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#AllHandsOnDeck :: More Blogalicious Weekend 2016 Speaker Announcements

This just in: We’re 69 days away from Blogalicious Weekend in Atlanta. Can you believe it?

Team Blogalicious is now #AllHandsOnDeck and we have so much fun stuff cooking up behind the scenes for you. We cannot wait to share the online agenda! (Next week, we hope!)

The question on everyone’s mind for last few weeks has been “Who’s Speaking?!” So far, we’ve announced our VIP MasterMind Day Speakers (BTW, that day is 50% sold! Don’t miss out on your ticket.) and we released our #InspoLab Presenters. (Registration for #InspoLabs will open in October.) But what about our conference speakers?

Well, we received 66 submissions when we released our Call for Speakers a few months ago and have finally — though NOT easily — narrowed down our speaker roster. We’re proud of this year’s lineup and the energy they’ll bring to Blogalicious Weekend. Being that this year’s conference will be a hotbed for inspiration and creativity, we’ve broken up our workshops into three categories:

1. Brand Building

2. Technical Skills

3. Content Creation and Curation

With that in mind, we’ve carefully selected community influencers who will bring forth rich content and opportunities to get your creative juices flowing even further. Without further ado, allow us to introduce a few of our #ContentIsLife presenters!

Ashley Marshall-Seward of Mommy Week



Adanna Dill of Rattles and Heels



MJ Jackson-Levine of Fab Haute Mama



Tamara Floyd of Natural Hair Rules



You know every year we incorporate exercise and wellness into our agenda to balance out those hectic days. We’re so excited to offer Yoga & Self Care training from Robyn Donaldson and Keme Hawkins!


Robyn Donaldson of Robyns Healthy Living



Keme Hawkins of Mawu Angels




We have much more to offer you. Until then, congratulate and follow these wonderful ladies on social media. Feel free to ask them (or us) any questions about their upcoming sessions. If you haven’t registered for our #ContentIsLife-themed conference, purchase your ticket while there are still some left here.

More Blogalicious Weekend Speakers

#WeeklyRoundUp — The Word On Instagram Stories Vs. SnapChat Stories

Mark Zuckerberg is the entrepreneur we all aspire to be! Smart, innovative, and unafraid to go for the gusto when necessary. That gusto is called Instagram Stories, also known as the new SnapChat. Last week Instagram released an eerily similar feature that allows users to record live videos for their audience. Users freaked out over the change and boldly called out Instagram for jacking SnapChat’s entire life.

Now a week later, the conversation seems to be more in favor of Instagram Stories, as they’re convenient for existing users and hold likable features. SnapChat is still Bae for millions of users, but the difference in the two platforms seems to be the age groups they appeal to. To help you choose a side — #TeamSnapChat or #TeamInstagramStories — we found comparative blog posts from some of your favorite blogs and influencers. Happy choosing!

the shimmy on instagram stories and snapchat

AddThis Asks: Instagram or SnapChat?

“If you started asking yourself this question last week, you’re definitely not alone. It’s important to remember that it’s more of a “Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories” question, not so much an Instagram vs Snapchat one. Each platform still offers it’s own unique capabilities and most marketers or brands reading this have already invested time building audiences on both of them. Definitely don’t abandon yourSnapchat followers!

“What Instagram Stories does provide is way to communicate more intimately with your Instagram followers in a way the app didn’t previously allow for, but is what helped Snapchat take off as a marketing tool. It’s about providing that unpolished, behind-the-scenes look that followers love to see from their favorite celebrities, brands, etc.”

Read the entire post here.

Black Hound Creative’s Concerns About Instagram Stories

“As far as the future of Snapchat is concerned, I’m unsure whether it will continue to grow and maintain its popularity. Our generation is all about convenience and seamless integration – and tying everything together as Instagram has done makes an easy case for those who feel the need to choose between Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Having a Snapchat account is cool until it’s cloned and combined into a social media platform you also have an account for – aka who wants numerous social media accounts when one does it all? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Read the entire post here.

