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All About Race




Helpful resources, life hacks and smile-worthy content typically fill our weekly round ups. And while we have more of where that comes from, we’d simply seem out of touch if we didn’t mention the race conversations that have recently happened in America. While discussing (or avoiding) the perils of race and racism aren’t a new exercise in this country, the past four weeks have proven how far off the mark we truly are. From Rachel Dolezal feigning strong Black woman to the Charleston 9 to the issue of the Confederate flag, race surrounds us and we have to talk about it. So this week, with the help of a few unrelenting writers, we’re opening a dialogue about race — in truth and from the beginning.


As expected, President Obama’s recent interview with Marc Maron went viral. Not because he’s the POTUS, but because he’s America’s first Black POTUS who used the N-word in an interview. Outraged, critics reacted more strongly to his use of the word (which was used in proper context) as opposed to his strong message about America’s unwavering view on race. Despite finger waggers, President Obama is glad he said what he said and hopes that now the real work surrounding the removal of racism will begin.


“Racism: We’re not cured of it,” Obama told Maron. “It’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public, that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. Societies don’t overnight erase everything that happened two to 300 years earlier.” Read more here.



Source: Arts Beat.


In his piece Our Heritage is Hate (Racism is a White Problem), David R. Henson makes it plain about how we can truthfully begin the conversation of race in our beloved country. In 14 simple lines, he sums up for white people the importance of admitting the privileges of systemic racism, how it impacts individuals of color and how to effectively address race conversations on a personal level.


As white people, we are to blame and we are the beneficiaries of what’s happening to black people in this country.

Don’t talk about racial reconciliation.

Talk about racial justice.

Don’t talk about forgiveness.

Talk about reparations.

Don’t talk about your black friends and how you are colorblind.

Talk about the racist system that brutalizes black people and privileges white people.

Talk about this problem in America.

This white problem.

That’s been going on for 400 years.

That’s killed millions of black people.

Let’s talk about our white heritage.

Our heritage of hate.



Source: Patheos.


Kiese Laymon takes us on an emotional ride in Black Churches Taught Us to Forgive White People as he delves into what it means to be a fat Black southern church boy raised by women, including his grandmother, who colorfully evoked her disgust of the Charleston shooting. Laymon commits that the “pass” often given in the event of supremacy and privilege is based on teachings of morality and love in the Black church. While in the midst of recovering from the Charleston shooting, Laymon proposes that in the process “we learned to shame ourselves” and that instead, “we should have chosen ourselves.”


What I do know is that love reckons with the past and evil reminds us to look to the future. Evil loves tomorrow because peddling in possibility is what abusers do. At my worst, I know that I’ve wanted the people that I’ve hurt to look forward, imagining all that I can be and forgetting the contours of who I have been to them.

Like good Americans, I told Grandma, we will remember to drink ourselves drunk on the antiquated poison of progress. We will long for “shall’s” and “will be’s” and “hopes” for tomorrow. We will heavy-handedly help in our own deception and moral obliteration. We will forget how much easier it is to talk about gun control, mental illness and riots than it is to talk about the moral and material consequences of manufactured white American innocence.



Source: The Guardian.


The truth is that we’re all uncomfortable discussing race in 2015. However, more than enough has transpired recently that it almost forces every kind of group — conservative and liberal — to pinpoint their true feelings on freedom, rights and people of color in America.  Here’s a well-written beginner’s guide to becoming an ally in the Black community by Roo Ciambriello. A few of our favorites are #4: We can diversify our media, #5: We can teach our children about race and #8: We can start dialogue.



Source: Semi Proper.


If race relations are important to you, how will you incorporate it into your conversations?

All About Race | Be Blogalicious

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Be Blogalicious

Our 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide


If shopping for dad seems grim, know that our Father’s Day Gift Guide is here to help you. We’ve chosen close to a dozen gifts that would make any modern (or traditional) dad smile with gratitude and love. Don’t believe us? Check these items out yourself.


Hallmark Mahogany Cards

Nothing says Thanks, I Love You like a thoughtful card. Your dad would appreciate the symbolism and a heartfelt, handwritten note from an amazing offspring (or spouse) like you.

