create groups and so much more. Send private messages to your roommates. Create groups to meet up with your conference friends after sessions. Essentially, do all the things in Mighty Networks!

Is it too late to volunteer for Blogalicious Weekend? Yes.

Can I attend multiple sessions at once? No.

Am I allowed to record in sessions? Please keep live recordings to a minimum. We want you to enjoy your experience and respect the speaker, too. We encourage photos, tweets, quotables, and recaps.

How can I give feedback to Team Blogalicious? We’ll send you a survey after B9 weekend to gauge your experience.

Do I need to attend every session? No. Your schedule is your own! Build it before or during the conference.

Will we experience Miami in the evenings? Several of our sponsors are hosting offsite events that have been shared through our newsletter. Check your email and see what you missed. (We’ll cross our fingers for you and hope there are some slots left.) Should you explore Miami on your own, tag us in your photos online!

Will there be food onsite? Of course! We’re serving breakfast and lunch daily.

What is this year’s hashtag? Our official and primary hashtag is #Blogalicious9. If you have space please also use #TribeUp, our theme this year.

Will Blogalicious pay for my travel and/or hotel? No.

Who are our sponsors this year? Find our wonderful sponsors here.

Are you offering onsite daycare? No. We cannot be held responsible for your children.

Are day passes available? Yes! Check out all of our ticket options here.

What if this list doesn’t answer my question(s)? DM us on Twitter or post in the Social Suite or Mighty Networks during the event. A team member will respond to you as soon as possible. We’re on social media @BeBlogalicious everywhere.


See you in Miami!

9 Things To Do Before Blogalicious Weekend 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Blogalicious Weekend is the event to attend this year. We’ve emailed and shared updates about our wonderful sponsors, speakers, and workshops. You know who’ll be there, what they’re bringing and that the opportunity for you to network is there. By now, you also know that we’re returning to Miami and will make the Hilton Miami Downtown our home for that weekend.

In today’s Round Up, we’re not rehashing what you already know. Instead, we’re providing you with a checklist to ensure that you get the fullness of the Blogalicious experience. We want you to learn and have fun. If you do these things now, you’ll spend more time doing just that come October 5-8!




Have you booked your hotel room?

We’re staying at the Hilton Miami Downtown this year. While our $199/night room special has passed, we hope there are still some rooms available for you. See what the hotel has to offer if you’re still in need of a room. And if that doesn’t work in your favor, learn how you can find a roommate from the Blogalicious community below.

Have you found a roommate?

We have a long Roommate thread in our exclusive Facebook group for attendees in need of roommates. (You can’t miss the photo!) Take a look at the comments and see who still needs a roommate or two. This will be a fun way to get to know new people, reconnect with your old friends and save money on your room.

Have you joined the Social Suite?

As mentioned above, we have an exclusive group for past and present conference attendees called the Blogalicious Social Suite. We share tips, resources, ideas and new ways of doing the same old thing. We’re big on engaging and cultivating community, so if you’re on Facebook (we know you are) and you’re coming to #Blogalicious9, join our group here. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you signed up for our newsletter?

If you’re on our email list, your inbox is constantly on #fleek! That’s because we want to keep you informed on what’s happening with us, in the community and for the conference. Besides, our theme is Tribe Up, so it’s only right that we have your back by sending you all our plans! Now’s a great time to plan your introductions to our wonderful sponsors like Kia, Change the Cycle, and Jack Daniel’s in case you’d like to chat with their representatives. Join the Blogalicious newsletter today.

Have you registered for #Blogalicious9?

None of the above would be possible if you aren’t registered for the conference! Without having registered, you won’t get a nice name tag, have a reserved #SeatAtTheTable, or have the opportunity to connect with coaches and mentors like Stacey Ferguson, Andrea Corson, Emilie Aries and Ana Flores! Blogalicious 9 is somewhere you want to be and the best part is that we really want you there! Register now while we still have tickets left.

Have you built your schedule?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could select which workshops and sessions you want to attend now? With Sched, that’s possible! Take 5 minutes to look at our extensive agenda and plug in where you want to be each day of Blogalicious Weekend. While you have the option to print out your schedule, Sched makes it easy with its digital capabilities. You can also download the app, with the conference logo, to your phone’s home screen for easy access. (Our Tech Advisor, Terrance Gaines, can help you do this! Tag him in the Social Suite.) Build your schedule here.

Have you joined Mighty Networks?

Every year we look for the best ways to keep in contact with you while on Conference grounds. Enter Mighty Networks, a new community dedicated to community builders, entrepreneurs, marketers, and leaders building the most compelling and successful new digital brands. You guys have been sending invites left and right via Mighty Networks and it’s been cool to watch. If you haven’t created your free profile and downloaded the app, do it here.

Have you accepted special invitations?