Gorgeous In Grey on the Pros of Instagram Stories

“I posted 6 Instasnaps. My views on Instagram in one hour were equal to what would normally take a 24 hour period on Snapchat. There are nearly 500 million users on Instagram compared to the 100 million on Snapchat. This feature will create an even deeper gap between the two platforms. Depending on your audience most will more than likely already be on Instagram and Facebook. If you have a huge following on Instagram, it makes way more sense to be on InstaSnap than to encourage those users to download another app. And Snapchat is still struggling to gain the downloads of people who are over 21.”

Read the entire post here.

So we want to know. Are you into Instagram Stories or SnapChat Stories?

Blog Tip: Write New Content

Write New Content


Are you a blogger that’s confined to writing about one subject? Do you think your audience will move on if you diversify what you write about? Have you questioned your ability to write new content for your niche blog?

As bloggers, I think we’ve all been there. Before lifestyle blogs became the popular go-to, I’ve seen many bloggers fret over intertwining their passion for activism or relationships or cooking into their fashion or makeup blogs. I’ve sat in the comment sections and watched as they’ve scrambled on how to seamlessly do this without alienating their die-hard fans. I’ve also watched many bloggers remain complacent in this area and eventually lose their love for blogging altogether.

Bloggers, I can speak for Team Blogalicious when I say: We get it! You want to create content that makes your readers happy and keeps them coming back. Not only does this increase morale in your community, but it adds to any income you generate from your blog. The line here is very fine, but sometimes, it is okay to cross it. Instead of feeling afraid or confused, you need an angle to write new content.

Tips On How To Write New Content For Your Blog

Think of new subject matter. Dissect it until you find a correlation between it and your audience. Create 2-5 topics from that new angle. Here’s an example of this quick and easy method below.


Current blog topic: beauty

Desired subject matter: sexism and racism towards women of color

Questions to ask yourself to find a correlation with your audience:

  1. Is your audience mostly women?
  2. Are they women of color?
  3. What kind of response do you want from them on this subject? Write with that desired result in mind.
  4. Ask if they’ve experienced sexist and/or racist remarks at work and what they were wearing? Did they feel less beautiful during or after these encounters?
  5. Do they wear less of that color or garment or cosmetic to avoid sexist remarks?
  6. Can you encourage your audience to wear the same color lipstick on a specific day to stand up against sexism? What about racism? Racism and sexism?
  7. Does a woman’s beauty play a part in sexual harassment? Why or why not?
  8. Do you have male counterparts to stand with you against these issues?


5 New topic ideas:

  • 3 Ways You Can Use Your Beauty to Fight Sexism Against Women
  • Let’s Talk: Does A Woman’s Beauty Play A Role In Sexual Harassment?
  • 5 Ways Beauty Bloggers Can Speak Out Against Racism & Sexism
  • A Conversation About Feeling Beautiful After Being Sexually Harassed
  • 7 Cosmetic Companies On A Mission to End Sexism

Pretty easy, right? Use this exercise to write new content for your niche blog. Often times, audiences are looking for the diversification of content from their favorite blogs. Doing this can help reinvigorate your readers while finding new readers who’ll love you. Most importantly, you’ll feel good. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and create the kind of content your heart desires!

Will you write new content this month?

Blog Tip: Write New Content

Ariel Williams is the Digital Content Manager for Blogalicious. Email her at: for blog inquiries and ideas.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet Your Blogalicious 2016 #InspoLab Speakers

Our guiding principle for this year’s Blogalicious Weekend is joie de vivre – a cheerful enjoyment of life. Just one of the many ways to live richly is to allow yourself to be guided by inspiration. And boy do we have some inspiration in store for you! You know that we love to shake things up and keep things fresh – one of the ways we are doing that for this year’s conference is to launch a series of Inspiration Labs (or #InspoLab for short).

These Inspiration Labs are hands-on workshops with creative instructors passionate about their craft; creative minds in media sharing their processes and career paths, baked into our agenda for maximum enjoyment.