{p.s. – Mahogany by Hallmark is a Blogalicious 2015 Sponsor!} 


Coke in a bottle

Imagine talking about old times with your father this Sunday while sipping on a classic Coke. Nothing says nostalgia quite like this moment, so enjoy it to the fullest.

{p.p.s – Another Blogalicious Weekend 2o15 sponsor!}


Smartphone Cover

He’s the Best Dad Ever, period. So why not remind him of that with a flashy phone case to prove it?


MacBook Pro

Think about the hint dropping that he’s probably done up to this point. If it includes a new laptop or repairing a current one, just give him the upgrade of all upgrades with this Apple baby!


NETFLIX Subscription

This one is self-explanatory! Besides, he’ll need something to watch on that new MacBook Pro (and smartphone).


Point and Shoot Camera is the belle of the ball when it comes to electronics, including cameras for the novice to expert. If your father loves nature, people watching or general photography, he’d love his own camera.



Due to our preferences, we choose an easy wear Jurassic Park t-shirt, every day jeans and classic red Chuck Taylors (Converse’s). This kind of outfit is perfect for parental entrepreneurs who are on-the-go (plus, who doesn’t love Jurassic Park?) However, you know your dad’s style better than us. Surprise him with his favorite style of shirt, tie, slacks or socks. And if you aren’t quite hip to his style, set up a shopping spree at his favorite store and pick up the tab. He’ll especially enjoy the last part!


Fit Bit

We’re all weaning towards being health conscious these days, but even with today’s advances, it can be hard. Fit Bit is an easy and convenient way to ensure that your dad is getting his steps in without applying too much pressure.


Have your own Father’s Day gift ideas? Share them with us!


Father’s Day Gift Guide | Be Blogalicious

OITNB, Dads & Summer :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

OITNB, Dads & Summer :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up



Orange Is The New Black. If you don’t have a subscription to Netflix, word on the street is you better grab one immediately. Netflix released Season 3 of hit series Orange Is The New Black a whole day early. So if you’re reading this (and haven’t seen it), you’re already behind. If you’ve watched it, give us feedback in 10 words or less without spoiling it. If you haven’t watched it, we’ll talk to you in 3 days because #Binging.

A few more words on the early release here.




Summer, Summer, Summer Time. The season of festivals, food and fun, summer is where its at and then some. But when you have kids, such pleasantries double in price, time and energy. How can you ensure that your kids (and you, too) will enjoy their summer without breaking the bank? If you’re in or near the Atlanta area, Parenting and Lifestyle blogger Ashley Marshall-Seward of Mommy Week poured her heart and soul into this Massive List of Things To Do This Summer In Atlanta. If you’re not in the area, but still want to try things on this list, search for similar spots in your surrounding areas.




What is Periscope?! Technically, a periscope is a long, mirrored tube found on submarines to overlook water for safety. However, the reason why it matters to you is completely different. Yahoo!’s Daniel Howley explains what it is:

Periscope, the app, is a new service from the people at Twitter that lets you watch and broadcast live video from around the world. Actually, Twitter purchased the app from a small team for a reported $100 million; the app was created a little over a year ago but has been in a private beta mode until Thursday, when it was released to anyone with an iOS device for free.

The video is streamed from your smartphone and gives people a live look at what’s happening anywhere at any given time. The video can be viewed either on a mobile device, through the app, or on a laptop or computer, via the Periscope website.


Social influencers and bloggers are snatching Periscope accounts left and right. So far, we’ve heard good reviews about this app. Share your feedback with us online. (And READ why Daniel and the world deem Periscope as a #MustHave.)





Target Loves Every Body Ad. Just when we thought all hope was lost for promoting healthy, body conscious images of all women, Target stepped in and showed us how its done. For [what feels like] the first time, one of Target’s popular swim suit ads not only don four beautiful women of multiple sizes, but ethnicities, too.

Target realizes that, “By partnering with real women that represent a range of body types and working with someone with a deep knowledge of styling and fashion like Zanna, we wanted to … inspire women to discover that Target has a suit for every body type, every style, and every size, and you won’t need to pay a lot for it.” This is a beautiful moment for all of us and its just in time for the summer! Read the full article here.