Remember we invited you to join our newsletter above? Well, the key to getting access to exclusive events and activations is by being on our list. So far we’ve sent invitations on behalf of Jack Daniel’s, Stop Stalling, American Heart Association, and more. Get in there, fam! We wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Have you followed us on social media?

Following us on social media is a MUST! Next week, our Ambassadors, along with our super-creative attendees, will share the Blogalicious Experience in dynamic ways – through live video, tweets, stories, blog posts and more. We’re on social media everywhere @BeBlogalicious and are using hashtag #Blogalicious9 to record what it means to Tribe Up!

Easy, right? We can’t wait to see you there! Let us know if you have any questions.

Register for Blogalicious Weekend

#Blogalicious9 Meet Pro Baller Keith Sims in the Go RVing Suite

Stop by the Go RVing Suite located in Concerto D:

1:00PM – 2:00pm or 4:30pm – 5:30pm

11:30 – 12:30pm & 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Take your best selfie with Keith Sims, retired NFL offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins & the Washington Redskins and an enthusiastic RV’er.


After 11 years in the trenches of the NFL, Keith Sims was ready for a change of pace. Little did he know his wife, Tia, had been plotting for this moment for years and had long ago decided that they and their three boys were going to discover new roads in an RV. They now spend more than 100 days and nights each year touring the country and use the travel experiences to enhance the boys’ homeschool education.

You can follow their adventures at

Tag your posts on Facebook and Twitter with #GoRVing #Blogalicious9 to win one of two $100 Amazon Gift Cards!
Visit; A great resource to help you plan your next vacation!

Click to Tweet It!
What’s up @soulfulrvfamily? Can’t wait to meet you and talk travel with @GoRving at the @BeBlogalicious conf! #GoRVing at #Blogalicious9

See you in a bit!
Team Blogalicious

Experience Jack Daniel’s at #Blogalicious9


Your friends at Jack Daniel’s have returned! Join us in the #FriendsOfJack hospitality suite at #Blogalicious9 in Miami for fun games, live cocktail demos, whiskey tastings and more.

The Suite Schedule

Tastings: Friday, October 6th @ 4:30pm
You’re invited! Jack Daniel’s is hosting tastings for #FriendsOfJack in the hospitality suite on Friday. Your friends at Jack Daniel’s encourage you to drink responsibly.

Farewell Happy Hour: Saturday, October 7th @ 4:30pm
You’re invited! Jack Daniel’s is hosting a farewell happy hour for #FriendsOfJack in the hospitality suite on Saturday. Join us for delicious cocktails, cool music, and small bites as we wind down from a fun-filled weekend in Miami. Cocktails are refreshments will be provided until exhausted. Your friends at Jack Daniel’s encourage you to drink responsibly.

#FriendsOfJack Miami Experience


You’re invited to join us on Friday, October 6 for the #FriendsOfJack Miami Experience from 9:30-11:30 pm. Be prepared for an evening of great music, delicious cocktails and more. If you attended the party we hosted during #Blogalicious8, then you know it’s an event you will not want to miss!

This event is open to conference attendees ages 21+. Please RSVP now for a chance to join us, as space is limited. The location will be shared upon confirmation. Transportation to and from the event will be provided.

Hope to see you there! Space is limited and you MUST RSVP!


Keep up with our exciting activities during the conference using #FriendsofJack on social media. Be sure you stop in the suite to pick up some cool swag too! In the meantime, please check out for cocktail recipes and more.

Your Friends at Jack Daniel’s encourage you to drink responsibly.

Team Blogalicious

Meet The Social Media Ambassadors for Blogalicious 9

Social media is an important component of our business and promotional strategy. It’s one of our favorite ways to interact with and learn about our growing community. So when the time came to curate a strategic and creative social media team for Blogalicious 9, the ultimate conference for multicultural bloggers and influencers, we knew we needed the best talents in our community.

The selection process was no joke! Seriously, you guys didn’t make it easy on us simply because so many of you have great brands and even better personalities. But after a few weeks of peeling back the layers, we selected candidates we’re confident will represent our mission, #TribeUp theme, and overall Conference with love and respect.

With only two short weeks until we reunite with you in sunny Miami, Florida, now’s the perfect time to introduce you to this year’s Social Media Ambassadors for Blogalicious 9, or #SMAB9s for short. Show them some love in the Social Suite and on their social channels, guys!

Tennille Martinez


Tennille Martinez (@msvirtualmaven) is an Online Business Strategist helping busy entrepreneurs with Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant services, and Digital Marketing. Her passion is tweeting social media tips, blogging about entrepreneurial hacks, and pinning great content on Pinterest.