We are proud to announce this year’s inaugural #InspoLab Speakers: 

Chip Dizard


Workshop Description: Do you spend hours searching for relevant blog images? What if you could create your own images that speak directly to your audience? Join wedding photographer /videographer Chip Dizárd for this hands on session where you will learn how to light, stage, pose objects and people to create stock images that look great and speak to your audience. *DSLR cameras or smart phones are suggested.

About Chip:

Chip is an serial entrepreneur with a passion for all things technology and media. He is the founder / lead cinematographer of Chip Dizard Wedding Films a wedding videography firm that films couple’s love stories internationally. Chip graduated from Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland with a degree in Media Art/Communication, and discovered the love for tech in 1999 after he created a web sites for local nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area.

In 2010 a friend asked him to film his wedding, this was no ordinary ceremony because it was a 2 1/2 hour concert wedding and his most viewed wedding to date on YouTube. After learning the wedding business and hiring the right staff he fell in love with filming them and capturing love stories for couples. He also has a love for teaching and mentoring since he previously worked as the General Manager of Baltimore City Public Schools Education Channel 77, and he taught media production for the school district for eight years.

When he’s not working on editing or teaching or creating tutorials he love going to movies, and analyzing the shots. He also enjoys playing golf, and of course, spending time with his wife and three daughters.



Taylar Barrington


Workshop Description: Subscription boxes are the new hustle! Not only does they create residual income for your business, but they are a great collaboration opportunity between brands and your customers – introducing them to products that would not have ever come across their radar. Easier said than done though. It’s not enough to grab a few amazing products, stuff them in the box and ship them. You need a plan first! Taylar Barrington started UniversiTee Box while she was still a college student and the brand propelled into a six-figure business.

How To Build A Subscription Box Business You Love

Learn how to create residual income through one of the newest ways to curate a consumer experience – subscription boxes! Taylar Barrington, the owner of the UniversiTee Box will teach you how to:

• Develop a subscription box idea that you’ll be obsessed with
• Curate an ideal box by understanding the art of creating a shipment
• Find and locate the audience with the greatest chemistry
• & Connect you with tools that will automate your business

About Taylar: 

Taylar A. Barrington has used her three years of experience as a full-time entrepreneur creating brands that make a difference in the lives of her customers. As a former marketer, MBA graduate, award-winning designer and sales guru, she combined her skills and passion to develop her six figure company. She is the sole Founder of the UniversiTee Box, a vibrant and edgy subscription-based membership for college girls and a Co-Founder of FOAM, a technology startup that generates community funded aid for college students. Taylor jumps out of bed with a big smile each morning because she knows that her contribution to the world is through entrepreneurship. Media outlets like Black Enterprise, American Express, Empire Life Magazine and BRAVA Magazine have taken note, too. For Taylar, this is more than a job; she’s on a mission to impact good, pave a wider path for women and break ceilings in technology.

Sharon Hadden

Workshop Description: Whether you’re a creative, small business owner, solopreneur or big brand, the cost efficient and highly effective nature of content marketing can enhance brand image, create brand advocates, foster trust, build authority, increase leads, generate demand, and most of all, result in SALES for your business.

Attendees will walk away from this session with a vision-board-like template for an effective sales page, along with the inspiration to think like a publisher, create an effective content marketing strategy and design their best life.

During this session, attendees will scrapbook their way to embracing their publishing power to:

-Create a content marketing plan that drives demand for their business.

-Produce a high volume of content with little time and limited budget.

-Make sense of content marketing tools and overcome distribution challenges.

-Accurately measure impact and effectiveness of content and ‘get good’ quickly.


About Sharon:

Sharon L. Hadden the founder of Social Savvy Consulting Group, LLC, a virtual communications agency. Sharon is a communications consultant and content strategist. As a former public affairs specialist, Sharon uses vision, research, collaboration and creativity to craft stellar content and digital strategy for organizations, both small and large. Entrepreneurs turn to Sharon when they need guidance on integrating their marketing efforts across social, digital and in-person channels. With a specialization in content strategy and social marketing, Sharon nurtures the vision, goals and values of her customers and coaches them on crafting and sharing their one-of-a-kind brand story.