Source: Pictured from L to R: Nashelly Messina (Fabulatina); Nikki Minton (MyStyleDiaries); Sarah Boyd (Simply Stylist); and Chante’ Burkett (Everything Curvy and Chic).



A Father’s Day Poem for 2015. 

A Father Is:

There in every memory
See his love and care
Strength and hands to count on
Freely he does share
Provider, toil so faithfully
To make our dreams come true
Give strong and tender discipline
Though it is hard to do
A Father is God’s chosen one
To lead the family
And point it to His will for life
Of love and harmony…
Sue Skeen


We’re wishing all the fantastic fathers in our community and beyond and Happy Father’s Day! You deserve every bit of love and appreciation this day holds for you. (And families, in case you haven’t found dad a cool gift yet, check back for our Father’s Day Gift Guide this Friday and thank us later.)


OITNB, Dads & Summer | Be Blogalicious

Ready? Set? Submit! :: Wells Fargo + Blogalicious Perfect Pitch III Guidelines & More

Perfect Pitch III Guidelines & More

You know the Blogalicious conference is on the way when the Perfect Pitch III guidelines appear. So many of you were hyped when we announced the contest was returning to Blogalicious Weekend for the third year in a row, and bombarded our inbox with details on how to submit.  We hear you and we’re ready to get the ball rolling.
As you know, it takes money to Build Your Empire. Wells Fargo is here to do just that with our Perfect Pitch III contest. On Friday, September 11, 2015, we’re calling all small business owners to join the Small Business Pitch Event. The event will run from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM and while you’re there, pitch your business to our expert panel of judges for a chance to win $5,000 (and other prizes) to support your business venture.

Need-to-Know Entry Information for The Perfect Pitch III:

Contest Eligibility: No more than five years in business.


Submission Criteria:

1. One-minute video introduction (published to You Tube)

2. Business plan overview (PDF)

3. Case study of a successful project (PDF)

4. Head shot and bio to be provided with the submission (Hi-Res)

Submissions will be accepted via email to: and should contain a link to the video on YouTube, business plan, case study, bio and head shot.


Scoring: Submissions will be judged by our expert panelists/judges based on the following:


20% Originality of Business Concept

  • Demonstrate that you have a unique and innovative business concept that differentiates you from other businesses

50% Business Pitch

  • Clear articulation of your business plan and model
  • Concise explanation on why your business should be selected

30% Package Quality

  • Submission is visually appealing and creative
  • Demonstrates professionalism


Scoring Guidelines: Each submission will be rated in each category on a five point scale.


Submission Deadline: Friday, August 17, 2015. 11:59PM, EST


Finalists Selection: Three finalists will be selected based on highest cumulative scores as determined by the scoring process. Then, Team Blogalicious will notify both the finalists, and those not selected, via email on Friday, August 21, 2015.

We’re just as excited about The Perfect Pitch III as you are! Remember to bring your A game and pitch like your business depends on it.


The Perfect Pitch III | Be Blogalicious

Here’s How You Can Speak at Blogalicious 2015


The time of year has come again for our infamous Blogalicious Weekend conference! And with that conference, comes our call for speakers. That’s right, we want YOU to speak at Blogalicious Weekend 2015 this year and share your niche expertise with our community. The process for getting your speak on is quite simple. Check it out.

  1. First, thoroughly fill out the application below. Be sure to answer every question as best as you can.
  2. Next, send us your best pitch via video submission to (See our pitching theme below.)
  3. Finally, after Team Blogalicious deliberates, a select few of you will be chosen to shine as a Blogalicious Weekend 2015 Speaker!




Our theme for Blogalicious Weekend 2015 is Build Your Own Empire!

By now you’re an expert at this blogging game. In fact, it is NOT a game. It is your business, your livelihood, and your passion. What may have started out as a blog that was created part-time after hours in between the 9 to 5 grind is now well on its way to being a full-time, full-blown enterprise. It may have expanded to eBooks, podcasts, merchandising, events, and consulting. Now it’s time to start thinking about longevity and arm yourself with tools to build your EMPIRE and create legacy while adding a couple extra zeros to your bank account.