“I am so excited about being part of the Blogalicious conference in Miami. What better hospitality than to welcome you and my tribe to the Miami Blogalicious experience!”








ashley-ellis-social-media-ambassadors-b9Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter is the creator of FabEllis, a beauty, life, and style blog.  She is passionate about encouraging women to look and feel fabulous.  She loves sharing godly, go-getter inspiration and of course, wearing great lipstick.  Ashley lives in North Carolina and will always be a country girl at heart. Follow her everywhere at @IAmFabEllis.

“I am excited to be a #SMAB9 because Blogalicious is my favorite conference!  I attended for the first time in 2013 and it was truly life changing for me and the direction of my blog.  I can’t wait to share highlights of the conference online and I hope it inspires others to see the amazing opportunities in blogging.”





Samantha Broxton

samantha-broxton-social-media-ambassadors-b9Risk and Analytics professional, Social Butterfly, and Life-Long Learner living in Southern California—Samantha has a laundry list of goals and aspires to try her hand at everything from penning a work of fiction to launching socially impactful entrepreneurial ventures. She loves narrative and believe in the power of personal narrative to heal, bridge gaps, and build stronger community. A nomad, amateur chef, DIYer and natural living advocate. Sophia prefers to grow my own veggies and make my own deodorant. She blogs a bit, has been known to back-up sing, and loves having long conversations with complete strangers about their lives and passions. Sophia has a healthy obsession with period and obscure films, as well as science fiction everything (let’s discuss the multiverse)! Follow her everywhere at @raisingself.

“Funny story, I got married at Blogalicious ’10 in Miami, so it’s nice to come back to Blogalicious as a part of the team and celebrate my 7th anniversary after.”





Renee Matthews

Dr. Renee (@askdrrenee) hosts The Ask Dr. Renee Show, a weekly YouTube show to motivate and inspire viewers to “Live the life they deserve”. She also hosts a daily Periscope show, #ReneesRemedies where she gives helpful health, business and life tips. Dr. Renee has been a contributing health writer for,,, and She is also a sought after speaker for various health organizations and schools. In addition to writing about health, Dr. Renee is a social media coach, conducts speaking engagements on social media, branding, motivation, and becoming an entrepreneur.

“I am excited to be a #SMAB9 because it is an amazing conference and I want to make sure I share the awesomeness of this conference with my community. There are many people that wonder what happens at these conferences and I want to let them behind the scenes of all the FUN!!”

Joi Light


Joi Light is a lifestyle blogger that makes being a working mom look easy. She shows moms that they were women first and can still have a life after creating one. Follow her everywhere at @itsjoitomyworld.

“I can’t wait to be a Social Media Ambassador for Blogalicious 9 and share all the inside scoop on such an amazing conference.  Being around so many like-minded creatives and soaking up sun and knowledge is the ultimate weekend for a lifestyle blogger like myself.”









Lees Garcia

Lees Garcia owns Glossy Grape (@Lees.Garcia), a product review blog complemented by beauty and lifestyle articles, finding the best of the best products to enhance your daily routine! She is based out of Tampa, Florida and has been blogging since 2015. She also owns a chain of e-commerce brands, from affordable lashes to trendy beauty products online via

“I’m excited to be a #SMAB9 because I can put my years of hosting and event coverage skills to good use! Blogging is my passion and I am excited to learn, network, and communicate through this awesome event!”


Briana Ford


Briana Ford is the Managing Editor of Awesomely Techie. At her day job, she is a Digital Marketing Strategist, helping small businesses with their web, social, and search marketing strategies. She loves Apple products, is leary of smart houses (thanks to Disney), and is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs.

“I’ve been going to Blogalicious since 2012 and there is no other conference like it. I always come back home full of information, love, and awesome new friends! Being a Social Media Ambassador for Blogalicious 9 is awesome because I go hard on Twitter during the conference anyway, haha. I just want people to know all the awesome stuff they’re missing.”

Ariel C. Williams

ariel-williams-social-media-ambassadors-b9Back for the second year in a row, Ariel Williams is leading this year’s Social Media team for Blogalicious Weekend. She joined #TeamBlogalicious in 2014 as a Digital Media Events Intern and has since been promoted to Digital Content Manager, where she oversees blog content creation. Additionally, she owns and operates Danzy Bird & Co, a digital media agency that treats creative entrepreneurs to social media management, fun activations, content curation, and more. Follow her on IG and Twitter at @Ariel_CWilliams.

“B9 can’t get here fast enough! I’m so excited to work with this year’s team of ambassadors. These women are qualified, hungry, and ready for Miami. Just interacting with them thus far has been a pleasure so I know October 5-8 is going to be, dare I say, lit! Blogalicious is love, for real.”




Can’t you feel the energy popping off this post? Its so sweet! We can’t wait to see you all in Miami for Conference Weekend. Register while there are still tickets left.