All #InspoLab workshops will be held on Saturday, November 4th and are 90 minutes long. These workshops will require advanced registration so spots are limited! You must be a registered attendee of Blogalicious Weekend to sign up for spaces. I mean, you HAVE already purchased your ticket, right? If not, get on that ASAP before we sell out. Click here to register.

See you in November!

#WeeklyRoundUp — August Events You Should Know About

Have you heard about what’s happening in August? Everything! The summer’s on it’s way out, but fun, networking and learning how to level up in your business is here to stay. See what’s going on, how you can get down and most importantly, why you should be there. You could use another reason to travel and learn!

Weekly Round Up 8 1 16 (1)


August Event: Black Tech Week


We love seeing our community thrive! That’s why we’re happy to announce this Black Tech Week event, Grit, Grits & Glitter, featuring superstar Monique Malcolm.

“Grit, Grits,+ Glitter is a creative makers brunch to connect creatives, entrepreneurs and techies. Join us for a panel of creative entrepreneurs as they share their moments of GRIT and GLITTER on the path to becoming successful business owners. The day includes 2 DIY Maker breakout sessions with speakers and an AWESOME catered lunch!

If you loved the Black Tech Week ‘s Women’s Innovation Brunch you will not want to miss this event!

Panel and workshops on Starting up and Staying up as an entrepreneur, monetizing your personal brand, DIY Makers Workshop catapulting your brand  and knowledge through entrepreneurship, creativitiy and personal branding.”

The event will be held at WeWork in Miami, Florida on 8/13/16 at 11AM-2:30PM. For more information, including registration, visit Black Tech Week.


August Event: Replenish & Rejuvenate with Stacey Ferguson


Spots to relax and learn with Stacey are coming to a close, guys. If you’re looking for wellness, business coaching and strategy and creative inspiration, this weekend is one you can’t afford to miss. In just a few days, Stacey will be sharing what she’s learned in the last decade about entrepreneurship, creative work, how to grow and build anything, and what it means to be a successful business rockstar. Additionally, she wants to help you take your dreams to the next level with her proven guidance and strategy.

Spots for this weekend retreat are limited. See if there’s one for you here.


August Event: Blogalicious Pop Up D.C.

In case you missed it, we brought our Pop Up events back! Our first summer pop up was in Miami and we’re continuing the party in D.C. tomorrow. Join us on 8/4/16 downtown at BOE Restaurant from 6-8PM.

Free RSVP –



What events do you have on your radar this month?

Blog Tip: Use Your Voice
use your voice blog tip blogalicious


Last week, we had the awesome pleasure of blabbing with Danielle Slaughter, wife, mom, teacher, crafty mompreneur, and doctoral student who encourages parents to raise social justice advocates. Her message of not only raising an advocate, but using our voices and platforms for social good was perfectly timed. The political climate in our country has many of us at odds and is essentially forces everyone to choose a side whether they want to or not. Regardless of what side you choose, Danielle believes that using your blog platform for social justice is a must. The best part about her message is that with her own blog, she’s teaching others how to successfully do this without alienating readers.

Our bLink manager Pamela King did a great job facilitating our blab, rightfully named Social Justice: How to Use Your Blog Platform. Danielle and Pamela’s conversation was well received, so we’re taking the opportunity to remind you to use your voice.

Today marks a new month in a year that will go down in history. Instead of letting it pass you by, or avoiding the conversations happening around you, find creative ways to get involved. Here are a few ways to get started:

3 Easy Ways to Use Your Voice for Social Justice

1. Blog about your inquiries. While many people are definitive in their political positions, many are confused and want clarity. If you identify, ask your readers their why in your next blog post. Find common ground with your audience.

2. Celebrate what history is offering us. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in the race for presidency. That. Is. Huge. and it shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter who your candidate of choice is, it’s nice to see that we’ve progressed in this way.

3. (Re) Watch to our blab! Inspiration is floating through the comments section and between our guest and host. It’s waiting for you below. Keep up with Danielle Slaughter at her blog, Mamademics.