This year we want to bring blueprints. Plans shared by those who have enjoyed success that help other to lay out the ground work to build a solid business foundation.

Toolsets. We’re taking you to the next level in terms of what tools and resources are essential to empire building.

People.  As always, we want you to leave the conference with an iPhone chock-full of new (or renewed) contacts.  But this time, you’ll leave with ones that meet specific needs for your blogs and businesses.

We are looking for GREAT industry leaders that can offer the above to conference attendees for a memorable experience.


Top Pointers for Being Chosen to Speak at #BYOE15

  • Pitch your submissions based on our Build Your Own Empire theme. Keep in mind how your expertise can position our members to build the business of their dreams.
  • Highlight important, quality points.
  • Be creative, confident and yourself! (Because we wouldn’t want you any other way.)


For other tips, straight from Stacey’s mouth, listen to her masterclass on pitching
interview with Talk to Amber, HERE.


The deadline for this call is June 19, 2015. That means you have exactly ten days to submit your pitch for a chance to speak at Blogalicious Weekend 2015! Hurry now, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Powered by Typeform
If the above form does not work, click here to apply directly.

Blogalicious Weekend 2015 Call for Speakers | Be Blogalicious


Freelancing, YouTube & Jenner :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

Freelancing, YouTube & Jenner :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up



Three things that can catapult you into a successful entrepreneur are freelancing, YouTube and $5,000! Want to know what we’re talking about plus how you can take advantage of these things today? Keep reading, take notes and share this post with your equally ambitious friends. We’ve gotcha covered.


Freelancing Mistakes to End NOW! Whether your expertise is in writing, social media, photography or fitness training, freelancing in those areas can be a life changer if done correctly. Most of us are or started out as freelancers, so we know the struggle is real. So does Creative Market. They listed 8 Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes and if you’re a freelancer, reading it would be wise! Would you add anymore mistakes to this list?





YouTube Sensation Michelle Phan Passes the Torch. OK, not really, but what she’s doing is amazing. reported that the YouTube star “will provide beauty entrepreneurs with free access to studio space, digital tools and advice” from her and her team at her own Ipsy Open Studios. And get this: qualified applicants will get in free! Here’s what Michelle Phan had to say:


“When I first started, there really was no beauty guru community,” Phan, drinking green juice in her airy, white-walled studio, told Fortune on Friday. “I didn’t have the right production resources. I had to learn how to edit. I didn’t even have beauty products. I had to go out and buy them myself because beauty brands didn’t even know what a beauty guru was.” She’s come a long way since her webcam days: last month she launched ICON, a lifestyle network and YouTube channel, with partner Endemol Shine Group. Meanwhile, Ipsy, which Phan founded four years ago to connect brands with beauty influencers, generates more than $150 million in annual revenue and boasts over a million subscribers.


What a beautiful way to give back. Read the full article on We’re ready to see the magic that pours from that place.



Source: Michelle Phan and Ipsy Founders.


Caitlyn Jenner’s Impact Neglected This. Two days ago, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) broke the internet with her Vanity Fair cover shoot. The photos of the new woman were stunning. From head to toe, she’s a class act, but beautiful or not, Jenner’s gender reveal continues to leave unanswered questions within the trans gender community. Jennifer Vanasco writes for WNYC that:

“Forty percent of trans women will attempt suicide. Many trans women are rejected from families, many trans women make under $15,000 a year. Many trans women end up doing survival sex work just to pay rent,” Banks said.


Vanasco has a point and so many more to be made. Read the full article here.





Fearless Inspiration for You. Last week, fearless Stacey shared a few inspiring quotes with our community about excellence, combating fear and plain old not giving up. If the talk of freelancing, conquering YouTube or the beauty industry (or any industry for that matter) or crafting the perfect pitch have you nervous, meditate on this.





Continue to #BeGreat!

Freelancing, YouTube & Jenner | Be Blogalicious

Wells Fargo is BACK with the Perfect Pitch III

Just ask our Perfect Pitch I and II winners, Arsha Jones of Capital City Mambo Sauce and Thien-Kim Lam of Bawdy Bookworms – taking the leap and entering the contest is totally worth it.