>> get tickets for B9 <<

Will You ‘Change The Cycle’ At #Blogalicious9 With Us?

Our long-time partner, Change the Cycle, is looking to connect with 5 special women for an on-site video and photo shoot at Blogalicious Weekend 2017 in Miami on Friday, October 6 at 6:30pm!

Specifically, they are in search of women who have a personal connection to abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) and Fibroids who are willing to share their story on camera to help other women who suffer speak up. All too often these issues go untreated and women suffer in silence because the public conversation isn’t being had!

If the following apply to you, please let us know:

  • You’re registered for Blogalicious Weekend 2017 (if not, go ahead and do so here:
  • You are comfortable on camera and allowing Change the Cycle to share their footage on the website and social channels; you are of course welcome to share it as well on your own channels!
  • You have a connection to AUB / Fibroids
  • You actually have AUB/Fibroids currently and are navigating the treatment options
  • You who have effectively treated AUB/Fibroids (perhaps via the MyoSure/NovaSure options)
  • You who have become frustrated by failed treatments / want to avoid hysterectomy
  • You who have a long line of family members who experience AUB/Issues

If you meet the above criteria, please email Pamela King ( NLT than September 22, 2017 with a short blurb about your personal experience with fibroids and/or AUB, including when you started to experience symptoms, what those symptoms are, and where you are in your treatment journey (e.g., have you talked to your doctor, undergone treatment, etc.)

9 Fun & Affordable Things To Do & See In Miami

In less than one month, our annual reunion conference is going down in arguably one of the greatest cities in America, Miami, Florida. With every conference, we intend on learning and networking but having loads of fun, too. And what better place to do that than in sunny beautiful Miami?

The beach will be upon us. So will great food, tropical drinks, and “the strip” we’re sure everyone has experienced – or wants to – at least once. During your conference breaks have you considered exploring Miami? If you’re going that route with a few conference-mates, consider these spots.

9 Things to Do & See In Miami


Little Havana

From restaurants to the Bay of Pigs Museum to Hoy Como Ayer, Little Havana is the place to be. This section of Miami totes historical Hispanic culture that is open to everyone who visits. Here’s more information.

Prime 112

In short, Prime 112 is fantastic! If you’re looking for unique menu items that will Wow you for days on end, we’d recommend Prime 112 in a heartbeat. Located on Ocean Drive, this spot is sexy, thrilling, and often packed with celebrities and high rollers. The wait time can be monstrous but if you can get a table, it’s worth it! Check out their menu.

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

We found this blurb on the Museum’s website that instantly made us want to visit:

“Sitting on four acres within Downtown Miami’s waterfront Museum Park, the 250,000-square-foot Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is divided into four distinct buildings: the Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium, and the North and West Wings. This unique campus-like setting takes guests on a journey from the ocean to the Everglades, and from the human cell to outer space. It investigates life as we know it while exploring the process of science and innovation.”

More than that, ” the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a leading science museum dedicated to sharing the power of science, sparking wonder and investigation, and fueling innovation for the future.” Get there when you can, fam!

Bayside Marketplace

Shopping, dining, and entertainment are what you’ll find at Bayside Marketplace. Play on the water in a community water taxi or pirate boat. Plan your shopping experience (yes)! Fill your belly at one of the Marketplace’s multiple eateries. It’s all there for you!

Art Deco District

Instagram photography fiends, take some time to explore the beauty that is the Art Deco District. The Miami Design Preservation League hosts tours that benefit philanthropic efforts.

“Tour Proceeds benefit our non-profit mission to preserve, promote, and protect the architectural, cultural, social and environmental integrity of Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.”

Find your tour here.

Miami Tower

Per Wikipedia, “The Miami Tower is a 47-story, landmark office skyscraper in Miami, Florida, United States. It is located in central Downtown. It is currently the 8th tallest building in Miami and Florida.” 

History, beauty and downtown Miami in one fell swoop.

Little Haiti

Known as the Haitian diaspora, Little Haiti is a celebration of Caribbean culture and history that’s displayed in bookstores, museums, family-owned restaurants, and more. Tourists frequent Little Haiti for its rich art scene as well as its live music and culture. Learn more about this magical place here.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

Visiting Azucar will take you back to Little Havana, which isn’t a bad thing. Good ice cream is worth a trip anywhere! This spot offers more than 20 flavors that dance between seasonal and signature flavors known to Miami natives. The menu made our mouths water!

Miami Beach

…because who doesn’t love the beach! Fam, bring your swimsuits and water garb and steal a few hours in the ocean. We won’t be mad at you for soaking up sun rays, making sand castles, and getting that glowy tan only Miami Beach can give you!

What are your favorite things to do or places to visit in Miami? Do you plan on doing any of these things in a few weeks during Blogalicious 9?

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