Blog Tip: Use Your Voice

#WeeklyRoundUp — Blab & Conference News

The end of July puts us closer to Blogalicious Weekend 2016! Are you ready? Oh, we know you are. But before the party comes to town, we want to share a bit with you first — like our VIP Mastermind Day speakers, the topic for this month’s Blab and something motivational for our blossoming community. This is our Weekly Round Up!

Weekly Round Up 7 27 16

July’s Blab with Danielle Slaughter


Danielle Slaughter is joining us on tomorrow’s Blab to discuss how to use your authentic voice to share social issues without alienating your blog audience. Please join us next Thursday, July 28 at 2:30pm EST for this very important discussion!

In the words of our Blab facilitator and bLink manager, Pamela King, “With all that is happening in our communities from politics, #BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter,#AllLivesMatter and everything in between most don’t know or understand how to stay authentic to your blog voice while bringing awareness to social issues. If you miss anything next week, don’t let this be the event you miss.” We couldn’t agree more.

Go now to blab & click this link —> to subscribe to Blogalicious blab channel & be notified when the chat starts!!!


Our VIP Mastermind Day Speakers

VIP Mastermind Day made its first appearance at Blogalicious Weekend last year. Our goal was to offer you even more value that you could take home and use and ultimately, create limitless opportunities for your growing empire. The success of that inaugural event was overwhelmingly amazing and in turn, we’re coming harder this year.

We introduced our speakers to you last week, but in all their glamour and hustle, these ladies are worth being announced again. Coming to the 2016 Blogalicious Weekend VIP Mastermind Day stage are Stacey Ferguson, Blogalicious and Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media; Amber Anderson, KAYSON; and Arsha Jones, Tees in the Trap, Capital City Mambo Sauce and Brand, Build, Sell.

These powerhouses will collectively share real advice, tips, resources and more on how to improve your business life. You’ll be able to absorb usable information, ask questions, connect with our speakers and everyone else in the room who’s ready to up-level. It’s not 2011 anymore, but it still stands that: This will be epic!

Register for VIP Mastermind Day (and the entire weekend) after subscribing to tomorrow’s blab.

Before you go, check out last year’s testimonials:



Be Inspired, All


We’re always inspired when you guys are rocking out in your brands and businesses. In today’s #WeSeeYouBeingGreat news, we’re congratulating Pamela Booker of Koils by Nature on her brand’s recent APP development. Now, your hair care needs are available with the ease of a touch and swipe. The free app is available on Google Play and App Store, and best of all, so is a $10 coupon.

Keep shining. Be inspired. Stay poppin!


#WeeklyRoundUp — July So Fly

July is coming to a close, but not before we take a peek at some of our favorite events and past times. This week, we’re sharing a few travel plans, what looks fun and how you can get in on the action, too. Take a moment to get into this Weekly Round Up so you can stay fly in July, too.

3 Fun Events to Close Out July

July: Blogalicious Miami Pop Up

Stacey’s down south for a little fun in the sun (and business, as usual), and she wants to see you at her pop up! That’s right, we’re inviting all of our Florida friends to register for Stacey’s FREE Blogalicious Miami Pop Up on Friday, July 22. The event will start at 8:00 PM EST at Novecento in Key Biscayne, Florida.

You’ll get a sneak peek at our plans for this year’s November conference *and* some major coaching from our rock star leader, Stacey Ferguson! Spend three hours networking, building relationships, learning how to better navigate entrepreneurship, and drinking!

Register for Cocktails and Coaching with Stacey HERE! This event is free and first come, first serve. Don’t forget to take tons of photos for the ‘gram!


July: BlogHer16 Welcomes Kim Kardashian West as Keynote Speaker

Our friends at BlogHer are bringing Kim Kardashian West to their summer conference to talk about “Growing Her Media and Commerce Empire, the Responsibility of Social Influence, and What’s Next”. Kim has single-handedly mastered the art of branding, marketing and what it means to be a serial #girlboss.