We’ll be sending some new details out soon about how you can enter and some new contest tools that will improve your pitching experience.


Blogalicious Weekend 2015 :: Call for Volunteers

Blogalicious Weekend 2015

Call for Volunteers & Application

Volunteering provides an opportunity for the novice blogger to the social media enthusiast to help Blogalicious Weekend 2015 run smoothly both for presenters and participants — and to be an active Conference participant with a complimentary Conference Registration.


Each year a robust network of social media influencers and enthusiasts from all over the world gather to collaborate, connect and uplift one another, and this impressive gathering couldn’t happen without the help of an amazing group of volunteers.

The theme for the 2015 Conference is Build Your Own Empire [Hashtag: #BYOE15].  The Conference will be held from Friday, September 11 to Saturday, September 12, 2015.  New this year is a VIP Mastermind Day on Thursday, Sept. 10th to kickoff the conference with powerhouse content and conversations.

The policies below outline guidelines and procedures that will allow the Blogalicious Weekend 2015 volunteer experience to be beneficial to both Blogalicious and its volunteers.

Recruitment & Eligibility

Volunteers for Blogalicious’ Weekend 2015 are selected on the basis of:

·       Ability to perform the volunteer position (experience, knowledge, skills);

·       Ability to work a minimum of 12 hours over the course of the Conference;

·       Ability to volunteer for entirety of the 3-day Conference unless an emergency occurs;

·       Ability and willingness to attend mandatory training;

·       Ability to handle multiple tasks with a positive attitude; and

·       A heartfelt desire to serve


Volunteer Responsibilities & Benefits

Volunteers, loving referred to as our “Social Squad,” are considered representatives of Blogalicious for the entirety of the Conference, and are therefore asked to present themselves accordingly.

In exchange for their service, volunteers will receive a complimentary conference registration.  This ticket includes: Admission to all official conference social events (Sept. 11 + 12th, 2015), workshops, keynote sessions, meals and swag bag.

Time Commitment

During the Blogalicious 2015 Weekend, all volunteers are required to work 4-hour shifts daily or a minimum of 12 hours.  Every attempt will be made to place volunteers in positions that meet both their needs (free time to attend sessions of interests and enjoy the Conference) and the needs of the Conference.

Volunteers should plan their travel to arrive on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 [Time TBD] to attend the mandatory on-site Volunteer Orientation.

Volunteers will not receive travel assistance or travel reimbursement to and from the Conference site.

Age Requirement

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

Performance Concerns and Dismissal

All volunteers are expected to maintain high standards of productivity, cooperation, and attendance.  Blogalicious accepts the service of volunteers with the understanding that enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitudes are expected for a well-managed and successful volunteer experience.

In cases of misconduct or unsatisfactory performance, Blogalicious reserves the right to make determinations regarding the suitability of volunteers to continue in service.


June 12: Volunteer Application Deadline
June 24: Applicants are Notified
September 9: Volunteer Orientation

Apply to Volunteer (choose the choice that best suits you)

We encourage you to apply early! Volunteer positions are limited.

Apply here to be a member of the 2015 Blogalicious Conference Social Squad.

If the electronic application stifles your creative side, we have another option for you!

Show us your personality and let us hear from you in your own words why you wish to be a member of the Social Squad with a video application.

Here’s how it works:

•       All applicants must be a subscriber of the BeBlogalicious Youtube Channel

•       All video submissions should be at least 1 minute and no more that 3 minutes

Video submission should include:

•       What you hope to gain from the experience

•       What makes you uniquely designed for membership with the Social Squad

•       How do you interpret the theme — Build Your Own Empire

•       Your motivation/inspiration for attending Blogalicious Weekend 2015

•       Don’t forget to mention your name, e-mail address, and if you’re a Social Squad alumnus

How to Enter:

•       Upload your video to You Tube and tag it: Blogalicious

•       Subscribe to the BeBlogalicious You Tube Channel

•       Tweet the video to @BeBlogalicious using the hashtag:  #BYOE15 and/or post the video on your blog if you’re not on Twitter

•       Send e-mail to Jana Pauldin, Blogalicious Volunteer Coordinator, at  Leave us a note with a link to where we can see your video (either the You Tube link or to a post on your blog)

That’s it! Looking forward to hearing from you!

#bLinkbiz ASUS T300 CHI Laptop Compilation




#bLinkbiz ASUS T300 CHI Laptop Campaign

Through our bLink Marketing Network, 20 selected bloggers got a chance to test a brand new product and share how the the ASUS T300 CHI tablet fit into their everyday lives!  The bloggers were hyped to try their hand at this new device.  After trying out their tablet for a week, this is what they had to say:

“I’m in love with my new laptop/tablet! So lightweight, yet so powerful! It’s been going with me everywhere!” – @TLCSocialite

“It’s incredible!” – @MostlyMorgan

“I need something I can move from room to room, that stores my information and allows me to research quickly.”  – @1FineCookie

“This is the perfect tablet for travelers…”  – @KathrinSapiha




Heather van Mil (@heather_vmil) blogged about her experience with the ASUS T300 CHI here.

She tweeted: It really is easy to get attached to the T300 CHI!


Keisha (@TechGirlTweets)  says she’s attached to her laptop! We love the enthusiasm in her blog post, ICYMI: I’m Attached! Reviewing the ASUS T300 Chi.

Briana M. Ford (@brianamford) calls the ASUS T300 CHI the work-life balance computer! Her review was thorough and convincing.





Our friends at Black Celebrity Giving (@BlkCelebGiving) raved about this laptop. Ladies on the go, we should also add that it’s small enough to fit in a large purse without crowding everything else inside. Check out BCG’s photo for proof! Here’s the review post.


Blogger Whitney Nic James (@wnicjames) says you can “go, play, create and work” easily with the T300 CHI. How awesome is that? Her review is excellent (and informative).

She tweeted: Looking for a new laptop? Here’s my honest review on the T300. 


Sisters With Beauty (@SisWithBeauty) gives out natural hair advice on home hair care, hair styles, tutorials, maintenance, tips and counseling. Now, they can advice the masses on which laptop to discover and that’s the ASUS T300 CHI! Read their blog post, Full of Discovery: Life with the ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi.





And if you still haven’t been sold on this baby, blogger and author Arkeedah McCormick (@ItsArkeedah) has stamped it as the “perfect all around 2-in-1 device”! The only thing better than that is her Tech Talk review.


We’re sending a huge THANK YOU to our #bLinkbiz partner ASUS as well as our blogger friends for their outstanding reviews and tweets!


Disclaimer: The bloggers who participated in this campaign were compensated for their reviews.


ASUS T300 CHI Reviews | Be Blogalicious

Cavs, Texas & Pop Up :: Blogalicious Weekly Round Up

Cleveland Cavaliers Going to NBA Finals. If you’re a King James fan, then we’re sure you’ve heard the latest news in basketball. The Cleveland Cavs are enthusiastic but still have a long way to go according to Lebron James. See what the presume “Old Head” has to say about his return and the team’s shot at victory in this article by Terry Pluto.





VIDA Fashion Scarves. Our own Ananda Leeke is the newest designer with VIDA, “a San Francisco-based socially-responsible e-commerce platform that collaborates with artists  around the world to create original and inspiring apparel and accessories. Artists participate in the platform at no cost, then receive a 10% revenue share on products sold.” We’re happy for her and are inspired by VIDA’s brand story. Visit Ananda’s blog for more information and a sneak peek at these pretty scarves.





Texas Floods. Have you heard about the floods in Texas? recounts stories of residents in Martindale, Texas, where multiple homes have been flooded and severely destroyed. The news gets much worse,

For dozens of families, though, there is no silver lining. At least 33 people — 14 in northern Mexico, 13 in Texas plus six in Oklahoma — have died in the severe weather, both tornadoes and flooding from raging rivers. Another 14 people are missing, two of them an elderly couple lost after their rescue boat in Houston capsized.

Times like these remind us of how blessed we truly are. Blogalicious fam, please keep those in Texas in your prayers are they endure such terrible conditions.





Our First Pop Up. Share your experience with us about our first ever Blogalicious Pop Up event.


washington dc pop up.cork



Cavs, Texas & Pop Up | Be Blogalicious

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