“Kim made TIME’s 100 Most Influential People list in 2015, and for good reason: From the foundation of the long-running reality TV show she executive produces, ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, she has built a massive business that includes one of the most popular apps to date, several apparel ventures, and legions of loyal social media fans,” said Elisa Camahort Page, SheKnows Media’s Chief Community Officer. “Kim, at her core, is an undeniably savvy businesswoman.”

Camahort Page continued, “In addition to her business prowess, Kim is at the center of many cultural conversations, particularly around body confidence and the intersection of feminism and sexuality. We respect Kim’s unapologetic stance when participating in these conversations, and we are thrilled to welcome Kim to #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us to give attendees the opportunity to hear her perspective on her own influence and accomplishments.”

Additionally, speaking giants such as Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Crow, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mayim Bialik will accompany the BlogHer stage in just a few weeks. Read the full Press Release here. BlogHer16: Experts Amoung Us will take place in Los Angeles, California from August 4-6. Get your tickets here.


July: ColorComm Conference

Last and certainly not least, we want to congratulate Stacey Ferguson on her speaking engagement at ColorComm Conference, which is happening now in Miami, Florida. Stacey spoke on Social Media Bytes session with Weber Shandwick today and we know it was a success. The conference ends on July 22, so move fast if you’re interested in buying last minute tickets. You’ll find Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post; Michelle Eubanks of Essence Communications; Phillip Thomas of Cannes Lions Festival; and Mónica Talán of Univision Communications.

If you’re at ColorComm, tweet us @beblogalicious about your experience thus far!


Enjoy the rest of July!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet the 2016 Blogalicious Weekend VIP Mastermind Speakers!

Last year at Blogalicious Weekend 2015, we launched the first ever VIP Mastermind Day. The event was a full room of 50 empire builders and social media influencers who were serious about elevating their brand to the next level.

3 Reasons to Join Our VIP Mastermind Day

1. Advanced level content that you won’t find anywhere else! If you’re in a place where Google searching leads you nowhere fast, it’s time to up the ante just a bit. You don’t need generic content, exercises and presentations. You need the advanced information that can change your life when implemented. We’re giving you this for starters.

2. Targeted strategies from Power Presenters! Who better to get hands-on strategies from than the Power Presenters who’ve used and profited from them first hand? This workshop will give you the opportunity to engage with our presenters and guests face-to-face and share strategies for content building for your blog or business.

3. Networking with others who are crazy passionate like you in a safe environment! Imagine 50 of your smartest and most focused colleagues together, in a room, talking empire-building strategies with no-holds barred – for an entire day. THIS is what VIP Mastermind Day is all about and we want you to grow from that experience. Plus, you’ll get access to the full Blogalicious Weekend Conference pass.

We are proud to present the 2016 Mastermind Day Power lineup and session topics:

Stacey Ferguson, Blogalicious + Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media


Workshop 1: Channeling Your Awesome: Keys to Aligning Your Passions into a Cohesive Business Strategy

It’s no secret that the most successful brands are the ones that are a reflection of the person behind it. So how do you fulfill your purpose by creating a brand that encompasses all of your gifts? There is a way for multipassionate entrepreneurs to channel their awesome and align their passions into a cohesive business strategy!

We’ll cover:
– What should be a hobby vs. what should be a revenue stream.
– How to be strategic in building your brand one facet at a time.
– The 4-Part Formula to consider when streamlining your passions.
Because I like fun and parties and creating aha! moments, get ready for some hands-on activities that will force you to think outside of the box!

About Stacey…

Featured in Southern Living, The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, and on NPR, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Mashable, FOX, The Root, and more, Stacey is a sought-after influencer coach, media personality, digital brand strategist, content creator, public speaker, and Chief Curator of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences celebrating diversity among women in social media. As Founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, she combines media, publishing, coaching & events to inspire women to live richly, with strategies for life design and turning personal passions into viable brands. She is also a technology and advertising attorney by trade and regularly consults with entrepreneurs, startups and established brands on digital and brand strategy. Stacey is a wife, and mother of 3 and lives in the DC Metro Area.


Amber Anderson, KAYSON


Workshop 2: Treat Your Site Like the Product It is

This session will be a group workshop with industry-leading product manager, Amber Anderson focused on teaching bloggers how to rethink the way they build, market & manage their blogs.

We’ll cover:
– A blog is a product. It has customers, competitors and a lifecycle.
– By treating a blog like a product, you’ll be able to make more with less & how.
– The tools required to create your first product plan and one-year roadmap.

About Amber…

Amber Anderson is the founder of Kayson where she specializes in helping people identify, build (or evolve), launch and manage “things” their businesses can sell. Over the last ten years, Amber has created tangible and intangible products that save or make her clients more than $1 billion per year.
After eight years of success in the corporate setting with companies like Apollo Group, Education 2020 and Clairvoyant, Amber founded Kayson with the goal of using her background in business analytics and product management to help businesses do better and last longer. She has founded two successful companies, including Kayson, and is working on a third company named MORE.
Amber is a graduate of Arizona State University and has done graduate work at Western International and Stanford University. Outside of work, Amber can be found spending time with her husband, chasing her son Kayson around, eating something sweet or blogging at


Arsha Jones, Tees In the Trap + Capital City Mambo Sauce + Brand, Build, Sell

Arsha headshot

Workshop 3: Building Beyond the Blog with E-Commerce

This workshop is all about teaching you how to think beyond your blogs and to evolve from ‘hustlers’ to business men and women in the eCommerce industry. We’ll discuss knowing your why, product creation and the basics of how to get started.

We’ll cover:
– How eCommerce is an opportunity to explore your creativity
– Identifying what product you will bring to the market and how your product will add value to the lives of your customers.
– How to get started in 5 critical steps, including the technical basics of establishing an e-Commerce biz

Get ready for lots of hands-on activities, group work and Q&A!

About Arsha…

Arsha is hard-worker who loves design and alone time. She’s super human and balances way too many things at once. Currently operating/managing @capitalcityco, keeping you fly @teesinthetrap, building iOS apps for @appsbythepound, while running a design blog @brandbuildsell – which is why she has no time for @arshajones.
She’s a lover of communication, knowledge and learning new things. Join her crazy world. You won’t be disappointed.


Spaces are limited and you don’t want to miss out! You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say:


The event is on Thursday, November 3rd at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. It’s an all day strategy meeting followed by a VIP cocktail reception. Your VIP ticket includes access to full series of Blogalicious Weekend events and meals on Friday and Saturday as well!

Click HERE to register. See you in Atlanta!



Blog Tip: Clean Up Your Blog

A fresh and updated blog makes it easier for potential customers and readers to navigate your webspace. Want comments on your blog posts? Set up a simple commenting system. Want readers to share your content? Enable the proper plugins for them to use. Let’s go through a few more checks and balances that will help you clean up your blog in 30 minutes or less.


Clean Up Your Blog


10 Questions to Help Clean Up Your Blog in 30 Minutes

1. Are your plugins up to date?

2. Is your version of WordPress up to date?

3. Have you responded to those comments sitting in your Comments box?

4. Can people share your content easily? Plugins to try: Simple Share, AddToAny, WP Sharing, Social Share Buttons.

5. Is your new content automatically shared to your social media pages?

6. Are your social media fields properly filled out? When someone hovers over the social icons on your blog, make sure that you’re redirecting them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, not or Instead, change those fields to URL of your social page, like this:

7. Do you need all of your plugins? Too many plugins can slow down your site. Only use what you need and consider removing those of no value.

8. Do you have enough plugins? On the contrary, you may not be using the right plugins for your audience or needs. Identify the important things you want to know about your audience and seek plugins that benefit those needs. A few to consider are Google Analytics, Share This, Yoast SEO and Click to Tweet.

9. Are your permalinks properly set up?

10. Can you commit to a blog clean up once a quarter?

Most of these issues can simply be fixed by familiarizing yourself with the Settings in your dashboard or each plugin. Our best advice for maintaining a clean blog is to properly fill out designated text fields, or questions, you’re being asked. Keeping up to date on these things will not only save you time in the long run, but will provide your audience with a quicker and pleasant visiting experience.

What will you do to clean up your blog today?

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